Accelerate innovation with enterprise collaboration software


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Innovation is a creative and evolving process. For enabling it you need a network of professionals with different skills, active knowledge sharing and determined goal oriented teamwork. In most cases it is not rocket science. It is about ideas, productive collaboration and continuous flow of hands-on improvements.

Lumo Research, the company behind award winning enterprise collaboration and innovation solution LumoFlow, has gathered the six best practices of accelerating innovation with enterprise collaboration software. Discover the latest trends and learn in practical terms how companies and networked organizations worldwide are benefiting from online collaboration.

- Sense of community
- Engaging employees
- Becoming co-creative
- Improving productivity
- Commitment to business
- Next level with gaming

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Accelerate innovation with enterprise collaboration software

  1. 1.                      Accelerating  Innovation  with    Enterprise  Collaboration  Software    Innovation  is  a  creative  and  evolving  process.  For  enabling  it  you  need  a  network   of   professionals   with   different   skills,   active   knowledge   sharing  and   determined   goal   oriented   teamwork.   In   most   cases   it   is   not   rocket  science.   It   is   about   ideas,   productive   collaboration   and   continuous   flow  of  hands-­‐on  improvements.    Lumo   Research,   the   company   behind   award   winning   enterprise  collaboration   and   innovation   solution   LumoFlow,   has   gathered   the   six  best   practices   of   accelerating   innovation   with   enterprise   collaboration  software.   Discover   the   latest   trends   and   learn   in   practical   terms   how  companies   and   networked   organizations   worldwide   are   benefiting   from  online  collaboration.  ©  Copyright  2012   Lumo  Research  Ltd  -­‐   1      
  2. 2. SENSE  OF  COMMUNITY   “ One positive sign of   an effective workingOrganizations   are   getting   more   global,  distributed   and   network-­‐oriented.   At   community is humor. ”the   same   time   providing   a   sense   of  community,   a   feeling   of   being   a   discussion   people   have   significantly  member   of   something   larger   on   a   bigger   risk   to   start   arguing   compared  mission,   is   getting   more   challenging.   to  face-­‐to-­‐face  collaboration.  Only  one  Especially   in   cross-­‐organizational   misunderstood   message   and   a  projects   the   driving   team   spirit   and   promising  idea  is  pushed  down.  flow   is   often   not   as   high   as   it   should   In   virtual   teams   people   don’t   have  be.     the  luxury  of  seeing  each  other  all  the   Sense   of   community   cannot   be   time.   How   can   they   succeed   without  enabled  only  with  the  strategic  visions   major   conflicts?   Proper   online  or   improvements   in   human   resource   collaboration   solutions   provide   great  management.   For   individuals   the   variety   of   tools   for   different   types   of  challenge   is   much   closer   to   everyday   interactions.    Social  feeds  keep  people  activities,   such   as   sharing   a   passion   aware   of   activities   close   to   them.  towards   daily   work   or   feeling   Instant   messaging   gives   possibility   to  succeeding   together.   How   can   ask   questions   informally   and   response  information   technology   help   if   something   doesn’t   feel   right.  companies  to  overcome  these  issues?   Transparency   allows   everyone   to   Participant’s  personal  investment  in   participate   or   just   follow   what   others  work   depends   very   much   on   how  committed  he  or  she  is  to  the  team  or   community.   In   cross-­‐organizational   collaboration   there  is   often   no   clear   connection   to  other   team   members   through  shared   history   or   social   events.  Creating   a   proper   connection  requires  a  lot  of  social  interactions  and   communication   on   many  levels.   A   kick-­‐off   event   is   always  effective,   but   what   happens  between  the  events  and  meetings?     One   positive   sign   of   an   effective  working   community   is   humor.  Quick   phrases,   slogans   and   shared  symbols   are   coming   out   while  working   together   under   a   healthy  pressure.  Humor  is  not  only  about  jokes   but   also   about   how   people   speak   are  doing.  Smileys,  thumbing  and  many  to   each   other.   We   send   emotional   other  simple  “virtual  gestures”  provide  signals   all   the   time   with   our   faces   and   quick  ways  to  show  emotions.    gestures.   That   is   why   in   the   written  2          
