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Games book

  1. 1. Table of ContentsTOPICS PAGEChapter One: GamesGame Flyer to Hostess 1Bachelorette Games 1-5Ice Breaker Games 6-8Getting to Know Your Audience 9-13Games to Get This Party Started 14-25Fun before the Party 26-30Seasonal Games 30-31Chapter Two: TipsGet Your Hostess Working For You 32Booking Specials 32-37Pre-party Incentives 37-38Tips From the Top 38-39 Putting Together A Recruit Packet 39Information For New Recruits 40-44Organization 44-47Sending & Receiving Backorders 48Accepting Credit Cards 49Filing Tips 49-50Tax Time Tips 50-51Miscellaneous 52-53More Tips 53-55Shipping & Payment Methods 55Websites to Visit 56
  2. 2. Chapter One: GamesGAME FLYER TO HOSTESSDear _____________________,Here are a few of our fun games for the gals’ night out or bachelorette party. Please choose oneor two of these games that we will play at your party. I also have additional games that I will playthroughout the party.If you have other games that you would like to play, but would like some help on ideas tocustomize them, please feel free to give me a call.If you don’t want to play any of these games, just let me know. I will choose some other ones thatwe can play at your party.(Below list 5 – 6 different games)Consultant NameConsultant NumberEmail addressBACHELORETTE PARTY GAMESBACHELORETTE LINGERIEDivide the ladies into two teams (five on each team). Each team chooses a "model." Give eachteam the following materials to work with:2 rolls of toilet paper5 sheets of colored construction paper1 roll of invisible scotch tape1 pair scissors2 rolls of colored streamers2 large white plastic trash bagsTell the teams they are to design a piece of honeymoon lingerie using the materials provided.Give them ten minutes to complete the lingerie. The bride-to-be should choose her favorite pieceof lingerie. Supply each winning teammate with an item from the Grab Bag. The ladies love thisgame! Tip: This game will take about 10-15 minutes to play.BACHELORETTE BANANABring bananas to use with the Glow Condoms. Have the ladies divide into two groups and sit in acircle. Put some Just Like Me on their hands and give each group a banana with a condom on thetip of it. Turn off the lights (optional) and give the word to start. Each lady has to roll the condomdown and back up the banana. Then she must pass it to the lady next to her. The group thatfinishes first wins a prize.FIND THE HOLEHave everyone pair up. One lady is blindfolded and holds a broom between her legs, with the 1
  3. 3. handle in front. The other lady puts a roll of toilet paper between her legs with the "hole side" out.The object is to get the handle of the broomstick into the hole of the toilet paper roll. First team tofind the hole wins. Tip: You can get brooms and toilet paper at your local dollar store.ONE HANDED CONDOMHave the ladies put a Glow Condom on Mr. Dependable, using one hand. Whoever finishes in theshortest time wins. Remember, the challenge in this game is that Mr. Dependable has Wet andWild on him.HOT P’DILDOUse the Pulsa Bath Ball and the Double Header for this game. The object of the game—don’t getstuck with the Double Header when the Pulsa Bath Ball is turned off. A fun twist is using thePulsa Bath Ball for the noise instead of music; it gives off a great buzz. Turn the ball on and startpassing the Double Header clockwise between the legs—no hands, ladies! Randomly turn theball off, and whoever is stuck with the Double Header is out. The last woman in the game winsthe prize.CUCUMBER CROQUETHave the ladies put a cucumber in one leg of a pair of pantyhose and tie the rest around theirwaists so the leg with the cucumber dangles down between their legs (like a penis). They thenhave to use their hips and waist to thrust the cucumber toward a potato to roll it across a finishline. It’s best played outside in case the cucumber or potato breaks. Hopefully, they don’t mindthe neighbors seeing! If outside is not an option, use tennis balls to play indoors.BODY DICEOpen two pair of Glow in the Dark Dice. Use the ones that are the same—with lips, toes, body,boobs, and nipples on them. After rolling, any pair keeps the lady in for another roll; no pair andshe is out. Move clockwise until there is only one lady left. The last lady in is the winner. It movespretty quickly and gets some laughs.CAN YOU REMEMBER?Take a tray or lid from one of your bins. Place a dozen or so net and novelty items on the tray.Give the tray to the hostess and have her stand in front of each of her guests for 30 seconds toallow them to look at the tray. Then have the hostess take the tray in the ordering room (secretlytell her to stay there) and then announce to the guests, "I want everyone to write down everythingyou can remember … about the hostess! What is her color of hair, long or short, up or down?Pants, skirt, or shorts? What color? Shoes or no shoes? Socks or no socks? How many earringsor no earrings at all? How many rings on her fingers? Does she wear a watch?What color is her shirt? Is it long-sleeved, short-sleeved or no sleeves at all? Does she have hernails painted? Does she have makeup on or not? Then have the hostess come back. Haveeveryone give themselves ten points for each correct answer. The lady with the most points wins.Tip: This is a great way to advertise those novelty items!THE KISSING GAMEHave guests close their eyes—no peeking! Draw two people kissing. When finished, look atpapers and award points as follows:• If the lips are touching or overlapping - 5 points• For each eye inside a head - 5 points• For each nose attached to a face - 5 points• For each mouth attached to a face - 5 points
  4. 4. • Add an additional 5 points for any of the following creative additions they may have made: hairthat is attached to a head, ears that are attached to the head, arms that are attached to a body—5 more if they are actually touching the other body as well… and any others you see fit!CHERRIES ALL AROUNDAll you need for this game are Styrofoam bowls, cherries, and canned whipped cream. Put acherry in the bottom of each bowl. Fill completely with whipped cream. Make sure every lady hasone before you announce the start. The first lady who finishes her bowl completely wins.2Here’s the catch. She can only use her lap to hold the bowl and cannot use her hands. Give thehostess fair warning before doing this game because she will definitely want to have a camerahandy!TP MYSTERY GAMEAs guests arrive, hold out a roll of toilet paper and ask each guest to tear off whatever length oftoilet paper she thinks she’ll need. Don’t explain what it’s for but you might say something like,"We’re short of TP tonight, and I wanted everyone to have some before we ran out." At somepoint in the party, gather the guests and measure the bride-to-be or hostess’ bust, hips, leglength, etc., with the strips of toilet paper. If you do not want them to measure a body part of thehostess, you can also have them guess the length of the double header with the toilet paper. Theguest with the closest length of TP wins.PENCIL TOPPER GAMERemember the old clothespin game? Here is a new twist! Give each guest a penis eraser at thebeginning of your show. Guests will put the penis eraser on the top of their pen or pencil. If a ladycrosses her legs, she loses her eraser to whoever notices first. You can make it really fun. If onelady has four stolen penises and crosses her legs, she has to give up all of them, not just one.The person with the most erasers at the end of the evening wins.A NIGHT WITH MR. RIGHTRead the following story as fast as you can. You can put gifts in paper bags or use a Mr.Dependable for passing, and then whoever is left with him gets a prize. The "prize" should bepassed either right or left, according to the story:"The big night had arrived for my date with Mr. RIGHT. Getting dressed was all I had LEFT to do.I put on my RIGHT stocking and then my LEFT, lining the seams up the RIGHT way. There was aknock at the door; Mr. RIGHT was RIGHT on time. Putting my robe on that I had LEFT on mybed, I rushed to answer the door. The postal worker had LEFT my Pure Romance order. It wasthe order I had phoned in and LEFT with my Pure Romance lady, just the other day. It wasn’t Mr.RIGHT, but this worked out perfectly fine because the Basic Instinct was sure to attract Mr.RIGHT. I started putting my mascara on my LEFT eye and poked myself RIGHT in the eye. Bythe time I was done, I had a run in my RIGHT stocking and had broken a nail on my LEFT hand. Iwas finally done, but Mr. RIGHT was late. Mr. RIGHT was 45 minutes late. What’s that … anotherknock? I ran RIGHT for the door. I tripped on the carpet and broke my LEFT heel. Oh no! Whatelse wouldn’t go RIGHT? I shouldn’t have asked because I extended my RIGHT hand to shakehis, and, of course, he was LEFT-handed. This date wasn’t starting out RIGHT, and Mr. RIGHTwas late and the mood was ruined. We LEFT in a hurry, hoping to find somewhere for dinner. Wefound a restaurant, and the maitre’d got us RIGHT in. When dinner arrived, Mr. RIGHT didn’tknow if he should use the silverware on his RIGHT or LEFT. When the check came, Mr. RIGHTsaid he had LEFT his wallet at home. I paid the bill and realized I had LEFT my curling iron on.We LEFT in a hurry, and I told Mr. RIGHT we had to get RIGHT home. I told him of a shortcut toget us RIGHT home, but he didn’t listen and instead of RIGHT, he turned LEFT. Mr. RIGHT finallygot me home, and I told him that I had had a nice evening, extending my LEFT hand to say goodnight. Before I knew it, Mr. RIGHT kissed me RIGHT on the lips. I turned around and quicklyLEFT. Thank goodness I also had ordered the Daddy from the Nati’ from my Pure RomanceConsultant, and that it had come in the order that the postal worker had LEFT for me earlier. Iknew I would be much happier when Mr. RIGHT LEFT. Mr. RIGHT definitely wasn’t RIGHT, but Iknew that my Daddy from the Nati’ would be just RIGHT for me. Is there such a thing as a Mr.
