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KTree Software Company - Steps of Synchronization from Magento to OpenERP and OpenERP to Magento

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  • We have developed Magento Connector with OpenERP version 7.
    Please click on the link below for screenshots

    The Module is ready to USE. Please email for demo.

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Open ERP Magento Integration Demo

  1. 1. KTree Computer Solutions Inc Headquarters : 213 Main St Wilmington, MA 01887 United StatesWebsite :http://KTree.comOpenERP Magento Integration Demo links:(OpenERP)http://demoerp.ktree.orgDatabase: ktree_demousername: demopassword: demo(Magento) access details demopassword: demo123
  2. 2. Steps of Synchronization from Magento to OpenERP and OpenERP to Magento============================================================> Click on the above Magento Link.> Create sales order.> Click on the above OpenERP link.> Navigate to Magento Module.> Click on the import sales orders.> Once you click on the import sales order automatically Product categories, Product, Customeralong with corresponding sales order willsynced back and imported to OpenERP.> Navigate to sales module – sales – sales quotation, here all imported sales order from Magentowill be created in Quotation mode.> Convert the sales quotation to sales order and then create delivery order and pay invoices inOpenERP.> To Export Invoices and Delivery order to Magento from OpenERP , navigate toMagento module- Export to Magento – Export InvoicesMagento module- Export to Magento – Export Delivery> To Export Stocks from OpenERP to Magento ,navigate toSales module – sales – products – products, click on the any of the product , go to inventory tab,update the stock and then navigate toMagento – Export to Magento – Export Stock
  3. 3. > To export Product and Product category to Magento which is created in OpenERP , navigate toSales module – sales – products – products and create a product , click Export to Magento checkbox and fill all details and create a categoryin the product form and then navigate to> Magento – Export to Magento – Export category> Magento – Export to Magento – Export Product> To Export Customer to Magento which is created in OpenERP navigate to> Sales module – sales – customer and create a customer, click the check box in Magento tab ofcustomer master and fill required details thenNavigate to Magento – Export to Magento – Export customerAbout :KTree develops open source applications and also provides consulting on various open sourceprojects. Our Aim is to be the best in Open Source consulting. KTree provides consulting andimplementaion on the following open source projects. 1. OTRS Help Desk Implementation 2. SugarCRM Implementation 3. Openerp Implementation 4. WordPress CMS 5. Drupal CMS 6. Alfresco ECM 7. Liferay Portal 8. Pentaho Reports 9. OpenSIS School Management
  4. 4. 10.Magento Shopping Cart 11.OSCommerce Implementation 12.Zen-Cart Shopping Cart 13.VTiger Implementation 14.OpenBravo Implementation 15.Drupal CMS Implementation 16.Resource Space 17.RazunaSpecialties:OTRS Help Desk Implementation, SugarCRM Implementation, Openerp Implementation,WordPress CMS, Drupal CMS, Alfresco ECM, Liferay Portal, Magento Shopping Cart,OSCommerce Implementation, Zen-Cart Shopping Cart, VTiger Implementation, OpenBravoImplementation