  3. 3.  If   collaboration   tools   support   our   “ After the firstnatural   way   of   working   together,   the  possibility   of   creating   a   strong   sense   of   excitement people getcommunity   has   a   good   foundation.   easily bored and theWith  an  effective  community  it’s  easier   world goes on ”to   start   creating   new   innovations   and  business   opportunities.   Actually,   some   Modern   social   media   platforms  studies  have  shown  that  a  virtual  team   encourage   people   to   connect   and  can   be   more   effective   than   a   share   information   very   actively   at   the  traditional  team  if  on  top  of  everything   beginning.   Connecting   people   is  else   the   humor   and   small   social   important,   but   there   are   still   many  interactions  are  well  supported.   other   challenges   to   be   counted.   Quite     soon   people   may   realize   that   nothing  ENGAGING  EMPLOYEES   really   changed.   Only   the   humorous     email   messages   and   coffee   table  Creating   an   online   community   doesn’t   discussions   have   been   boosted   with  take   months   anymore.   Large   social   feeds.   After   the   first   excitement  corporations   have   connected   people   get   bored   and   the   world   goes  thousands   of   employees   just   within   a   on   as   usual.   Question   is   not   about  few   days   from   the   initial   technical   committing   your   employees   to   use  implementation.   The   question   is   how   social   tools   but   engaging   them   to  much   does   this   type   of   community   manage   their   work   more   effectively  actually   improve   the   company’s   with  carefully  selected  tools.  performance.   One   thing   is   for   sure,   if   If   the   tool   doesn’t   solve   significant   problems   in   everyday   work   it’s   too   easy   for   users   to   become   passive   and   stop   following   the   social   messaging.   And   it   is   a   self-­‐feeding   phenomenon.   A   brand   new   social   media   platform  is  dead  or  used   to   the   wrong   purpose   before   you   know   it.   This   has  made  many  decision   makers   think   critically   about   social   media   in   enterprises   overall.   There  is  a  need  for  large  the   system   that   is   meant   to   support   social   networks   in   enterprises,   but  the   community   is   not   used   it   cannot   when   you   think   about   your  help  you.  It  is  important  to  assure  that   organization’s   goals   it’s   not   an  people  are  engaged  to  use  the  solution   absolute   value   itself.   What   is   the  to   the   purpose   that   it   was   supposed   to   problem  to  be  solved  then?  fulfill.  ©  Copyright  2012   Lumo  Research  Ltd  -­‐   3      
  4. 4. To  create  sustainable  value  for  both  company   and   employees   we   should   “ Google has already lostlook   more   into   everyday   work.   All   big   a lot of search queries tochanges   start   with   the   small   steps.   Facebook, becauseAchieving   targets   begins   by   removing   people prefer askingobstacles,  or  more  practically  speaking,  user’s   frustrations   in   daily   activities.   from their friends ”This  is  the  key  to  engagement  as  well.  Obstacles   are   usually   the   most   obvious  and   self-­‐evident   ones.   You   don’t   have   faster   than   surfing   through   the   endless  to  be  a  scientist  to  understand  how  we   search   results.   Above   all,   people   trust  spend   easily   most   of   our   day   using   their   friends   more   than   anonymous  search   engines,   browsing   document   web   pages.   This   same   phenomenon   is  folders,  finding  the  right  person  or  just   now   also   happening   in   enterprises   as  thinking  where  to  search  next.  Missing   well.  information   is   truly   one   of   the   biggest    frustrations   in   our   work;   it   has   been   BECOMING  CO-­‐CREATIVE  shown  in  many  research  studies  as  well    as  in  practical  situations.     Sharing   ideas   and   transforming   them   With   social   tools   you   can   quickly   constantly   into   new   innovations  share  your  question  and  see  if  anyone   together   with   network   of   varied  can   help   you.   Usually   there   is   always   stakeholders   is   often   referred   as   co-­‐someone  who  knows  more.  And  if  this   creation.   In   other   words   it’s   about  someone  doesn’t  know  the  answer,  he   being   creative   together   across  might   know   where   to   search   next.   boundaries.   But   creativity   doesn’t   come   out   by   forcing.   Instead   of   spending   time   on   seeking   and   managing   new   innovations,   organizations   should   lower   the   barriers   to   let   the   new   innovations   grow   from   the   business   that   that   they   do   every   day.   That   is   why   co-­‐ creation   is   not   a   platform   or   a   process.   It’s   more   about   a   flow   and   well-­‐organized   ways   of  working  together.   In   the   book   “Power   of  Google  has  already  lost  a  lot  of  search   the   Co-­‐Creation”,   the   creators   of   the  queries   to   Facebook,   because   people   co-­‐creation   framework   Venkat  prefer  asking  from  their  friends  where   Ramaswamy   and   Francis   Goulliart  to   eat   on   Friday   night   or   what   are   explain   that   to   become   a   co-­‐creative   company   change   must   start   from  currently   the   best   shopping   places   in  Berlin.   Asking   from   friends   is   much   inside.   First   steps   are   taken   with   employees   within   the   organization  4          
