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ANCILLARY TEXT: Digipak Elements


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The specific elements of my digipak

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ANCILLARY TEXT: Digipak Elements

  1. 1. The name of the band is featured on the front album cover The name of the album is featured on the front album cover Image that is consistent with the promotional poster and is easily recognisable.
  2. 2. Image that is cohesive with the front cover is featured The back is a reverse of the front meaning the middle is cut on instead of the edging like on the front cover Track list is featured, along with numbers to indicate what track it is Simple copyright information placed ay the bottom left Record label and logo is features on the back Website link Barcode
  3. 3. Images are linked to the front cover of the album and the back cover for the album also. Same colour scheme as the front of the album Same dark black and white that is featured on the front of the album and on the promotional advert.
  4. 4. Serial number Band Name Album Name Image that is the same as the back cover meaning it will link correctly Simple design so it is easily disguisable on a shelf
  5. 5. Album Name Images the same as panels and the front cover Copyright Information Disc Number
  6. 6. Album Name Different images from previous however it is still similar and fits the theme Copyright Information Disc Number