  5. 5. Right? I don’t know, but I sure am glad I had phoned in the order I LEFT with my Pure RomanceConsultant the other night! This night was going to be just RIGHT for me!"LOVE ISHow about a game of "Love is …?" Write 25 romantic words on index cards, such as throbbing,lips, passion, candlelight, roses, chocolate, and so on. On another 25 index cards, write somesilly noun phrases, such as ironing board, wallpaper paste, motor oil, nose hair, bikini wax, and soon. Stack the two piles separately and distribute paper and pencil. Have each player draw a cardfrom each pile. When everyone has two cards, ask them to write a silly love poem using the twowords or phrases they have drawn. For example: "Roses are red, 3they make me hot! Your eyes are sexy; your nose hairs are not!"WIENER IN A BOTTLEPut a hot dog inside one leg of a pair of nylons. The girls have to tie the nylon around their waistsso the hot dog end is hanging between their legs, about to the middle of their calves. Put a glassbottle in front of them (one with an opening that is wide enough for the hot dog to fit in). The girlsmust swing their hips to maneuver the hot dog into the bottle. The first person to get the hot doginto the bottle wins.ABC’S WITH A TWISTCreate alphabet cards—mix them up—hold up a letter. Each lady has to name a body part, articleof clothing, or sexually explicit word that starts with that letter. Whoever answers first gets thatcard, and whoever has most cards at the end wins.ROMANTIC FANTASYThe guest should be blindfolded for this one, or just tell her to close her eyes. You are going tolead the ladies through a romantic fantasy as they draw you a picture. Start out by saying,"Ladies, this is your fantasy, so be as detailed as you like." Now you can start instructing them onwhat to draw.-You have to have a ceiling in the room. So draw a ceiling.-Now you have to have walked through a door to be in the room, so draw me a door.-And it can’t be a bedroom without a bed.-We forgot an obvious fact. We forgot to draw you. Here’s your chance to make your boobsbigger and your butt smaller, ladies. It’s your fantasy, right?-Now you know you just left this party with a bag full of goodies you just had to try, so you betterdraw that vibe you bought in your hand.-You’d also better draw that Love Swing that’s mounted on your ceiling.-Oh! We forgot about those rose petals you spread on the bed.-You also need a nightstand beside the bed to store your treasures in.-We forgot about your lubricant you bought. Since you already have your vibe in one hand, you’dbetter put your lubricant in the other.-We all know this would be more fun with a partner, so you’d better put him in swinging in theswing. Now remember, ladies, the Love Swing will only hold so much weight so try not to makehis magic wand bigger than he is.-Now most people don’t show up naked, so you might want to put some clothes on the floor.
  6. 6. -It wouldn’t be very romantic without candlelight illumination from the nightstand.-Ooops! I forgot to tell you that your partner is blindfolded.TALLY TIMEYou be the judge of your own picture. If you’re not sure, ask the people around you.1 point for drawing the ceiling as long as it is at the top of your paper2 more points if you drew a light fixture, and 3 more if you drew a ceiling fan.• 1 point for the door; 2 points if it has a doorknob.• 1 point for the bed plus 1 for each pillow that you may have drawn; 3 more for a headboard.• 1 point for you; 1 more each for eyes, nose, mouth and hair; 2 more if you drew two certain bodyparts. If you only drew 1 breast, sorry ladies, you only get 1 point.• 1 point for the vibe if it actually made it into your hand; 2 points if it’s turned on (made motionmarks) and 3 points if it’s curved for the g-spot.• 1 point for the swing if it’s actually mounted to the ceiling.• 1 point for each rose petal that made it on the bed.• 1 point for the night stand if it’s on the left of the bed as you’re looking at it; 2 points if it’s on theleft side not touching the bed; 2 if it’s on the right side of the bed; 3 points if it’s on the right sidenot touching the bed.4abc• 2 points for the lubricant if it made it into the hand opposite of the vibe.• 1 point for the partner if he actually made it in the swing; 1 point for each detail (eyes, nose,mouth or hair).• 2 points for drawing unmentionables• 4 points for drawing swinging motion (motion marks or feet swinging).• 1 point for clothes if they’re just a crumpled pile; 2 points for each article of clothing; 3 more ifyou scattered them across the room.• 1 point for each candle on the nightstand; 4 points if you drew the candlelight illuminating (lightmarks or flame).• 5 points for blindfold if on partner’s face. If it’s half on, give yourself 2 points.TIP: Don’t change the points awarded for the nightstand. People generally draw it on the left sideof the bed. Whoever has the most points wins.HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE BRIDE?Ask the bride-to-be to complete this survey before the party. Before the party starts collect theanswers from her. Give guests a sheet of paper from your favorite Doodlepad and ask them tonumber it from 1-20. As you read each question out loud, have everyone write down what theythink her answer was. After you are finished with all 20 questions, read the correct answers back
  7. 7. to them as they mark which answers they have correct. The person with the most correctanswers will receive a prize.1. Where did you first meet Mr. Right?2. Was it love at first sight?3. Did you kiss on your first date?4. Do you like his parents?5. How many children do you plan on having?6. Did you "do it" on your first date?7. What is the date of your wedding?8. Of these, what do you like best about him?a. His sense of humor b. he’s the bad-boy type c. his sex-drive9. Have you two ever done it in a hot tub, Jacuzzi, or pool?10. Have you ever given him head while he was driving?11. Have you two ever had sex in either set of parents’ beds?12. What’s your favorite sexual position? a. Missionary b. doggy style c. you on top13. What is the date you got engaged?14. Has he ever asked you to "talk dirty to him" while having sex?15. Have you ever tried bondage on him?16. Have you ever rented a motel room just for sex?17. What part of his body do you like best? a. Smile b. muscles c. his member18. Have you ever fantasized about being with one of his friends?19. What’s your favorite Pure Romance product type?a. Heighteners b. massage oils c. toys!20. Where are you going on your honeymoon? 5ICE BREAKER GAMESNAME GAMEIntroduction or Ice Breaker Game (no prizes required):When introducing yourself, say, "Tell me your name, and with the first letter of your name use aword to tell me how you like it and where you like it." If you can’t think of one … don’t worry, I will!Example: "Hello, everyone, my name is Katy and I like it kissable in the kitchen" or "Hello,everyone, my name is Patty and I like it playful in the pool." Don’t worry, ladies, this is just for fun;true or not is up to you. The purpose of this game is to just break the ice.This gets a lot of laughs, and with repeat guests it gets even crazier!
  8. 8. KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORAs soon as all of the guests arrive, have them sit in a circle. Go around the circle and have eachlady say her first and last name, as well as one fact about herself (such as "I work with dogs," or"I hate pizza with mushrooms," etc.). Then have the hostess stand in the middle of the circle, andshe is "It." She has to point to any lady in the circle, and that lady has ten seconds to give the firstand last name as well as "the fact" about the lady to her right or left. If the chosen lady cannotgive the information, then she has to go into the center and is now "It." (The lady who was "It"previously now sits in the empty spot in the circle.) End the game as soon as someone canremember the first and last name of her neighbor and "the fact." That guest wins the prize.FANTASY VACATIONGive each guest a piece of paper. Have her put her name at the top of the paper, and then foldthe paper down just enough so her name cannot be seen. Have each guest pass the paper to herright. Guests should write an answer to the first question on the paper, and then fold the paperover again so the answer cannot be seen and pass to the right. Here are the questions:1. You are taking a fantasy vacation. Where do you want to go on this fantasy vacation? (Foldpaper over and pass to the right.)2. Whom do you want to take with you on this fantasy vacation? Remember, ladies, this is afantasy, so leave the hubbies and boyfriends at home! (Fold paper over and pass to the right.)3. What is the first thing you are going to do to him on your fantasy vacation? (Fold paper overand pass to the right.)4. How do you think that is going to make him feel? (Fold paper over and pass to the right.)5. How is that going to make you feel? (Fold paper over and pass to the right.)6. Now it is time to leave your fantasy man. What are you going to leave him to remember youby? (Fold paper over and pass to the right.)7. Finally, what are his parting words to you as you are walking out the door?Then collect all the papers, unfold them, and give the papers back to their owners. Go around theroom and read them out loud.Example:My name is Sheila.I went with Bill Clinton.We went to Wal-MartThe first thing I did was give him a blowjob.I felt like a two-bit hooker.He felt hard as a concrete block.His parting words to me were, "Yo, where is my credit card?!"*This is a great icebreaker opening game!BLUE LIGHT SPECIALSet a timer and demonstrate your products. Whichever item you’re holding when the timer goesoff is on sale for the duration of the party.6
  9. 9. ICE BREAKER GAMELet each guest choose a Pure Romance balloon from a bowl. Then explain that the first lady toblow up her balloon, tie it, sit on it and pop it will win a free gift. This is a great icebreaker for anygroup; it gets everyone up and laughing.PURSE POUNDSThis is a fun game that involves purses. Place a scale in the middle of the room (don’t getnervous), and then weigh each lady’s purse. Give the lady with the heaviest purse a featherteaser, implying that she cannot possibly afford any more weight in her purse!WAITING FOR LATE GUESTSGive every guest a paper and pencil. She must circulate among all the guests and collect threethings she has in common with each one. The first player to complete her card by collecting threecommon things from each player wins a prize.NAME AND NUMBERAs each guest walks into the party, put his or her name on one side of an index card and anumber on the other side. As guests walk around with their names showing (on the index cardthat is taped to their shirts), they have to introduce themselves to as many guests as they can.After a bit of mingling, ask everyone to turn over his or her name tags so that just the number isshowing. Now give everyone a numbered piece of paper, and see who can fill in the most namesnext to the corresponding number.REMEMBER MY NAME GAMEBefore the party, take a Hide a Vibe Pillow or Dickie Sipper and place a prize inside. At thebeginning of the party, let the ladies know that whenever you use a key word such as SEX,LOVER, PENIS (or whatever you choose), they have to yell out "Pure Romance by _________."Whoever you hear first gets to steal the prize away. The lady who has the container (pillow ordickey sipper) at the end of the show gets the prize inside! Prize ideas: Pleasure Feather,Coupon Book for Lovers, Peter Lipstick, break open a Mini Nights of Passion and use one ofthose bottles.DO YOU KNOW?Have everyone pick a partner and stand back to back from each other with a pen and paper inhand. Have them number 1-10 on the paper. Ask them the following questions about their partnerwithout looking at them. The one who has the most correct answers wins a gift.Tip: You can use information learned from the Bi-Monthly Meetings to test the ladies on theirbasic knowledge of products and sexuality. Change the questions to be more informative byreplacing them with questions about helpful information everyone should know, but may not. Forexample: What type of lubricant is not recommended for use with silicone products? Name twosexual positions good for G-spot stimulation, etc.1. What color of hair does your partner have?2. Is she wearing shoes?3. How many rings does she have on?4. Is there anything around her neck?5. What main color is she wearing?6. Any buttons? If so, how many?7. Does she have her ears pierced?8. What is the color of her eyes?