  5. 5. environment   for   managing   the   innovation   processes   and   daily   work.   Every   company   has   their   own   obstacles,   such   as   lack   of   proper   communication,   bureaucracy   or   difficult-­‐to-­‐ use   IT   systems.   These   among   many   other   issues   easily   kill   the   flow.   Collaboration   solution   that   supports   connecting   people,   sharing   ideas,   and  before  expanding  the  new  methods  to   working   together   must   be   easy-­‐to-­‐use  customer  or  partner  collaboration.   and   intuitive.   But   to   support   Top   executives,   business   managers   innovation,   the   solution   must   also  and   key   employees   are   full   of   ideas   provide   goal-­‐oriented   processes   for  that   they   like   to   share.   Yet   too   many   delivering  results.  times   seeds   of   new   opportunities   are    lost   in   endless   discussions,   emails   and   IMPROVING  PRODUCTIVITY  stored   PowerPoint   presentations.    Implementing   new   ideas   should   start   Social   media   services   have   been  already   when   the   flow   is   on   it’s   best,   adapted   to   enterprises   with   a   very  not  weeks  after  losing  the  edge  of  the   obvious   key   difference   compared   to  excitement.     consumer   solutions   such   as   Twitter   or   Especially  in  large  organizations  the   LinkedIn.   Instead   of   maintaining   your  problem   is   not   that   people   would   social   network   of   friends   or   colleagues,  spend   too   much   time   on   wrong   ideas.   the   objective   above   all   is   to   be  It’s  more  about  how  people  don’t  dare   productive   together.   Productivity   has  to   implement   their   visions   drawn   in   many   faces.   For   one   it   means   making  presentations.   There   are   many   reasons   more   money   with   less   resource,  for   that.   Perhaps   one   is   too   busy,   another   one   sees   it   more   from   the  another   is   afraid   of   change   and   the   perspective   of   creativity.   But   in  third   one   is   simply   avoiding   the   business   it   always   ends   up   to   serving  responsibility.   These   are   the   issues   your  customers  better  ways.  where  online  community  can  help.     When  looking  at  the  bigger  picture,   You  may  have  a  great  vision.  Instead   we   can   see   what   happens   when  of   pushing   forward   on   your   own,   why   organizational   structures   are   changing  not   to   gather   quickly   people   who   can   from  hierarchical  to  network  oriented.  help   you   to   implement   it?   It   doesn’t   Old   fashion   measurable   processes   are  have   to   be   as   formal   as   launching   a   managed  with  technology  while  people  new   project,   but   just   an   initial   act   to  get   the   right   people   interested.   First  comes   the   passion   and   then   comes   the  innovation.   “ In software solutions most Enabling   the   constant   flow   of   co-­‐ common productivity issuescreation   requires   a   seamless   relate to poor usability. ”©  Copyright  2012   Lumo  Research  Ltd  -­‐   5      
  6. 6. above   processes   have   started   to   work   very   first   discussions   without   having   a  more   agile   ways.   The   question   in   this   full   day   hand-­‐over   sessions.   Everyone’s  new   agile   world   is   how   to   control   effort   and   ideas   would   be   there   to   be  productivity   on   the   long   run   if   there   found   and   the   project   could   already  are   no   exact   models   to   measure   and   plant   a   new   seed   for   next  improve  the  success  level?   opportunities.   That   is   what   we   call   a   During   last   decades   enterprises   seamless   workspace.   Unfortunately   in  have   learned   a   lot   relating   to   process   most  enterprises  IT  environment  is  not  oriented   working   methods.   Businesses   like  this.  run   on   a   network   of   processes.   It   is   a    good   basis   to   start   building   something   COMMITMENT  TO  BUSINESS  new   as   well.   