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The internet homework


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the internet

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The internet homework

  2. 2. DEFINITION OF THE INTERNET The internet is a worldwide network on computers which can provide information and communication of all sorts. It uses interconnected networks.
  3. 3. DOMAIN NAMES AND IP ADDRESSES Domain names  The domain name is the part of a network address that tells you which domain it is from. A domain is a particular territory controlled by a ruler. IP addresses An IP address is a way to identify a computer. It consists of a line of individual numbers separated by full stops. Domain addresses are what people type in their web browser to find your website and the that finds the real address that contains the website. The real address is the IP address. They are both linked because they both help find the website
  4. 4. DATA PACKETS AND PACKET SWITCHING  A data packet is a unit of data carried by a packet - switched network A data packet is a basic type of communication over a network. When data is transmitted it is broke down into smaller pieces and then reassembled when it reaches the other side.
  5. 5. ROUTERS An internet determines where to send information from one computer to another computer. Routers are specialised computers that send your messages directly and quickly to their destination. A router has two jobs:  It ensures that information doesn't go where it's not supposed to. This is important so the internet does not get clogged up.  It makes sure that information makes it to the intended destination.
  6. 6. SOURCES  http://computer.howstuf - infrastructure3.htm  ar ticle.php?ar ticle_id=72  