  10. 10. 9. Is she wearing any makeup?10. Does she have short, medium, or long hair?HOUSEHOLD CHOREHave everyone turn over their order forms and write down one household chore they hate most,and why they hate it. When everyone is finished writing, have them cross out the chore, leavingthe reason why. Now let them introduce themselves to one another by filling in the sentence:Hi! My name is __________, and I hate sex because (the reason they hated the householdchore). 7PERSONALITY GAMEFirst have every lady write her name on top of the paper (pass out sheets from the novelty doodlepads or use the back of order form). Then ask these three simple questions:1. Write a word that describes your favorite animal.2. Write a word that describes your favorite color.3. Write a word that describes what the ocean is like to you.Now have every lady pass her paper to the lady on her left. Explain to everyone that the answersto the questions reveal secrets about them, which is why they passed their papers to the personnext to them. That person is going to read the responses so there is no cheating and changinganswers to cover up your deepest, darkest secrets.1. The answer to the first question reveals how you see yourself.2. The answer to the second question reveals how you think other people see you.3. The answer to the third questions reveals how you view sex.Have them read the answers, one at a time. (Everyone should take a turn answering the firstquestion.) I tell them they have to say the following:"(Name of person on top of paper) sees herself as (the answer to question #1).Then do the same thing with questions #2 and #3. You can give a prize for the funniest one, or just do this as an icebreakergame."WHO WEARS THE PANTS?Buy two pair of the biggest size boxer shorts you can find. Divide the women into two groups.Have the first lady put the boxer shorts on the correct way, take them off again, and hand theboxers to the lady behind her. Each guest should do this until the boxers have gone through theentire line of ladies. This gets the ladies up and moving, and works some of the ants out of theirpants before you get started with the demo. Be careful if you are doing this in an area with acement floor. Caution the ladies not to fall, as you really don’t want to run anyone to the hospital.Give out small gifts (or Pure Romance dollars) to the whole winning team. Hopefully the team willwork a bit better, and more people will get a reward for being there.TAKE OFF WHAT YOU DON’T NEEDGive everyone a paper bag and tell them to put it on their heads. Ask the girls to listen verycarefully. Tell them you want everyone to take off one article they did not wear to bed. If they takethe bag off right away, motion for them to be quiet. The ladies will start taking off shoes, socks,whatever, but don’t let them take off too much! Winner can be the first person taking the bag offor the last person with a bag off or both—or you can just play the game for fun!3 LETTERED BODY PARTS
  11. 11. There are only 11 body parts with three letters. Have your guests list them. This is great to playwhile waiting for other guests to arrive or for large groups. (For large groups, give them a two-minute time limit.)Answers: Arm, Leg, Jaw, Eye, Rib, Gum, Lid, Lip, Toe, Ear, and Hip. Watch out! You will always have other three letter wordsthey try to throw in, and those don’t count! First one to list them all wins!8GETTING TO KNOW YOUR AUDIENCETHE WOMAN POEMHave the women turn over their order forms after filling out their names, addresses, etc. Whenthey’ve all got their order forms turned over, explain that you’re going to read a rhyme rather fastso they need to pay attention.This is rather a silly game.It really does not have a name.It’s simple to play, as a game should beYou just do as you’re told, you see.So now if you’ll please give me your attention;We’ll put an end to all this suspension.In the end, whoever scores the mostWill receive a prize of which to boast.Now since you’re all quite fashionable girls,Give yourself 5 if you have any pearls.It doesn’t matter if they are fake,But you have to be wearing them, for goodness sake!You may add 3 if your toes peek out,And earrings will give you 2 more to shout.Score yourself 5 if you show any red;Add 6 more for a curl on your head.If you left him with a lipstick mark before arriving today,Give yourself 7 … what a good girl, I say!If the lipstick mark was below his belt line,You deserve 10 more points. You are a girl so fine!Add 5 more if your shoes are black,And take away 3 for a zipper in back.For the # of times this month you’ve had intercourse,Each time that you counted, you get 8, of course!
  12. 12. Now count all your buttons, for each you get 2,And take away 1 for each button that’s blue.If the last time you made whoopee a feather was there,Score 5 on your sheet for being a lover who cares.If caught in the sack by a sibling or friend … oh my!A fat minus 5 and that’s no lie!But if by mom, dad, or children you’re seen,It’s time to subtract an even fatter 15!We could go on and on with this game,But it’s time to start adding this game with no name.Before we close, there’s just one more little thing,Mark down 100 if you’re gonna buy Coochy for your sweet thang.Person with the most points wins a prize!ANSWER AND PASSHand the hostess a wrapped novelty gift, and then start asking the following questions. Pass thegift to each person who fits the characteristics of the question.1. Who has the biggest feet?2. Who drove the farthest? 93. Who has been married the longest?4. Who has the youngest child?5. Who has the most kids?6. Who has been at her job the longest?7. Who sleeps naked?The last person should pass the gift to the third person on her left! That person wins the game.LIFE THREADPass around a spool of thread, and ask each guest to break off a piece. (Don’t tell them what it’sfor or how much to take.) As soon as everyone has taken a piece of thread, go around the roomand have each lady talk about herself as she wraps her piece of string around her finger. She isnot allowed to stop talking until the string is completely wrapped around her finger. Be careful thatno one inadvertently cuts off her circulation! In the interest of saving circulation, you can play thesame game with toilet paper. (For each square she takes, the guest has to tell the group one factabout herself.) A prize goes to the person who takes the longest string or piece of toilet paper andcan give the most facts about herself.OUT OF STOCKPurchase raffle tickets. For every item you have to backorder for a guest, give her one ticket.Have her write her name and phone number on the ticket and put it in a bowl. At the end of the
  13. 13. evening, draw out one ticket and that person wins the prize. (You can create a nice gift bag ofnovelty items or discontinued items, or give a gift certificate for 50% off one item, etc.) If the guesthas left the party, you can call her to let her know she won. This is great to do for an increase insales and to build your customers’ confidence in you. Maybe when you call them to let them knowthey won, they will want to book a party!WHAT IS IN MY PURSE?Have each lady get her purse and then ask her the following questions. Give her points for eachitem. Whoever has most points at the end of the game wins. (You can make more up or takesome away as you go along.)1. Do you have a tissue in your purse? – 5 points2. Is the tissue used? – 10 points3. Do you have a Visa card in your purse? – 5 points for each one4. Do you have a major credit or debit card in your purse? – 5 points for each one5. Do you have cash in your purse? – 5 points for each $1 bill; 10 points for each $5 bill; 15 pointsfor each $10 bill; 20 points for each $20 bill; 50 points for each $50 bill; 100 points for each $100bill!6. Do you have your party invitation with you? – 5 points7. Do you have my business card in your purse? – 20 points8. Do you have my pen in your purse? – 20 points9. Do you have a debit card in your purse? – 5 points10. Do you have my brochure in your purse? – 10 points11. Do you have a bedroom accessory in your purse? – 50 points12. Do you have a lubricant in your purse? – 25 points13. Do you have bosom buddy in your purse? – 10 points14. Do you have a picture of your boyfriend/husband in your purse? – 10 points15. Do you have a condom in your purse? – 10 points16. Do you keys in your purse? – 5 points17. Do you have a tube of lipstick in your purse? – 5 points18. Do you have a nail file in your purse? - 5 points19. Is there a flashlight in your purse? –10 points20. Is there a rubber band in your purse? –10 points21. Do you have a date book in your purse? –10 pointsLESLIE ZAY’S NO SUCH THING AS FLUNKING A SEX TESTThe person with the most points will win 5% off their order! Chances are that person will be a bigspender anyway!101. Have you ever blown him… an innocent little kiss?