After   all,   working   in   a    social   network   is   not   really   so   You  want  to  produce  supreme  service,  unstructured;   constantly   changing   make   it   better   and   let   your   customers  workflows   are   just   more   difficult   to   give   a   great   value   for   it.   All  manage.   No   matter   are   you   managing   improvements   in   your   social  your   work   with   lightweight   workflows   collaboration   environment   must  or   well   defined   processes,   the   most   support   this   basic   fact.   That   is   why  important   question   is   how   to   repeat   social  collaboration  software  should  be  the   success   and   how   to   get   rid   of   less  productive  activities.   In  software  solutions  most  common  productivity   issues   relate   to   poor  usability.   Let’s   take   an   example   of   a  seamless   work.   You   may   have   a   good  idea   growing   from   an   online  discussion.   You   want   to   add   it   quickly  to   the   meeting   agenda.   During   the  meeting   there   might   come   out   some  action  points  to  be  implemented.  From  these   action   points   grow   a   new   target  with   the   roadmap.   You   may   need   to  hook  other  people  to  work  on  it.  They  start   sharing   documents   and  commenting  the  following  activities.  By  the  time  more  employees  and  perhaps  partners   and   customers   are   getting  involved.   What  if  this  all  could  happen  in  one   tightly   connected   to   the   strategic  seamless   online   workspace?   People   business  goals  as  well.  and   information   could   be   connected   Overall   the   way   business   strategies  with   easy   navigation.   Discussions,   are   managed   and   implemented   has  ideas   and   activities   could   be   well   become   more   collaborative   and   co-­‐connected   for   more   effective   working.   creative.   Strategies   are   not   just   fixed  When   introducing   new   people   to   the   for   the   next   five   years   at   the   time.  projects,  they  could  see  the  whole  flow   Enterprises   need   to   change   more  from   the   upcoming   deadlines   to   the   quickly   and   adapt   to   new   challenges  6          
  7. 7. within   their   market.   Therefore   it’s  extremely   important   to   keep   strategic   “ Reaching the right peoplegoals  all  the  time  available  and  aligned   at the right time can makewith   the   lessons   learned   from   daily   a big difference. ”activities.     Best   signals   are   received   from   the  everyday   work   you   do   with   your   Business   managers   are   working  customers.   Your   employees   may   have   across   enterprise   with   key   employees.  a   clear   message   from   the   customer   They   have   a   great   overview   across  what   is   hot   at   the   moment.   Do   you   operative  functions  and  fresh  ideas  for  want   to   kill   this   new   opportunity   by   new   business   opportunities.   They   also  saying   it’s   against   your   strategy   or   do   connect   to   executive   level   with  you   want   to   spread   the   innovation   strategic   visions.   Instead   of   sharing  across   the   organization   by   developing   ideas   once   in   a   month   in   the   formal  the  strategy  towards  customer  need?     meetings,   there   must   be   other   ways   to   Large-­‐scale   enterprise   resource   transform   ideas   quickly   into  planning   solutions   have   already   innovations   with   the   constant   support  changed   this   rapidly.   Just   think   how   of  the  members  of  steering  groups  and  the  most  successful  companies  such  as   executive  boards.    Nike   or   Seven   Eleven   manage   to   find   Ironically   work   of   the   executives  the   smallest   trends   across   the   world.   and   senior   business   managers   is   the  They   boost   these   trends   with   local   most   knowledge-­‐driven   and   network  marketing   campaigns   and   collect   the   oriented,   while   the   level   of   using   social  fruits   within   just   few   months   before   collaboration  tools  is  the  lowest.  Large  the  trend  is  shifting  to  a  new  one.  The   social   media   platforms   are  trendsetters   have   become   trend   implemented   across   enterprises   while  boosters,   allowing   consumers   to   senior   managers   still   collaborate   with  decide   what   is   in   at   the   moment.   The   emails.    sales   databases   and   product   This  fact  should  be  taken  in  account  management   must   be   very   well   when   choosing   new   social  organized   with   effective   data   mining   collaboration   tools.   Twitter-­‐style  tools   when   doing   something   like   this   solutions   provide   too   hectic   feed   of  globally.   cryptic   messages   for   people   who   are   In   social   collaboration   reaching   the   used   to   communicate   with   phone   and  right  people  at  the  right  time  can  make   email.   