Middle East Restaurant Consultants


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Aaron Allen & Associates is a global restaurant consulting firm that has represented restaurant and hotel companies spanning all 6 inhabited continents and more than 100 countries worldwide.

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  • Middle East Restaurant Consultants

    1. 1. MIDDLE EAST
    2. 2. WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO ABOUT US HIRED BY We don’t just wade into building a brand or launching a concept. That’s an open invitation to get bitten by something you didn’t anticipate. Planning is important—thinking ahead and agreeing on how certain challenges and scenarios will be handled. Addressing just a few things at a time in this industry is like forgetting to get dressed in the morning; you’re not ready for the day ahead. It’s poor planning and when you realize what you’ve done, you lose time and money making the drive back home to finish what you started. Our experience in all areas of foodservice operations and our global and cross-cultural knowledge and experience provides us with a comprehensive insight.  Our clients have included many of the largest restaurant companies in the world, as well as caterers, leading contract foodservice companies, hotels, malls and commissaries encompassing nearly all food and beverage formats. 2 CONFIDENTIAL © 2013, Aaron Allen www.aaronallen.com
    3. 3. SEEN & HEARD Aaron Allen has become one of the most sought-after restaurant industry media sources and most-quoted experts in the global restaurant industry.  He has been a go-to source for esteemed media outlets such as the  Wall Street Journal,  Entrepreneur,  Smart Money, MSNBC, TIME,  Forbes,  USA Today,  Nation’s Restaurant News,  Chain Leader,  Restaurants & Institutions,  European Food Service News,  Food Service Middle East,  QSR Magazine, and literally hundreds more news sources.  His publicity skills and campaigns have also helped land clients features on The Food Network,  Top Chef,  Travel Channel,  Bravo,  Fine Living Network, and led to a number of pilot program invitations. A sought-after speaker, Allen has lectured around the world on important restaurant industry trends and innovative approaches to marketing, branding, design, concept development, culinary development and general business growth.  He has presented to capacity crowds at the European Foodservice Summit, International Boston Seafood Show, Aquavision in Norway, Healthy Meals and Healthy Profits Conference, National Caterers Association, FSTech, The Restaurant Show (London), and for numerous other industry associations, conventions, corporate and franchise conferences, and universities.  He has been top rated speaker and frequent guest lecturer for the University of Central Florida’s Rosen School of Hospitality. 3 CONFIDENTIAL © 2013, Aaron Allen www.aaronallen.com
    4. 4. MULTI BRAND PORTFOLIOS The restaurant industry is, well, global in both brand and cuisine. Our depth and breadth is wide—the benefit of years of experience in operations, marketing, customer service, supply chain and management. We’re experienced with multiple concepts: quick service restaurants, casual, fine-dining and resort hospitality, all of which present unique challenges. CONFIDENTIAL © 2013, Aaron Allen www.aaronallen.com 4
    5. 5. WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO: Quite simply, we help build restaurants—all over the world—working with brands in more than 100 countries on six continents. We help owners and operators tackle obstacles, develop strategy and streamline finances, all while considering labor and cultural issues, menu execution, design, management and a host of other things. Our clients post an exhilarating $100 billion annually in revenue, which equates to a lot of full bellies all over the world. And that makes everybody happy. 5 CONFIDENTIAL © 2013, Aaron Allen www.aaronallen.com
    6. 6. SERVICES RESTAURANT CONCEPT DESIGN Color. Texture. Furnishings. Lighting. Interior design is all of these, and within the restaurant industry, it’s so much more. AARON ALLEN & associates' designers and architects strive to capture the personality and original concept of the restaurant.