  14. 14. Yes = 100 pointsNo = 0 points2. Are you a tease? = 100 pointsIf you aim to please = 200 pointsIt is possible to score points for both.3. Have you ever had a sexual encounter in the water?(Maybe a fish brushed your leg)Yes = 100 pointsNo = 0 points4. Have you ever massaged your lover using a sensual oil or lotion?Yes = 100 pointsNo = 0 points5. Did you ever kick start your motor without him?Yes = 100 pointsNo = 0 points6. Have you ever played a risqué card game with your lover?Yes = 100 pointsNo = 0 pointsBonus: If the game was strip poker and you lost = extra 200 points7. Have you ever indulged in a bubble bath and invited old sweet cheeks to join?Yes = 100 pointsNo= 0 points8. Have you ever busted the bed making whoopee?Yes = 100 pointsNo = 0 points9. Have you ever suggested a different technique or a new position?Yes = 100 pointsNo = 0 points10. Award yourself 100 points for every one of the following you’ve used to spice up your love life:• Between the Sheets• A feather• Ice cubes
  15. 15. • A massager• Tasty lubricant• Handcuffs• *** ring• Leather whip• Heightener• Bondage 11MARSHMALLOW HOROSCOPEDon’t cheat! Before you read on …choose your favorite Lucky Charms cereal from the list below:• Pink hearts• Yellow moons• Orange stars• Green clovers• Blue diamonds• Purple horseshoes• Those icky oat bitsOK. Have you got one in mind? Now you can read on. And don’t change it! Amazing new studyshows that your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow bit shape determines what you’re like inbed! Yes, it’s true! Just take this simple test to determine your true bedroom personality:• GREEN CLOVERS: If your favorite Lucky Charms marshmallow shape is the green clover,you’re a happy-go-lucky type in bed. You don’t take anything too seriously in the bedroom orelsewhere and always manage to have a good time, even if you have someone else with you.You don’t have any patience with depressed people and tend to sit on them until they cheer up.• BLUE DIAMONDS: If your favorite marshmallow shape is the blue diamond, your thoughts inbed are mostly about what you’ll get later. "If he really enjoys this, will he buy me that mink coat?"is probably what’s going through your mind. People who like blue diamonds have a notebook ofpreprinted fill-in-the-blank palimony suit forms and are the people most likely to file their nailswhile making love.• ORANGE STARS: If your favorite shape is the orange star, you expect to be the center ofattention in bed. You expect your partner to spend most of his time pleasing you; and when youdo something for him, you expect enthusiastic moaning if not applause. People who like orangestars often have mirrors over their beds, not because watching what is being done does turn themon, but because they want to be able to watch themselves having a good time. They often moanout their own names while making love.• PINK HEARTS: If you like pink hearts, you’re the romantic type. You want your partner towhisper romantic phrases into your ear; and, if he’s too distracted to form coherent phrases, you’llsettle for romantic syllables. People who like pink hearts read most of the romance novelspublished and are turned on by people wearing armor.• PURPLE HORSESHOES: If purple horseshoes are your thing, your tastes are modern,uninhibited, and somewhat warped. You like variety in the bedroom, especially when you caninclude handcuffs, chains, swing sets, and chocolate pudding. Be careful when going out on a
  16. 16. picnic with anyone who likes purple horseshoes. She or he is likely to pin you down with croquethoops when you’re not looking and who knows what could happen next? Keep your eyes openfor anyone who eats all the purple horseshoes out of their cereal as soon as they open the box.• YELLOW MOONS: If you’re the yellow moon type, you’re more interested in satisfying yourpartner’s needs than your own. You prefer to lie back and wait for your partner to jump on youand express her/his needs verbally or nonverbally. People who like yellow moons usually ownseveral pairs of handcuffs and other instruments of kinky sex just in case someone should everwant to tie them up and ravish them.• OAT BITS: If your favorite is the icky oat bits, then you probably don’t enjoy sex anyway. Theoat bits are very bland and boring, much like what your sex life is probably like. Good thing youcame tonight, because we can help you put some spice back into your life!HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE HOSTESS?12Have them number their papers 1-10. the person with the most correct answers wins a prize. Tip:Have the hostess answer the questions on a sheet of paper before the party.1. What size bra does she wear?2. What kind of undies does she wear?3. What is her favorite alcoholic drink?4. How did she meet her current (or last) boyfriend?5. How old was when she attended her first Pure Romance party?6. What is her favorite sex position?7. Does she prefer lights on or lights off duringsex?8. What part of her body does she consider thesexiest?9. Where is the craziest place she has had sex?10. How would she say she has sex most often? A) Lion - Aggressive and wildB) Monkey - Playful and creativeC) Deer - Mild and TimidTHE LAP GAMEAsk your guests the questions listed below or make up your own. When a guest can answer "yes"to a question, that guest moves to the seat on the right. The first person that moves back to heroriginal seat wins. Oh, by the way, there will be several guests sitting on others’ laps, whichmakes it even more fun.Are you wearing a thong?Have you had sex in the shower?Have you ever attended a Pure Romance party before?Are you going to book a party tonight?
  17. 17. Are you not wearing a bra?Did you bring a friend?Are you carrying a condom?Have you worn lingerie before?Have you ever given a massage?Did you get a kiss before you came tonight?Do you use a lubricant?Do you use a lubricant every time?Have you ever rented a hotel room just for you and your lover?Have you ever watched an adult movie?Are you ordering product tonight?Do you want more information about Pure Romance, to book a party or find out about businessopportunities?You can ask as many questions as you want to spice it up or finish the game. 13GAMES TO GET THIS PARTY STARTED!DOOR PRIZE RAFFLEBuy a roll of raffle tickets at your local office supply store. Give a ticket to each guest who is ontime or who brought a friend or two. Also have girls ask questions about your business, and givea ticket for each question. Give a ticket to each person who can give a testimonial on a productthey’ve purchased. At the end of the show, have the hostess draw a ticket, and the person withthe winning number wins a prize or a percentage off her items.INTRODUCTION USING THE LEFT - RIGHT GAMEPick out a prize; hand the girls two or three net items to pass around. Each time you say thewords LEFT or RIGHT, they must pass the item in that direction. The guest left with the gift getsto keep it.I LEFT the house RIGHT on time to get to _______________’s house. I had everything I neededto set up my display the RIGHT way, and place all of our wonderful products RIGHT before youreyes. I would like to thank "________" RIGHT now for hosting this party. I hope you LEFT thekids and your man at home, because this is a "Women’s only party." And you are all over "18,"RIGHT? But don’t worry if you LEFT your cash or checkbook at home, because we will also takeVisa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Pure Romance has all the RIGHT stuff tohelp you put the "O" RIGHT back in romance. So sit RIGHT back and prepare to have a goodtime. When I begin passing around products, I suggest you use your RIGHT hand for sniffin’ andyour LEFT hand for lickin’. That way you don’t do lickin’ on stuff you should be sniffin’. Please feelfree to ask me any questions you may have RIGHT away. Or, if you have any questions LEFT atthe end of the party, you can ask me in the private ordering room—especially if they are moreprivate in nature. The ordering room is private, so that way no one knows what you LEFT withunless you come RIGHT out of the ordering room and dump your items RIGHT out of your bag.You also will get to take your entire product order home with you RIGHT away tonight. If I run outof a product, I will mail it to you RIGHT away. You should receive it in 7 to 10 business days orless, and the package will just have my name and return address on the LEFT corner of thepackage. Now, let’s congratulate the winner. She is patiently waiting to the LEFT of whoever is
  18. 18. holding the prize. I know you are all envious, because you wanted to win the prize, RIGHT?RIGHT! But, sorry, she is the one who LEFT with it!RECOGNIZING THE SPA PARTIES LINEAfter demoing the Spa Parties line, play this game for cute ideas on how to use the products toenhance relationships and to remind them what each product does. Change the story around asyou change the selection of Spa products that you choose to show at each party. Add PureRomance products to the story for more cross-selling power. Have each guest write down a tallymark for each Spa or Pure Romance product name they recognize. The person with the numberof tallies closest to the actual number of product name mentions will win a prize."(Hostess name) was excited. Today was her first anniversary. She was looking forward to aromantic evening with her SOLE MATE. She had everything all planned. After a long relaxingsoak in the ROMANCE REMEDY, she washed with her favorite scented Romance Bubbles andfinished off with some Kiss. While drying off, she admired the tan she had from using herSUNLESS TANNER. As she dressed in her new sexy lingerie, she thought of the best ways toENTICE her man and boost his EGO with her SMOOTH MOVES. She decorated the bedroomwith the Bed of Roses. After her husband arrived home, she asked, "MIST ME today?" "Ofcourse!" he replied, and proceeded to GET FRESH. Following the trail of rose petals...herhusband found the HAND MAID card in which (hostess name) professed her love, while thenewest hit song "SCRUB ME TENDER" played softly in the background. With a SHOW OFHANDS, (hostess name) brought out the Aura massage oil and began massaging her husband’sback the way the Erotic Massage book had instructed her to. "When I finish, will you be MYMASSUSE?" Of course! the happy hubby replied. But unfortunately, he became so relaxed he fellasleep! She knew her husband had worked hard that day and decided to let him sleep. (hostessname) then applied her CREME DE LE CALENDULA moisturizer14and prepared for bed herself! In the middle of the night her husband woke her up. Once shesmelled the Passion Fruit scent from the Time in a Bottle, she knew what he wanted. This wasonly one of many Mini Nights of Passion the couple would share in EX-T-Cee."GIFT WRAP PACKAGEWrap your prize with a piece of the gift-wrap. Take that and wrap it 20 more times withnewspaper, tissue paper, or anything inexpensive or free. Then for the final outer layer, wrap inthe novelty gift-wrap. At the beginning of your demo, give a key word. For example, you can usethe word "orgasm." Each time you use the word, the first woman to yell "Pure Romance by_______," gets to steal the "Gift Package" and unwrap a layer. The woman who either has thepackage at the end of the party, or who unwraps the final layer, wins the prize.BODY CONDOMSThis is a game where you will have to give away two prizes. Have the women pair up. Each teamplays for the prize. Give each team a roll of plastic wrap. (Have the hostess purchase plastic wrapif she chooses this game. An off brand is fairly inexpensive, but the plastic wrap in the CelluliteRemoval set works best.) Each team has three minutes to make the perfect "BODY CONDOM."One team member is the body for the condom, and the other covers her in plastic wrap. You arethe judge. Judge on creativity, coverage, and amount of plastic wrap used. The more the better!Make sure you tell all the women what you judge on. It makes it more fun! The women really lovethis game. Make sure you can spare the time. It’s a pretty long game.HOT SLIPPERY STRETCHMake sure you have a tablecloth. Lay it on the floor. Have everyone pick a partner and putpartners on opposite sides of the tablecloth (standing up) facing each other. Then put lube(Whipped or Just Like Me) in everyone’s hands. Have them rub their hands together and toss theSuper Stretch back and forth to each other. If they drop it, they are both out. Last two standingwin.SNEAKY GAME
