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Modernizing Notes Applications


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Look at the issue of Modernizing IBM Notes applications? What have we done in the past? What does it actually mean when we are asked to Modernize an application?

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Modernizing Notes Applications

  1. 1. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Modernizing Notes Applications
  2. 2. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.For 20 Years We Delivered This….
  3. 3. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.“We Need Something More Modern”
  4. 4. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.So We Gave Them This….
  5. 5. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.When They Wanted This…
  6. 6. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.What Is Modern?
  7. 7. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Mobile• Provides 24x7 connectivity to new andexisting Notes content• Often an addition to, rather than areplacement of, the existing (desktop)application usage.• Applications that look and feel like anyother mobile application (NOT a Notesapp)• Understands that tablet and phone arenot the same!• Focuses on content consumption withfast triage for common tasks• Integration with native apps– Maps– Phone– Voice Input– Camera
  8. 8. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Responsive• Displays are getting bothbigger and smaller• Makes use of available screenreal-estate• Tries to keep relevant contentand capabilities in-view• Adapts design to match devicecapabilities– Mouse v Touch– Keyboard v Voice Input• Interface is consistent with thedevice’s OS– iOS v Android– Windows v OSX
  9. 9. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Social• Share content with others• Consolidate content intoactivity streams• Post content to social portals(e.g. IBM Connections)• Viewer participation– Comments– Tagging– Liking– Status Updates• Reward & Recognitions– Badges– Status points/levels
  10. 10. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Analytics• Corporate Understanding– Which applications are used?– What data is being used?– How many users change content?– What functionality is being used?• Customizes My Experience– What I use– Where I was last– What I prefer– Allow me to provide feedback• Identifies Opportunity– More of what I need– Less of what I don’t
  11. 11. www.redpilldevelopment.comlearn. do. dream.Cost Effective(A core need that never changes!)• Traditional Migration– High Cost– High Risk– Same Functionality (at best)• Asymmetric Modernization– Low Cost– Low Risk– New CapabilitiesReplaceExtend