Perfecting Your Pitch


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Tips on refining your client presentation and giving an effective presentation.

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  • Volkswagon’s “The Force” commercial has to date received almost 42 million views on YouTube. The number of written or spoken words during the one minute ad: 9 (not including disclaimer copy or logo).\n
  • JFK’s speech ignited a dream. He didn’t use any slides.\n
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  • Your slides aren’t your cue cards.\n
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  • Know what you’re going to say before your audience does.\n
  • People can read faster than you can talk. Your job to to engage the audience and establish a relationship. You can’t do that if your audience is bored or busy not listening to you. (photo by Stephanie Booth)\n
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  • If all you want to do is present facts and figures, then file a report. The point of a presentation is to sell your idea.\n
  • Your presentation is to make the emotional sell. A leave-behind document is for the logical sell.\n
  • “The way that ideas are conveyed the most effectively is through story.” -Nancy Duarte\n\nSeth Godin uses hundreds of image slides to keep his audience captivated:\n\n
  • Choose meaningful and powerful images. This takes a lot of time and thought, but it will have more impact than clipart.\n
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  • “I’ve never heard a pitch that was too short.” -Guy Kawasaki\n
  • “Your solution is not my problem.” -Dave McClure.\n
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  • Where do we go from here? You’re there for the sell, so don’t forget the call to action. (photo by “bound_4_freedom”)\n
  • Pretty good isn’t good enough. Practice on new people, every day.\n
  • Continue to gain ideas and perfect your presentation. There are countless resources available online. Sometimes the best way to learn is to simply observe -- at\n
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  • Perfecting Your Pitch

    1. 1. Perfecting Your PitchRefining your client presentation Kevin Tengan
    2. 2. This slideshow was designed tostand on its own, but it doescontains some “Presenter Notes”. If you are viewing this on slideshare, click on the “Speaker Notes” tab below.
    3. 3. What do great presentations have in common?
    4. 4. They move the audience to action.
    5. 5. Whether itʼs to buy a product...
    6. 6. ...or support an idea.
    7. 7. Slides can help, but...
    8. 8. ...donʼt let your slides be your presentation.
    9. 9. Your slides should reinforce what youʼre saying.
    10. 10. Not repeat it.
    11. 11. If your audience is reading,they arenʼt listening.
    12. 12. Use less words.
    13. 13. No bullet points. Ever.
    14. 14. Simplify complex information...
    15. 15. ...and tell a story.
    16. 16. Flying Dog Images are more memorable.
    17. 17. Keep it short.
    18. 18. A good pitch will motivate yourlisteners to want to hear more.
    19. 19. Start with the problem, not the solution.
    20. 20. “Finding the perfect home is afrustrating process...”
    21. 21. “Driving around wastes time...”
    22. 22. “Itʼs hard to search thenewspaper...”
    23. 23. “The house isnʼt whatyou expected...”
    24. 24. Once your audience has connected with the problem, offer your solution.
    25. 25. Take action.
    26. 26. Donʼt leave without definingthe next step.
    27. 27. Practice, practice, practice.
    28. 28. Learn from the best.
    29. 29. Kevin Tengan