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Hct image now case study


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Hct image now case study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Higher EducationHigher Colleges of Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the largest higher education organization in the Middle East, with 17 campuses serving more thanTechnology 20,000 students across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In 2007, administrators at HCT realized that the organization needed to better manage the tens of thousands of student- and staff-focused documents it processes each year, and identified enterprise contentHuman Resources management (ECM) software as the solution. To ensure they selectedRegistry (Student Registration & Records) the best system for their unique needs, HCT’s IT/IS team comparedFinance several leading ECM systems head to head. In the end, one stood out:Facilities Management ImageNow document management, document imaging and workflow form Perceptive Software. “Compared to the other ECM systems we evaluated, ImageNow was easy to use and didn’t require a lot of training,” said Khalid Tariq, Head of Enterprise Systems at HCT. “Its scalability and the ability to seamlessly integrate with any of our systems also convinced us to go with ImageNow.” To ensure maximum results from HCT’s ECM project, they are using a phased implementation approach; getting one department deployed at a time. “We were surprised by how easy and quick it is to implement ImageNow,” Tariq said. “With the right people in place we can get a department up and running in three to four weeks.” Saving Time and Paper in the Business Office The first area in which ImageNow was implemented was human resources (HR). Over 18 months, HCT scanned all personnel documents for more than “ ith ImageNow, we’re making the right “W 2,500 staff members – including CVs, contracts, medical forms, banking decisions based on the availability of forms, job descriptions and interview notes – into ImageNow, which the documents at the right time. If a automatically links them to the appropriate human resource student comes in with an academic issue, management system record. This content is then easily accessible from the HRM system when it’s needed. counselors and other staff members have full knowledge of that person’s history Employee resignation is one HR process that ImageNow has positively impacted. Traditionally, when an employee resigns from the HCT within seconds directly from the SunGard system, he or she went to almost 10 different departments to get sign SIS and can give the best answer.” offs and clearance. Now, once an employee resigns and the supervisor accepts the resignation, ImageNow Workflow takes over, sending the Khalid Tariq appropriate documents to each department concurrently, without the Head of Enterprise Systems employee physically taking the paperwork to each office. rc e pti ve softwa re .c om
  2. 2. CASE STUDY HIGHER EDUCATION“With a paper-based system, a resignation went seconds directly from the SunGard SIS and Higher Colleges of Technologyto individual departments sequentially, delaying can give the best answer.”the process,” Tariq said. “Now, they can work on Quick Stats: ImageNow is also proving its worth withit simultaneously, which certainly is a time saver.” transfers. HCT’s 20,000 students often transfer ~~ ocation: Abu Dhabi and 16 other sites LHCT has also extended the benefits of ECM to between the system’s 17 colleges. Typically, a across the United Arab Emiratesthe finance department. There, the IT/IS team is registry staff member pulled a student’s entire ~~ Number of students: 20,000focusing on streamlining procurement processes. file and mailed it to the college he or she was ~~ Integration: SunGard, HR and financeOne such process is the management of auditing transferring to. This could take days, and some systemsresponses, which are currently submitted as hard of the required information could be missing. ~~ ImageNow Users: 200copies and stored in folders. With ImageNow, ImageNow will transform this process. ~~ Departments: Human Resources,these will be instantly available when needed. “By using ImageNow, we will just transfer or Registry (Student Registration Invoices from vendors will also be scanned and replicate documents from one electronic Records), Finance, Facilities Managementstored in ImageNow. On a vendor information ‘drawer’ to another,” Tariq said. “Instead of ~~ Products in use: ImageNow, ImageNowscreen, members of the finance team will be physically transferring a student’s files, we can Interact for Office, Interact forable to select the vendor and quickly return all just do it online.” SharePoint, WebNowthe relevant documents – such as invoices, HCT has 13 systems that manage student andpurchasing contracts and purchase orders – in staff information, yet there are still gaps and The Challenges:ImageNow. content that does not get managed Need an ECM solution that can manageCurrently, the finance department receives electronically. The IT/IS team is remedying this content for locations across the UAEphone bills for each employee’s line, and sends by plugging these gaps with ImageNow. Manage new student applications andthese to individual users to check off business- documents for 20,000 existing students “We’re using ImageNow to manage any paperrelated calls and personal calls. They then send ntegrate ECM system with existing student I documents which are not covered by ourthe bills to their supervisors for sign off, and the and staff-focused systems existing systems,” Tariq said. “For example, itappropriate amount is deducted from the bill. Improve control over and access to the enables us to store student’s Emirates studentWith ImageNow, HCT plans to receive bills ID number, medical forms, memos to parents, records of more than 2,500 staff memberselectronically and route them into electronic and many other document types in the secure The Resultsworkflow. Once an employee has reviewed their electronic repository instead of as hardcalls, they will simply route the document copies.” mageNow easily scaled across all 17 I campuses and the HCT central officeforward to their supervisor for review and thenonto payroll for the appropriate deduction – no Expanding Enterprise Content tudent folders scanned into ImageNow Spaper chase required. Management Campus-Wide and immediately available via SunGard student information system In addition to student- and staff-focusedImproving Student-Focused mageNow integrates with HCT’s I departments, HCT is also rolling out ImageNow applications without programmingDecision Making to materials-related departments. Facilities lectronic workflow makes processing EAfter the initial success of ImageNow in HR and management is one of the areas that will soon personnel documents fast, easy and securefinance, HCT expanded ECM into the registry benefit from ECM. By using ImageNow, HCTdepartment, which handles student registration will have equipment details, room information,and records. As new students are registered, purchase orders, requisitions, warranty andHCT colleges are scanning their documentation repair documents for each building just a clickinto ImageNow, making it immediately away for authorized staff members. This willaccessible to counselors, administrative staff make it easier to administer and maintain Lexmark International Middle East FZ LLC Office 223 - Building n 9members and, in certain cases, the students academic, sporting and administrative facilities PO Box. 502569themselves. Seamless integration with the across HCT’s campuses, and will speed issue Dubai Internet City – Dubaistudent information system (SIS) means that resolution. United Arab Emiratesstaff members don’t have to switch screens to HCT now has 200 users across five Tel: +971 4 427 6300retrieve pertinent information. HCT is also departments and multiple campuses, and plans Lexmark International Technology S.A.scanning all documents for existing students to further extend the reach of ImageNow to Bâtiment ICC - Bloc Ainto ImageNow. incorporate areas such as the institution’s car 20, route de Pré-Bois“With ImageNow, we’re making the right booking system in the near future. Case postale 508decisions based on the availability of the CH - 1215 Genèvedocuments at the right time,” Tariq said. “If a Switzerland tel +41 (0) 22 710 70 50student comes in with an academic issue,counselors and other staff members have full © 2011 Perceptive Software, LLC. All rights reserved. ImageNow is a registered trademark of Perceptive Software.knowledge of that person’s history within All product and company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. psi-ss-HE-Higher Colleges of Technology_1110 www.percepti veso ft wa r e . c o m