  19. 19. Play this game at the end of your demo. Have the ladies flip their order forms over and numberfrom 1 to 20. Then tell them you going to read a description. Have them write down the name of alady they know that fits the description. You can only use a name one time! The lady with themost names wins a prize.1. Your next door neighbor2. Someone married3. A co-worker4. Your beautician5. Friend from the bank (JEANIE ATM DOES NOT COUNT!)6. Someone divorced7. Someone looking for a job8. Sister-in-law9. Your best friend10. Family member (female only)11. Someone who loves sex12. Someone who hates sex13. A blonde (fake or real!)14. A single mother15. Someone who loves her job16. Someone who hates her job17. Mother-in-law18. Someone who has never been to a Pure Romance party19. The hostess of this party20. Mother of child’s playmate or friend21. Anyone else who is not on your list.You will have to repeat some of them. Ask who has the most names filled in, and that person getsa prize! For number 15, did anyone put your name there? If so, she gets a prize, too. 15Usually they don’t think to use your name and will leave it blank! Then say, "For those of youbooking a party tonight, you have started your guest list!" This is a quick and easy game, and itgets the ladies thinking of booking a party!Or— have them write the names of three friends, three relatives, three neighbors, and one personthey see on a regular basis (hair stylist, bank teller, doctor, etc.). First one to finish wins, and nowthey already have a guest list for their party!HOW LONG IS MY DONG?Use the Double Header for this game. Hold it in the middle so the sides bounce up and down,and ask all the ladies to guess, "How long is my dong?" Don’t let them hold it. Keep it in your
  20. 20. hands and keep it moving. Twirl it. Hold it from one end to the next and again in the middle. Thelady who guesses closest to the correct answer wins. (Make sure if there is a tie, you haveanother game to be the tiebreaker or plenty of prizes.) The Double Header is 16 inches!SECRET STASHPut three to four small items in a Hide-a-Vibe Pillow, and have the guests try to figure out what isin the pillow and how many items are in there without opening it! The closest with the correctanswers wins! You can even put the prize in the pillow so that when you show the items, one ofthem is the secret prize the guest gets to keep.ABSENT MINDTell each of your guests to come to the party with something that shows a lapse in memory. Forexample, come to the party wearing only one sock or with only half of your makeup (on one sideof your face). Pass out paper and pencils, and give everyone ten minutes to see who can guessthe most memory lapses correctly.DIRTY HEARTSMake up three bags with gifts inside. Staple them shut and number them 1, 2, and 3. Remove allthe hearts and spades from the *** of Cards and then have the guests ask you questions aboutyour business. For every question they ask, they get one heart card and the answer to theirquestion. When you are out of heart cards, the game has just begun. Take the spade card – calloff that card--whoever has that card gets to trade it and choose one of the bags (number 1, 2, or3). When you call off the next card, that person can choose one of the bags left, or she can steala bag from one of the other girls. Continue to do this until you are through the whole deck ofcards. Whoever is left with the bags wins and keeps those bags. This plants the recruiting seed intheir heads! Use net items in the bags.PLUMP PECKERSAn easy and funny game! All you need is a bag of marshmallows. The object of this game is tostuff as many marshmallows as you can in your mouth and still say the words, "PLUMPPECKERS." Start by giving everyone five marshmallows. Have them put one marshmallow at atime in their mouths and say, "Plump Peckers." If everyone can handle those five, continue togive one marshmallow at a time until there is only one woman left who can say the words.FANTASY PENISHave the ladies take out their order forms, flip them over, and put the papers on top of theirfolders/lapboards. Have them put the whole thing on top of their heads and attempt to draw theirfantasy penis. It must have a head, two testicles, and a long shaft. If they want to get creative,they can pierce it and make it fun. Have the hostess pick the best and the worst drawings. Thegiveaway prize: Peter Lipsticks.PASS THE ORANGEThis fun-filled game is inexpensive and simple. The only supplies it requires are two oranges andpeople with necks and chins. Divide the group into two teams. Say, "Go!" and the ladies mustpass their team’s orange, using only chins and necks. The team that can get the orange to thelast neck in line the quickest, without dropping it, wins.16DIRTY MINDSI will give you a few hints, and you have to guess what I am describing. The lady with the mostcorrect answers will get a gift (net items are suggested).1. I can cruise on the right piece of tail.I get farthest when I’m blown.
  21. 21. If you pull too hard, you can jerk me off.I am a kite.2. Business is in my briefs.I am a cunning linguist.I plead for it.I am a lawyer.3. I am often horny.I love to tongue a fly.I change pads regularly.I am a toad.4. I often end up in the middle of your split.I score in the alley.Your fingers go inside of me.I am a bowling ball.5. I make you breathe heavy.You do me in many different positions.I can make your muscles hard.I am exercise.6. I get turned on by people in heat.Blowing is my specialty.Sticking your finger in me is dangerous.I am a fan.7. I’m caught in the act.I love to swing.When I do it, I’m high.I am a trapeze artist.8. I vibrate to get your rocks off.You have to hold me tight and press me against your belly.I do it so loudly, everyone can hear me.I am a jackhammer.9. You can eat me, even though I am not completely hard.When you stick something in me, I will jiggle.
  22. 22. You have to get me wet and hot to make me.I am jello.10. I am easy.People love to taste me.You can *** me to see if I’m ready.I am a pie.GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER1. What is a four-letter word that ends in "k" and means the same as intercourse?2. What is it that a cow has four of and a woman has only two of?3. What can you find in a man’s pants that are about six inches long, have a head, and womenlove it so much that they often blow it?4. What word starts with f and ends with u-c-k?5. Name five words that are each four letters long, end in u-n-t, one of which is a word for awoman?6. What does a dog do that you can step into?7. What four-letter word begins with f and ends with k; and, if you can’t get one, you can use yourhands?8. What is hard, six inches long, has two nuts, and can make a girl fat? 179. What four-letter word ends in i-t and is found on the bottom of birdcages?10. What is it that all men have; it’s longer on some men than on others; the pope doesn’t use his;and a man gives to his wife after they’re married?Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter Answers:1. Talk2. Legs3. A twenty dollar bill4. Fire-truck5. Bunt, hunt, runt, punt, aunt6. Pants7. Fork8. Almond Joy candy bar9. Grit10. Last nameBANANA SCULPTURE
  23. 23. Ask your hostess to provide a nice, firm banana for each guest. They should be a little green, sothey don’t break. Have everyone peel their banana and sculpt a penis using only their mouths.You can time it, and the first one finished wins! OR, let the hostess pick the best one for the prize.The women really have a ball with this one! It’s so much fun to watch, too!! You can purchaseclay or play dough instead and have them do the same thing—best one wins.PENIS PLENTYThis is a great game. It’s quick when you need extra time for demos at a large party. Use acanning jar (or any medium-sized jar) and fill it with penis erasers. Hold the jar up for all partyguests to see, and then put the jar away. Give each guest a piece of paper (use one of ourdoodle pads), and then hold the jar up again for 15 seconds. Have each lady write down thenumber of penises she thinks are in the jar and sign her name. The lady who submits the closestnumber without going over wins! It’s pretty to look at and fun to do!JINGLESRead the following quotes and have the guests try to figure out where the saying came from. Theone that guesses the most wins.1. "Because I am worth it!" – L’Oreal2. "Nothing says lovin’ like fresh from the oven" – Pillsbury3. "Double your pleasure, double the fun" – Doublemint Gum4. "Oh, what a feeling!" – Toyota5. "You got the right one, baby" – Diet Pepsi6. "The Real Thing" – Coca Cola7. "Good to the Last Drop" – Maxwell House8. "Like a good neighbor…" – State Farm9. " Taste the rainbow" – Skittles10. "Like sands in the hourglass, so are the ______" – Days of our Lives11. "Just Do It" – Nike12. "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand" – M&Ms13. " Mikey will eat anything" – Life cereal14. "__________ does a body good" – Milk15. "Keeps going and going and going!" – Energizer16. "Once you pop, you can’t stop" – Pringles17. "Where’s the beef?" – Wendy’s18. "Can’t just eat one" – Lays19. "We put the "O" in Romance – Pure Romance20. "The quicker picker upper" – Bounty21. "Snap, crackle & pop" – Rice Crispies cereal22. "Got the hunger" – Snickers