That’s   where   many   visionary  a   big   difference.   That’s   why   a   simple   social   media   consultants   go   wrong  transparency   can   get   an   organization   when   providing   their   ideas   to  closer  to  the  truth  as  well.  But  we  also   traditional   industries.   You   don’t   want  have   to   remember   that   constant   flow   to   buy   a   spacecraft   if   you   are   looking  of   new   information   easily   frustrates   for  a  good  car.  people.   Information   anxiety   is   a   Connecting   executives   and  growing  problem,  and  we  have  to  solve   employees   into   collaboration   that   is  it   by   using   effective   ways   to   filter   the   driven  by  strategic  goals  can  really  pay  knowledge.   In   social   collaboration   it   off.  It  allows  your  company  to  become  usually   means   filtering   the   knowledge   more   co-­‐creative   and   adaptive   in  by   the   people   whom   you   are   constantly   changing   business  connected  with.     environment.  ©  Copyright  2012   Lumo  Research  Ltd  -­‐   7      
  8. 8. “ Why enterprise software couldn’t addict people as games do? ” 2011   that   by   2015   more   than   half   of   organizations   that   manage   innovation   processes   would   gamify   those   processes.   Overall   this   is   not   happening  just  in  high  level  of  modern     innovation  management  systems.  Look  NEXT  LEVEL  WITH  GAMING   for  example  how  customer  relationship     management   tools   provide   different  Enterprise   might   have   a   good   social   status   symbols   and   bonuses   to   most  collaboration   ecosystem   already   successful   sales   managers.   Or   how  growing,   but   the   next   question   is   how   project  collaboration  solutions  provide  to  make  it  better?  How  to  activate  the   quick   dashboards   and   interesting  majority  of  people  who  are  still  mostly   overviews   about   the   progress   and  following   the   active   part   of   the   social   targets  in  real-­‐time.    network?   One   promising   answer   may   If   the   information   of   progress   and  come   from   less   business-­‐oriented   achieving   targets   can   be   shared  technology  solutions.   instantly   with   proper   visualization   it   World  of  Warcraft,  one  of  the  most   already   creates   some   competition  successful  gaming  platforms  and  online   between   people   and   teams.   This   is   a  communities   of   all   times,   has   millions   very   simple   but   strong   foundation  of   users.   Many   of   the   players   haven’t   from   which   the   new   platforms   can   be  seen  the  sunlight  after  getting  addicted   built  naturally  towards  more  advanced  to   the   game.   Why   enterprise   software   gaming  concepts.  couldn’t   addict   the   people   as   games   Actually,   one   of   the   biggest  do?   If   you   enjoy   your   work,   a   problems   is   that   most   of   the  collaboration   solution   can   maximize   information  systems  are  built  to  alert  if  this   pleasure   by   providing   an   active   something   goes   wrong   but   the   system  environment   where   you   want   to   stays   quiet   if   everything   is   rolling   to   a  manage   your   work   a   day   after   day   right   direction.   While   this   is   exactly  together   with   the   people   whom   can   when   the   system   should   encourage  help  you  to  succeed.   performing   even   better   on   the   right   After   all,   gaming   concepts   are   not   track.  so   new   to   us.   There   is   a   whole   industry   Effective   collaboration   solution  of   consulting   companies   providing   reacts   immediately   when   something  team   building   and   management   positive   happens.   Active   tools   can  training   events.   Many   of   these   services   enable  the  instant  feedback  and  share  use   gaming   to   improve   organization’s   success   with   other   people   who   are  performance.   Challenge   is   how   to   working  on  the  same  goals.  People  are  adapt   these   and   other   promising   social  and  we  like  to  share  our  success.  concepts  into  everyday  work.   It’s  an  excellent  motivation  factor  that   The   change   is   already   happening.   keeps   us   exceeding   our   targets   again  Gartner   predicted   at   the   beginning   of   and  again.  8          
  9. 9.  LUMO  RESEARCH    Lumo   Research   Ltd   produces   award-­‐winning   LumoFlow   online   workspaces  for  collaboration  and  innovation.  If  you  like   to   hear   more   about   what  enterprise   collaboration   software   and  accelerated   innovation   could   do   to  your  business,  please  contact  us:    Kristian  Tanninen,  Founder  and  CEO    Or  visit  our  website:  ©  Copyright  2012   Lumo  Research  Ltd  -­‐   9