Creative Brief Mafraq Hospital


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Creative Brief Mafraq Hospital

  1. 1. Mafraq HospitalCreative Brief & Proposal
  2. 2. Table of Contentso About Mafraq Hospitalo Mafraq Advertising Objectiveso Mafraq Hospital Brief – Consumer Insighto Community Outreach Mapo Consumer Demographical Segmentation & Behavioral Decision Processo 2011 Event Calendaro Event Monitoring Cycle (E=MC2)o Integrated Communication Plan – Event Sampleo Recommended Advertising Coverage
  3. 3. About Mafraq HospitalMafraq Hospital is situated 35 kilometers southeast of the UAEs capital, Abu Dhabi.Mafraq is an Arabic word meaning ‘meeting of roads which is an apt description of the hospitals uniquelocation at the intersection of major roadways.The hospital was built, and opened, in 1983 as the largest tertiary referral treatment hospital in the UnitedArab Emirates at the time.Nowadays Mafraq Hospital remains a tertiary hospital with 451 licensed beds. The hospital servicesprovided include medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, as well as surgical and critical care services that supportthe trauma program. Mafraq Hospital operates the largest burn unit in the country and is a Center ofExcellence for ENT and Thoracic surgery.It is managed by Bumrungrad International (BIL), one of the most noted hospital management companies inAsia.
  4. 4. Mafraq Advertising Objectives• Increase footfall of Emiratis to Hospital provided services• Capture the attention of the surrounding community.• Increase awareness of general & speciality practices.• Engage communities into Mafraq initiated social programmes.• Build partnerships with local businesses labor force.
  5. 5. Mafraq Hospital Brief – Consumer Insight
  6. 6. Mafraq Hospital – Target AudienceWho do we want to talk to?Gender: Families & IndividualsAge: 20-50Race: All nationalitiesEducation: College educatedSocial Status: Mid-high endIncome: Middle to high incomeProfession: White CollarLanguage: Multilingual
  7. 7. Consumer Demographical Segmentation & Behavioral Decision Process Freedom to make decisions. (Trial & Error) Single Involved decision making. (Delayed) Couple Shared decision making. (Conditional) Married with Kids Safe and Efficient decision making. (Quick) Nuclear Family
  8. 8. Community Outreach Map (COM)Geographical Mafraq Target Segments
  9. 9. Target Audience – Expected ResultsHow do we want them to respond to our communication?Think: Life begins with good Health.Feel: Me and my family’s happiness lies in Good Health.Do: Mafraq Hospital is my and my family’s health partner.
  10. 10. Annual Event Calendar World Malaria Day World Cancer Day World Health Day World Blood Donor Day World Breast Feeding Week World Sight Day World Water Day World No Tobacco Day World Heart Day World Diabetes Day World TB DayJan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  11. 11. Event Monitoring Cycle (E=MC2) Report Event Sentiments Findings Analysis Receive Develop Tactics Participants Feed Back Monitor Event Launch Event
  12. 12. Gantt Chart – Simultaneous IMC Plan Activities Implementation Pre Campaign Launch – 3 Weeks Campaign Launch - 1 Day/Week Post Campaign Launch – 1 Week *ICP timeline for reference purpose only Legend Campaign Creative Development BTL Production Internal Communication Press Releases Campaign Launch Event ATL Campaign Campaign Analysis Campaign Report
  13. 13. o360 Recommended Advertising Coverage • Newspaper • Calendars • Magazines • Build Campaign • Mugs • Loyalty Anticipation • Pamphlet Programmes • Team Briefings • Branded • Outdoor • Continual Stationary • Television Reinforcement • USB sticks • Viral Increase segment size Increase segment size Increase segment size
  14. 14. Creative Options
  15. 15. Route 1The campaign mainly highlights Mafraq Hospitals achievements in the recent yearpresented creatively using emotional appeal (touching imagery and messages), as wellas informatively by communicating factual details.The campaign is all-encompassing as it covers Mafraqs actual achievements, educatesthe people regarding specific conditions and raises awareness of the hospital byfeaturing its specialities, innovative technologies & facilities and world-class physicians.
  16. 16. Route 2The campaign is both corporate-based as it highlights the main strengths of MafraqHospital - e.g. state-of-the-art facilities, international medical specialists, completerange of services - and audience friendly as it features human elements.Local-oriented lifestyle images add a touch of emotional appeal, while the messagescommunicate a combination of functional and emotional benefits.
  17. 17. Applications
  18. 18. Thank You!If you have any inquiries or clarifications regarding this presentation, donot hesitate to contact us through the following:Taha KhanMobile: 050-3665898E-mail: