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Graphing for Middle School


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This is a Class Assignment

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  • my students loved this a lot more than taking notes. Thank you
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Graphing for Middle School

  1. 1. Graphing Notes Mrs. Hostetler
  2. 2. Bar Graph • Definition: – Used to compare quantitative data (numbers) and qualitative data (places or things).
  3. 3. Bar Graph • What do they look like? They have a series of bars of different heights to show comparison.
  4. 4. Bar Graph • What are the different types of bar graphs? – Histograms – Pictograms
  5. 5. Circle Graph • Definition: – Used to give a quick view of the relationships among parts of a whole. – The values always add up to 100%
  6. 6. Circle Graph • What do they look like? – They are circles with different amounts given to their “pie slices”
  7. 7. Circle Graph • What are the different types of circle graphs? – Circle graphs can also be called pie graphs or pie charts
  8. 8. Line Graph • Definition: – Show the relationship between two quantities as those quantities are changing. – They always show data over time
  9. 9. Line Graph • Temperatures In NY City • Day Temperature • What do they look • • 1 2 43° F 53° F like? • 3 50° F – They have plots on • 4 57° F • 5 59° F each axes and those • 6 67° F axes are connected by a line
  10. 10. Line Graph • What are the different types of line graphs? – There are some types of line graphs that have two lines in the same graph