  24. 24. 23. "It’s a beautiful thing" – Hanes18RING MY BELL SPECIALWhen the hostess’ home phone rings for the FIRST TIME ONLY after your announcement,whatever product you are showing goes on sale for 30% off. Anytime a cell phone rings, thepercentage drops by 10%—even if it’s on vibrate. If they answer, it counts. You will see everyoneturning cell phones OFF completely—not on vibrate. You will have enough vibrators for them.TIC-TAC-TOEHave your guests draw a big Tic-Tac-Toe board on the back of the order form. Then have themwrite one item they like or an item they have any questions about in each square. At the end ofyour lotions demo, as you are putting your products away, shout out names of items. (Make sureto call off those net items and case items first!) When someone has three in a row, have themstand up and shout Dic-Dac-Doe! You can play until there are two winners.SUCK THOSE NUTSSupplies needed: Straws, small paper cups, peanut M&M’s. Put five M&M’s in each cup and passout one cup and a straw to each guest. Then have her dump out the M&M’s in one hand, hold thecup in the other, and put the straw in her mouth. She must suck through the straw and pick up theM&M’s with the other end of the straw and put them in the cup. The first lady to get all M&M’s inthe cup wins. When each guest is finished, have her scream out something— orgasm, sex, PureRomance by Ann—whatever you choose.TOUCHY FEELYPlace a product in each of six bags. Seal the tops of the bags and write a number from 1-6 oneach bag. Give players answer sheets numbered from 1-6. Pass the bags around in a circle soeach guest can try to identify what’s in the bag by feeling it. For each bag they touch, they mustwrite down a guess. Anyone who breaks a bag while "feeling" it is out. The lady who guesses themost items correctly wins a prize bag. Make sure you remember what bag number the prize is in.PIN THE HOSEThis game really needs little explanation. Laminate a poster of an attractive male and cut outdifferent pictures of "hoses" or any other garden tools. The "hoses" are to be taped on the posterwhile each person is blindfolded. Whoever gets closest wins.POWER POPGive each guest a balloon (already blown up and tied) that contains a strip of paper inside. Haveeach participant use any method she possibly can to try and pop the balloon. One strip of papershould have the hostess’ name on it, but the rest can have things like "You get nothing," "No prizefor you," "Try again," etc. The guest who pops the balloon with the hostess’ name in it wins aprize! You also can do this for party bookings. Put prizes on the papers inside the balloon, and aguest can only pop a balloon if she is going to book a party.CROSSED OUTAs your guests arrive, give every few people who arrive on time a small gift. (For example, youcan give every fourth person a gift (or give the gifts however you choose). As soon as everyone issitting, tell the group about the "no crossing" rule. If a lady holding a gift is caught crossing herlegs, she must relinquish her gift to the person who catches her. This game should be played forthe entire length of the party. At the end of the party, everyone who has a gift gets to open it. (If aperson who already has a gift catches someone with a gift crossing her legs, she can either tradegifts with that person, or choose a person who is "giftless" to give the extra gift to.)PURSE TREASURE HUNT
  25. 25. Have each lady put her purse on her lap. Yell out an item and have the ladies look for that item intheir purses. Start out with easy things and make them crazier as you go along. For example,start with something like a driver’s license and finish with something like hand lotion or babyitems. Award a prize to the first person to pull each item out of her purse. This is similar to the"What is in My Purse?" game, except that instead of the person with the most points winning aprize, in this game each person who finds the item first will get a prize. It is 19best to use smaller prizes for this game, such as Dic Tax, Doodle Pads, Glow Condoms, andPeter Lipstick.WHOSE PJ’S ARE THESE?Tell the hostess to have all her guests bring their pj’s to the party. She should collect all the pj’sas the guests arrive and place them in a bag. Then have the guests number a piece of paper withthe number of guests at the party (including the hostess). Hold up a set of pj’s and say, "#1," andthe ladies have to guess who owns the pj’s. (I wouldn’t have the hostess play as she would knowor remember whose pj’s she collected.) The person with the most correct answers wins. This isbetter for a party where the guests are all good friends or at a party where everyone knowseveryone else’s name. Or, everyone should wear nametags.DESCRIBE MEWhat is everyone’s first impression of other partygoers? As guests arrive, make sure each ladygets a pen and an index card taped to her back. Have your guests mingle and meet each other.As people get to know each other a little bit better, each guest should write her first impression ofthe person she’s meeting on their backs. Make sure to tell your guests to write funny things, butto stay away from anything resembling rude or mean comments. Write things like "quick wit,""bedroom eyes," "million dollar smile," "hot stepper," etc. After about 15-20 minutes, have eachperson read the card off the adjacent person’s back for a few laughs.SIGN MY ARMNo, this is not a game like "Pull My Finger!" Give all of your guests a marker, and have everyoneat the party put a paper bag over their signing hand (arm). When the hostess says, "Go," eachlady in the room must obtain as many signatures as she can. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, though,because people have to keep the paper bag on their signing hand (so they must sign with theopposite hand). At the end of three minutes, the person with the most signatures is the winner.WIENERSThis game is hilarious! The object is to ask a question of the person sitting next to you, and theperson sitting next to you must answer the question with the word "wieners," and only this word.She cannot smile, grin, or laugh, or she is out. The last woman in wins the prize. Pick a lady tostart and go clockwise. Have the lady who is asking draw a question out of your "Jar ofQuestions." Let her draw her question when it is her turn. This element of surprise makes thegame more fun. Here are some questions to use.1. What do you brush your hair with?2. What is your favorite time of the day?3. What did you read in bed last night?4. What do you put in your coffee?5. What is the name of your dog or cat?6. What’s your fantasy?7. What is your favorite body part of your significant other?8. Jack and Jill went up the?
  26. 26. 9. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled?10. "Frankly Scarlet I don’t give a __?"11. Michigan, home of the Great?12. Santa?14. We the---___?15. Mary had a little?16. Humpty Dumpty had a great?17. What’s that in your hair?18. What are you thinking about right now?19. My middle name is....20. April showers bring May?21. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?22. What do you shower with?Use your imagination and have fun! This game will keep you rolling on the ground.20WHAT IFGive each woman a scrap piece of paper; have her write a question that has to do with sex! Likewhat if he had a 10-inch penis or what if he wanted to have a threesome! All kinds of questionswill come out!! It is HILIARIOUS!! Then you have them pass their question to the right and whenthey get their NEW question, they have to ANSWER that NEW question! Then I start with thehostess, have her read her new question, and then the girl next to her has to read her answer onher paper in response! The results are crazy! It also gives you an idea of what KIND of group youare dealing with!FOOD SLOGAN GAMEHave you ever noticed that a lot of the foods on the market have some dirty minded slogan???Give each guest a piece of paper and whoever can write down seven dirty slogans first will win aprize. Examples: Burger King: Home of the big Whopper. M&M’s: Melts in your mouth, not in yourhand. Almond Joy: Sometimes you feel like a nut. KFC: Finger lickin’ good. Nutrageous: Youdon’t eat it, you survive it! Twizzlers: Makes mouths happy. Maxwell House: Good to the lastdrop. Bubble Yum: Blow your own bubble. Tootsie Pop: How many licks does it take to get to thecenter? McDonalds: I’m loving it. Nike: Just Do It. Yellow Pages: Let Your fingers do the walking.Coca Cola: It’s the Real Thing. Energizer: Keeps going and going… Chevy: Like a Rock.Pringles: Once you pop, you can’t stop. Diet Pepsi: You got the right one, baby. Toyota: Oh, Whata Feeling! Double Mint: Double your pleasure, double your fun! Kawasaki: Keep on riding.Campbell’s: MMM MMM good. AT&T: Reach out and touch someone. Starburst: The juice isloose. Almond Joy and Mounds: Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.WORD SCRABBLE1. YREOLFAP _______________________2. OOLHTECCA _______________________3. FDSHAFNUC _______________________4. GASESAM _______________________
  27. 27. 5. NRAITBLCU _______________________6. RROAITBVS _______________________7. TSNANSOESI _______________________8. IIRLOCST _______________________9. AGMRSO _______________________10. ANOSIPS _______________________11. EPNPIL _______________________12. ESPNI _______________________13. YESRCTHIM _______________________14. NLAALVI _______________________15. WASBTREYRR ________________________ 21Answers to word scramble:1. Foreplay2. Chocolate3. Handcuffs4. Massage5. Lubricant6. Vibrators7. Sensations8. Clitoris9. Orgasm10. Passion11. Nipple12. Penis13. Chemistry14. Vanilla15. StrawberryGUESS THE REAL ADULT FILM TITLESCircle R for Real and F for Fake.1. SCENES FROM THE ORAL OFFICE R F2. ASSABLANCA R F
  29. 29. 12. BUSH PATROL F13. SLAP’ER IN THE CRAPPER R14. BOOTYLICIOUS R15. CHERRY TART F16. AT YOUR CERVIX, MA’AM F17. STICKY FINGERS R18. HOLD ON TO YOUR ZIPPER F19. IN SEARCH OF THE G-SPOT F20. LOOSE LIPS RSALES GOALSThe Sales Goals Game is a way to increase sales at parties. Plus, it keeps people around at theend to help carry your totes.To help tonight’s hostess boost sales and increase her FREE PRODUCT and GIFT potential,here is a special challenge for you. For every $20.00 in purchases (before shipping and tax), youwill get to write your name on any line below. At the end of the party, if all lines are filled, it meansthat the hostess has reached a total of $1000.00 in sales and she will receive $100.00 in FREEPRODUCT and an additional FREE GIFT!We will then draw a number, and the lucky lady whose name is on the line drawn will get a FREEGIFT also.It’s that easy! 231. __________________________ 26. __________________________2. __________________________ 27. __________________________3. __________________________ 28. __________________________4. __________________________ 29. __________________________5. __________________________ 30. __________________________6. __________________________ 31. __________________________7. __________________________ 32. __________________________8. __________________________ 33. __________________________9. __________________________ 34. __________________________10. __________________________ 35. __________________________11. __________________________ 36. __________________________12. __________________________ 37. __________________________13. __________________________ 38. __________________________14. __________________________ 39. __________________________
  30. 30. 15. __________________________ 40. __________________________16. __________________________ 41. __________________________17. __________________________ 42. __________________________18. __________________________ 43. __________________________19. __________________________ 44. __________________________20. __________________________ 45. __________________________21. __________________________ 46. __________________________22. __________________________ 47. __________________________23. __________________________ 48. __________________________24. __________________________ 49. __________________________25. __________________________ 50. __________________________SPA PARTIES TIC TAC TOEAfter demonstrations and before placing orders, have the ladies put one item in each spot thatthey like. Then read your story...first one to get Tic Tac Toe wins."(Hostess name) was excited. Today was her first anniversary. She was looking forward to aromantic evening with her SOLE MATE. She had everything all planned. After a long relaxingsoak in the ROMANCE REMEDY, she washed with her favorite scented Romance Bubbles andfinished off with some Kiss. While drying off, she admired the tan she had from using herSUNLESS TANNER. As she dressed in her new sexy lingerie, she thought of the best ways toENTICE her man and boost his EGO with her SMOOTH MOVES. She decorated the bedroomwith the Bed of Roses. After her husband arrived home, she asked, "MIST ME today?" "Ofcourse!" he replied, and proceeded to GET FRESH. Following the trail of rose petals...herhusband found the HAND MAID card in which (hostess name) professed her love, while thenewest hit song "SCRUB ME TENDER" played softly in the background. With a SHOW OFHANDS, (hostess name) brought out the Aura massage oil and began massaging her husband’sback the way the Erotic Massage book had instructed her to. "When I finish, will you be MYMASSUSE?" Of course! the happy hubby replied. But unfortunately, he became so relaxed he fellasleep! She knew her husband had worked hard that day and decided to let him sleep. (hostessname) then applied her CREME DE LE CALENDULA moisturizer and prepared for bed herself! Inthe middle of the night her husband woke her up. Once she smelled the Passion Fruit scent fromthe Time in a Bottle, she knew what he wanted. This was only one of many Mini Nights ofPassion the couple would share in EX-T-Cee."FRUIT SALAD AT HOMEYou can use this in your demo as a foreplay idea and to promote up selling. This is a game ideafor your guests to take home with them."Ladies, does everyone here get enough foreplay?" (Usually there is one in the crowd that says"Yes." Joke with her a little by saying, "No one likes a bragger, dear," or something similar)."Well, here is a foreplay idea for you to use when you are in the mood. First, get in the shower.When you get out, tell your partner to get in and to wash all body parts really well because you’regonna play!"24"Ladies, by the time he gets out, he will be your own dancing towel rack, or wash cloth for someof us, but that’s all good, too. (Dance around holding your finger as a "stiffy" while saying thatpart.) While he is in the shower, take a couple of different Sensations flavors and put little dots allover your body. Be sure to put one somewhere on your flip side (neck, shoulder, hip, behind the
