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Rainy Daze Promotional Event


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Published in: Design, Business
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Rainy Daze Promotional Event

  1. 1. Rainy DazeJackie King, Melissa Stivale,& Katie Tomaino
  2. 2. Competitors• JCrew• Madewell• Totes• Target• North Face• London Fog• Hunter
  3. 3. Values• Spirited• Fun• Confident• Self-Expressive• Quality
  4. 4. Customer Print• Demographics: Female, aged 16-25, live in an urban setting, high income, educated (in college, graduated college, or college- bound).• Psychographics: “First among friends to try new styles”, “Likes to keep up with the latest fashions”. • “Prizm” Groups: “Urban Uptown”, “Young Achievers”.
  5. 5. Customer Print• Willing to spend money on looking good.• Style is quirky, unique to the individual.• This target will benefit from the customizability of Rainy Daze’s products, as it allows for them to express their individuality.
  6. 6. Lorraine• 22 year old female• Fashion conscious, quirky, willing to spend
  7. 7. About Lorraine..• Lorraine is so excited about her first year living in New York City-- the fashion sense, the night life, and her first professional job! She always wants to strut the city streets with confidence and style. However, living in New York she dreads those rainy walks from the subway to the office. After perfectly straightening her hair, she fears the rain will ruin her look but she is too embarrassed to wear that painfully ugly raincoat that grandma bought her last Christmas. Lorraine is making bank at the agency and finds pleasure in matching her outfits without the limits of a budget. Tonight, she is headed to the premier party at the hottest NYC club.
  8. 8. Unique Selling Proposition• Rainy Daze is the only rain gear provider that can satisfy both fashion and function needs because it is tough enough to endure a hurricane, yet stylish enough to make a splash on the runway.
  9. 9. Key Takeaway• This was the greatest night of my life! Rainy Daze threw an awesome party! A brand that understands I don’t want to look like a wet dog in the rain. I wish it would rain everyday so I can rock my boots and umbrella that I designed myself! Finally, some fashion I can splash in.
  10. 10. THE BIG EVENT!
  11. 11. Agenda• 6:45 Pre-party begins • green screens are open • booths are open• 8:00 pm : the three top videos are introduced and played• 8:15 –9:00 : audience has the opportunity to text in their vote • collect customer phone numbers• 8:30 : Rhianna comes out & the concert begins• 10:00 : the winner is announced and comes out to perform
  12. 12. Agenda Cont’d• 10:45 : admission to the after party is open • karaoke • professional photos • collect customer e-mails / drive traffic to website for photos• 2:00 AM: After party commences
  13. 13. Pre Concert: Promotional Booth• Give aways: Ponchos, rain boot key chains,• Weather person green screen• Brand Reps • Engage with the potential customers
  14. 14. Concert• Rihanna Performs• Contest winner selected, performs with Rihanna on stage in Rainy Daze gear
  15. 15. Post Concert:Ponchopalooza After Party• Rain themed drinks• Karaoke• More giveaways (recordings of your karaoke performance)• Dancing• Professional Photographer with waterfall • (get your photos off the website)
  16. 16. Event Promotion • Radio • Location-specific • People Interested in music • YouTube Channel • Allows you to go viral • User generated (Self Expression value) • Flyer • Distributed to people in the city during box performances • Targeted to people who might be interested
  17. 17. Radio Spot • “Come out and see Rhianna shine at MSG, sponsored by Rainy Daze. This concert will have you singin’ in the rain, before, during, and after the show. Compete for the chance to sing along side Rhianna or come just to party. • Check out the facebook page at for more information.”
  18. 18. Flyer
  19. 19.
  20. 20. THE END