  31. 31. knee). Then when he comes dancing in ready to go, you just tell him that it’s Fruit Salad fordessert, and he has to find all the flavors! If he misses one, then he has to start all over at the top!That’s why we put one on the "flip" side! Don’t forget to put his favorite flavor where you want himto stay the longest! That is the Fruit Salad game!"Tip: If you have shown X-Scream, then you can suggest Mandarin for the time spent downtown.FACT OR MYTH?List statements that are both facts and myths about sex. Give each person a sheet from one ofthe Doodle Pads. Read off the list, and the ladies have to write down whether they think it’s afact(F) or myth(M). You can give a prize for the most correct answers. Example of somestatements: 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm (F). *** Rings helpmaintain erections longer (F). Monkeys are the only other mammals that have sex for pleasure(M). Only single women use bedroom accessories (M). The more you use a vibrator, the less youneed a man (M). Two orgasms weekly can add 2 years to your life (F). Get it? The list could goon and on. Many of the facts can be found in the wonderful books we sell and in the Bi-Monthlycontent given out. Let’s face it... we’ve all heard loads of myths!DO YOU KNOW JOHN HOLMESJohn Holmes. Do you know who he is? John Holmes was a porn star, famous for the length of hiserect penis. How long was it?• 9 inches• 12 inches• 14 inches• 19 inchesAnswer: 14 inchesHis prized possession was said to be between 13-14 inches long and starred in more than 2,000porn films. He was riding high, so to speak, until his life declined into violent crime. The movieBoogie Nights is loosely based on his life story. But he wasn’t the biggest man; oh no. Long DongSilver of 19 inches was more than 5 times the average length of a man by 5 inches."Than you can hold up the double header and explain to them that he is only 16 inches...You willget a lot of ‘Oh My God’s.’HAVE IT....LOVE ITRecommended to play with groups that have been to parties before. Get some candy and have agood time! Every time a guest at your party sees something that she already has and loves sheshould say, "Have it....Love it." You then throw her a piece of candy. The guests are then able tosee what their friends like, and it will make them more interestedin the product that you’re gettingready to demo. You also can give a prize to the person with the most candies at the end....maybesome "COME CLEAN" because they are obviously not "Party Virgins." That can make it fun andhumorous. 25FUN BEFORE THE PARTYThese are some games you can enclose in the hostess packet to help generate sales before theparty.HOSTESS SCAVENGER HUNT GAMEGive this list to your hostess with her hostess packet.
  32. 32. Get ten of these women to attend your party, and you will win a prize.Get fifteen of these women to attend, and win a bigger size.Get twenty there to see my show, even women that your guests may know,Then quite the hostess you will be, receiving an extra special gift from me!One woman per item. (Example: If your neighbor is a waitress, she can only count for one thing,not both)1. Someone who has never heard of Pure Romance2. A waitress3. A neighbor4. Someone with all sons5. Someone with all daughters6. Someone who does not have children7. An in-law or relative8. A friend who is getting laid off from her job or is currently laid off from her job9. A hair dresser10. Someone who books a party11. Someone who loves to travel12. A salesperson13. Someone with a membership to a health club or athletic club14. A nurse15. A lawyer16. A bride-to-be17. A newlywed18. A pregnant woman19. A teacher20. A secretary21. A single woman22. A married woman23. A new mother24. A college student25. A manicurist/nail technician26. Someone you work with27. Someone from your daycare
  33. 33. 28. Someone who has been married for 10+ years29. Someone who is divorced30. A blonde—true blonde!31. Someone who wears glasses32. Someone who wears a size 9 shoe33. Someone over the age of 4034. Someone who speaks a foreign language35. Someone who works in a factory36. Someone who bought a new house within the last year37. Someone who drives a silver car38. Someone who is part of a league (bowling, darts, pool)39. Someone who has brown eyes40. Someone who has red hair26HOSTESS BINGOMake a board similar to those used for Bingo. In different squares, write different goals. The goalscan be anything you choose, or you can use some of the goals listed below:• Place a reminder call to guests the evening before the party.• Keep the original date for the party.• Receive two party bookings from your party.• Collect two outside orders.• Have a party over $500.• Have your wish list ready for the products you would like.• Have at least 12 or more guests.• Choose a preferred date.• Free Space• Help carry bins for the party.• Get $200 in outside orders.• Get one party booking prior to party.• Get two parties booked prior to party.• Pre-sell one item over $50.For every row she gets a bingo, give a net item as a gift. If she fills the sheet, you can give her ahigher priced vibrator ($60 or more) or a Love Swing. The two parties must be held before shereceives the gift. This helps for party bookings and higher party totals!
  34. 34. Another option for Pure Romance Bingo is to use product names and opportunities in thesquares. The last square to be covered when someone gets bingo is the prize If the square is‘Business Opportunity’ or ‘Hostess Incentives.’ They should receive a packet of information and asmall net item. We have provided you with several sample bingo cards to use, or you can makeup your own. If you would like to use the ones provided, you can copy them from your book, cutout the cards, and have them laminated so they can be reused. The Bingo cards say ‘Party’instead of Bingo across the top and side, and have product names in each of the squares. Thereis not a free space in this version. The Bingo cards can be used the same way you use thestandard cards. For example: P –Nympho Niagara, A –Basic Instinct, Y X-Scream or PYSensations. Call out product names, hostess incentives, business opportunities, or anything elsethat is Pure Romance related. The first one to yell "Party" will win a prize.PARTY 2728HOSTESS BINGOThis game is optional! However, if you choose to play, prizes are as follows:Single Line with FREE SPACE: __________________________________Single Line without Free Space: ___________________________________Four Corners: __________________________________________________"X": __________________________________________________________Cover-all: _____________________________________________________ 29FREEPURE ROMANCE SQUARES* Please put your first and last name and phone number in the square of your choice.• $2 a square!! Dice toss will occur after the party.• If the dice roll falls within the square you chose, win the $ amount collected in free product!• The hostess also wins this amount toward her party sales total!• Example (36 squares sold = $72 in Free product (of her choice) for winner and $72 toward partytotal).• Need not be present to win. Guys may purchase squares, too!SEASONAL GAMESWINTER, SPRING, SUMMER, FALLSpell the name of the current season down one side of the paper (winter, Christmas—youdecide). Next to each letter, write as many alternate names for sex, penis, vagina, maleerections…whatever you can think of. For example: If you spell "winter" and tell them to think ofalternate words for the penis, it may look like this:30
  35. 35. W I N T E R* wiener, who-who dilly, Willie, wang* inchworm* nub, nightrider* tater-tot, torpedo* elbow macaroni, easy rider* rod, ram, rocket, rectum raider, roly-polyCHRISTMAS LEFT- RIGHT GAMET’was the night before Christmas and all was just RIGHT, the candlelight twinkled, what abeautiful sight! Friends were coming RIGHT over in a minute or two. I scurried about with somuch LEFT to do! Now just as I thought I’d LEFT nothing undone, I knew something wasn’tRIGHT-how could I be so dumb? To the RIGHT were the Kahlua, the Bailey’s, and the Rum.The cream and the coffee-the food! Oh yum-yum! What could it be that’s not RIGHT? I’m a dope!I remembered the rum-but LEFT out the Coke! RIGHT at that moment I dashed RIGHT out thedoor! Jumped RIGHT in the car—my RIGHT foot hit the floor! I backed RIGHT out the drive andturned LEFT down the lane. Was I in my RIGHT mind, or was I insane? Was there enough timeLEFT to get it all done? Was this the RIGHT way to get coke for the rum? I hoped and I prayedthat I was heading the RIGHT way! I turned RIGHT and wondered, "Are any stores LEFT opentoday?" I made a RIGHT turn onto Maple Oak Way, pulled RIGHT up to the store, it was open—hooray! I LEFT the car running, as I ran RIGHT into the store. Found the Coke, turned LEFT, andalmost slipped on the floor! I paid for the soda, ran RIGHT out to my car, and opened the LEFTdoor, which was already ajar. Not much LEFT to do except go RIGHT back in a rush. My RIGHThand turned the mirror; my hair needed a brush! My mouth fell RIGHT open as I pulled up thedrive. Oh my goodness, the guests had already arrived! I ran RIGHT out of the car and RIGHTinto my room, changed my clothes, brushed my hair, and LEFT with a zoom! Well, it all turned outfine. The night was just RIGHT. Everyone was happy, cheerful, and bright. RIGHT now I have justone thing LEFT to cheer. Have a very Merry Christmas and a RIGHT nice New Year!RIGHT/LEFT BUNNY GAME
  36. 36. Once again, Easter is RIGHT around the corner. Peter Cottontail is working himself RIGHT up tolosing his LEFT whiskers, not wanting a repeat of last Easter. On the night before Easter, beforeeveryone LEFT the chocolate shop, Peter stopped RIGHT in front of the RIGHT side door. Hewiggled his LEFT ear, and then his RIGHT, twitched his RIGHT whiskers, then the ones on theLEFT. Something was not quite RIGHT. The basket of Easter eggs was missing! Everyonepanicked and went to look for it RIGHT away! They looked LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, then RIGHTagain. It was nowhere to be seen. Peter was not going to give up. It should have been RIGHTwhere he LEFT it. Those eggs needed to go to all the boys and girls on Easter morning.Suddenly, Peter’s RIGHT-hand bunny remembered RIGHT where he had LEFT it. RIGHT to theLEFT of the beginning of the bunny trail! So on Easter morning, Peter Cottontail hopped LEFT,LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT down the bunny trail to deliver baskets fullof Easter joy!!! 31Chapter Two: TipsGET YOUR HOSTESS WORKING FOR YOUWhen you book your shows, let your hostess know you have a booking special. The special goesas follows.If she gets three bookings at her show for the following month, she will get double booking creditwhen all three shows hold.When coaching your hostess, remind her of this special when you make all your phone calls toher. Reminding her of how much more free product her friends can earn for her. Mention thespecial in your opening speech, as her friends are sure to help her out.HOSTESS PACKETS• Hostess Credit form• 2 order forms and 2 catalogs• 25 invitations (unless they request more)• Anything else you feel might be helpful to your hostess – tips, bingo, who to invite, blank guestlist, etc.Don’t hand out Hostess Packets too early (4 weeks or more out) unless they request them....When you mail the packet, make sure to incorporate a little message on the back of theenvelope.... "Please Call or Email me to Confirm Receiving your Packet & Party Date ~ ThankYou So Much." This helps you hold the Hostesses accountable for their parties and gets them"excited" again about their party while keeping the communication going until the party actuallyholds.CALENDAR CONTROLKeep your calendar up to date. Highlight special days in certain colors to indicate you really wantto work that day - this can entice customers if you say that yellow days will get an additional freegift or discount. Pick a color to indicate days you do not want to work. Offer them suggested datesbased on the days you have open that you want to work. Make your calendar look like you arebusy – fill in fake parties (or other appointments and events?). If you are in demand, they aremore likely to want to get their party in your calendar right away instead of waiting.Put a "star" by their name in your calendar once you have mailed a Hostess Packet, and givethem four days to call you back to confirm. If they call you first, circle the "star" to show she’sprobably a serious Hostess ready to have her party on the date chosen. If after four days youdon’t hear back, call to see if she received the packet or if there is a problem with the party.BOOKING SPECIALS
  37. 37. For help with booking parties, we have a few suggestions that have proven to be successful forother Consultants in the past. These creative booking techniques should help you to grow yourbusiness.• Offer Free Basic Instinct if they book and hold a weeknight party.• Envelope Bookings:1. Take a business size envelope2. Put a gift certificate inside (amount is your choice)3. Put three sticky notes on the outside.a. One should say book and hold a party in 20 days get "blank" FREEb. One should say book and hold a party in 30 days get "blank" FREE32c. One should say book and hold a party in 40 days get "blank" FREE4. Then I make up five of these envelopes (different amounts in each envelope)5. Have your hostess pick one of the five envelopes. Then I tell her have ALL three of the stickynotes gone by the end of the party and she will be able to redeem the gift certificate inside whenall three parties are held.• Why this works so well.• Your hostess is working for you while you are doing your demo.• Every lady wants a little something extra.• The best part: Let’s say she does get all three booked, and two weeks down the road Suzie Qcancels her party. Call the hostess and say, "Wow, I am so sorry Suzie Q cancelled her partybecause that is going to make your gift certificate void." Then give her 48 hours to see if anotherfriend would like to host one for her so the certificate is still good.• Display an envelope with a gift certificate inside for the current hostess. Put three Post-It notesto be taken by party bookers on the outside of the envelope. Use specials that apply to yoursituation, like book on a weeknight within 30 days and get one item 1/2 price at your party. Bookany night and get Mini Nights of Passion free. Book an afternoon party and get 15% hostesscredit. If all three Post-its get taken and booked, the current hostess gets $45 in products for thethree parties, plus the gift certificate inside.• Use the envelope idea but change it to say "book the 1st -10th," "book the 11th - 21st," "bookthe 22nd - 31st" - this forces them to book during the week to get the "free gift" listed for thosedates instead of filling up your weekends.• When you demo toys, if the Silver Bullet is the first item, tell them all about it and how it’s everywoman’s best friend. Then tell them that anyone that books a party with you that night will receivea free Silver Bullet the night of her party. This has worked wonders for Board members! Onaverage you will book at least two people from every show.• Offer 1/2 off pricing at parties held only during the week – Decadent Indulgence, Basic Instinct,Mini Nights of Passion.• For the first 10 days of the month, that much more in hostess credit (example: book on March5th get an additional 5% hostess credit). Offer specials to the guests who are there, such as theenvelope idea, to get the rest of the month filled up.• Offer a free gift for parties booked during the week - 1st week - free Basic Instinct; 2nd week -free Mini Nights of Passion; 3rd week - free Nympho Niagra; 4th week - any item (regular price
  38. 38. $10.00 or lower) for free. Tip: This is especially great if you order by the case because you gettwo free in a case.• All hostesses could be entered in a drawing to win a basketful of products.• Offer a free Silver Bullet for all orders over $100.00 to increase party sales. Tip: Stock up on theSilver Bullets when they are 25 for $100 so it’s only costing you $4 to get that $100 order.WEEK NIGHT BOOKINGSWhen you do weeknight parties, it’s very important to "Cut Back" on the amount of products youdemo so you are not at their house too late at night. (This is a major concern when potentialHostess’s have children that need to be in bed by a certain time for school). Also, manyHostesses believe they can’t have a "good party" unless it is on a weekend; this is where youhave to "work it’ and show them how they can have just as good if not better party during theweeknight! (Especially during summer months when weekends are filled with graduations,showers, weddings, and vacations)Offer Hostesses 15% of their party sales if they book a party Monday ~ Thursday, and actuallyshow them what they can get free if they have a party with "X" amount of Sales on a Mon 33day compared to a Friday with close to or the same number of people in attendance. (Sometimesyou literally have to spell it out for them!) Make up a special flyer that "shows" them the differenceand the potential they have to earn more in Free Product... when they have something spelled outto them, they understand it better and book with you for that weeknight most of the time.Example:$500 party on Friday with 10 in attendance gets you a minimum of $50 in Free Spending! (10%Sales)$500 party on Monday with 8 in attendance gets you a minimum of $75 in Free Spending!! (15%Sales)USING THE PURE ROMANCE GIFT CERTIFICATESGetting bookings the night of a party is the best and easiest way to fill your Calendar faster, butmany don’t like to commit right away... So how do you get them to commit? By offering a dealthey can’t refuse and getting your Hostess involved, too! It works great to get bookings that nightand really doesn’t cost any more than other incentives!Offer a $20 Gift Certificate to any guest that books a party that night! If they do book a party thatnight, the Hostess also will get an item at 40% off... so if three guests book for the Hostess, shestill gets her normal credits and a bonus of three ~ 40% off items, and she gets the bonus thatnight. (This costs you nothing.) Now each guest that books in turn gets a Gift Certificate filled outwith the actual party date they’ve chosen. Explain to them that it’s like extra spending money forher to use once the party holds on the date the Gift Certificate is filled out for. Notify her or noteon the bottom or back of the Gift Certificate that if she reschedules or cancels the party date, theGift Certificate is null and void, and it’s only good through you, her Consultant.PUSH WEEKPush Week is a simple promotion. Offer a net item, such as Basic Instinct or New Hide- a-Vibepillow, for the price of the date they book. What you will see happen is they will not pick a date atthe end of the month; they will pick a date at the beginning so they will pay less for the item. Youwill quickly fill up the first two weeks of your month. You then fill up the second half of your monthwith bookings from those parties.MINI NIGHTS BOOKINGSOpen Mini Nights of Passion. Inside each of your hostess packets, put one of the sample bottlesfrom the Mini Nights of Passion. Attach to it a note stating, "Turn this sample into a full size if you
  39. 39. have three bookings or if you have $150 in outside orders waiting for me when I arrive at yourparty." Then when you book a new hostess, explain the booking gift to her so that she can startworking for you!THE $1 HOSTESS GAMEPure Romance Consultant Cassi Bombich once received a survey from a reputable company inthe mail. Inside was a brand new dollar bill to show appreciation for her time in filling it out.Normally, she would have thrown the survey away; after all, we are too busy, right? Well, not thistime. This survey had a hold on her guilty conscience (as most of us women have.). If she threwthe survey away, she did not earn this dollar. Throwing the dollar away was just not a good idea,either. So she filled out the survey, kept the dollar, and kept living a guilt-free life.This game has the same concept. Book a party with you; hang on to a dollar with a note (below)attached to it. When the party takes place, the dollar becomes a $10 credit toward her purchases.If the party cancels, she can keep the dollar as a token of your appreciation for trying. Onlymention it during the booking. This way if they truly are unsure about the date they booked, theywill double and triple check before wasting a Friday or Saturday on the calendar.Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, and in the scheme of it all, most of thedollars come back. This really works! Cassi has a very low rate of cancellations. And anycancellations that she does have WANT to rebook because they have her dollar.34Sample Note below:TURN THIS $1 INTO $10This dollar is a token of my gratitude for agreeing to host a Pure Romance party with me andbooking a solid date. Hold on to this dollar and turn it in to me, and I will give you a $10 credittoward your purchase that evening in addition to the other benefits of being a hostess. If you donot hold your party or the date changes, well at least we tried and you can keep this $1 as atoken of my appreciation. It’s that easy!*Party must be held on original date booked. No exceptions. Non-transferable.ConsultantNAME: _______________________________DATE: _______________TIME: __________BULLET BOOKING PROGRAMThis program can encourage ladies to book the night of the party. The hostess is excited aboutthis program, too, because she also can benefit from it. In addition to her normal hostess andbooking credits for each party booked, she also gets a bullet bonus for parties booked on thenight of her party. The bullet bonus is based on how many bookings she gets that night.• 1 booking-she receives 15% off the price of the Silver Bullet• 2 bookings-free Silver Bullet