Competence foresight in local goverment services


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Competence foresight in local government services was a project coordinated by KT Local Government Employers to develop competence foresight practices in order to support competence management and development in a period of change in the local government sector.

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Competence foresight in local goverment services

  1. 1. Competence foresight in local government services ESF project 2011-2014 Competence foresight is a continuous and dynamic process that goes hand in hand with the organisation’s vision and strategy.
  2. 2. Competence foresight in local government services project 1 March 2011-28 February 2014 Target groups and parties involved 1. Municipalities, joint municipal authorities and municipally owned companies and organisations 2. Regional Councils 3. Education providers  The organisations that constitute the target group make strategic decisions in areas such as local government sector human resource policy, regional foresight and the planning and implementation of education. 2
  3. 3. municipal and networks service structure Y, Z and ? generations climate WHAT IT IS ABOUT - Competence foresight in local government services change knowledge manage economic structure civic activity career extension Change individualisation economy phenomena population struct Competence needs? Future competencies • H • J • K • … Current competencies: • A • B • C • ... 2012 2015 2020 2025 internationalisation attitudes and values social media sectoral transformations ICT politics, law technological progr and what else? 2030 - 16,000 municipal employees retire per year - by 2020, 1/3 of current employees will have retired - by 2030, more than half (58%) of current municipal employees will have retired. 3
  4. 4. Dwindling resources and need for prioritisation Diversification of service production Competition for skilled labour Proportion of current municipal sector employees retiring: 1/3 by 2020, 58% by 2030 * Keva retirement forecast for the local government sector, 2012-2030 Why is competence foresight important to local government employers? Changes in how work is performed, such as working at interfaces (transcending administrative branches, sectors and service forms) Goals related to the promotion of well-being at work Goals related to productivity and performance Goals related to career extension  A need for dialogue on what types of competence are needed in municipal services in the future  A need for operating methods to incorporate competence foresight into human resource management processes
  5. 5. Foresight • Outlining and understanding future possibilities. The key is to understand what, from the organisation’s perspective, are the key variables that affect the future  one key outcome of foresight activity is an understanding of what can be influenced, and what should be influenced • A systematic and participatory process to collect data and produce scenarios of future opportunities and threats  with the aim of providing a solid foundation of knowledge for present-day decisions and mobilising joint actions Adapted from Härkönen, Saikkonen & Siikaniemi (2010); European Commission (2002).
  6. 6. Competence foresight as part of strategic human resource management Competence foresight refers to foresight pertaining to the future competence needs of the organisation • • • • • • • Where are we going and why? What competence does the organisation have? What competence is needed to achieve the objective? What competence is missing or no longer necessary? How is competence acquired and developed? How is competence managed? How is competence led?
  7. 7. Basic questions in competence foresight 1. What are our competence-related operations based on? 3. What does operating in the competence operating environment require? = Competence foresight 2. In what environment will we operate? Plausible Future 1 Preferable Present day Future 2 Probable Future 3 Ref. Voros 2003 7
  8. 8. What competencies are needed? → QUALITY How many doers are needed? → QUANTITY
  9. 9. Goals of the Competence foresight in local government services project 1. Develop and pilot in regional networks a competence foresight framework or frameworks that can be utilised in municipal and regional strategic decision-making and human resource management, as well as in planning concerning the content of education. 2. Produce long-term foresight data on the competencies needed in local government services for use by education providers and for education planning. 3. Create network-based frameworks for foresight into competence needs to meet local and regional requirements. Develop regional operating models in four pilots.
  10. 10. Competence foresight models developed in regional pilots PILOT THEME FRAMEWORKS Central Finland New competence needs created by changes in local government and service structures Regional foresight framework Foresight-based human resource planning and competence development Competence foresight pertaining to support service personnel in educational organisations Rolling competence foresight framework Competence foresight in welfare services Competence foresight as part of customerfocused service design Competence management as part of the strategy work of publicly funded organisations Foresight process and the future mapping technique A framework for cooperation between the city and an educational organisation – Education makes Experts Regional Council of Central Finland City of Jyväskylä Central Finland Health Care District Northern Finland Oulu Region Joint Authority for Education Kemi-Tornionlaakso Municipal Education and Training Consortium Lappia Regional Council of Lapland Päijät-Häme Lahti Region Educational Consortium Hollola Municipality Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Services in Päijät-Häme City of Kaarina City of Paimio Capital Region Metropolia University of Applied Sciences City of Helsinki City of Vantaa Results of the competence needs survey and expert seminar as a separate report:
  11. 11. Funding partners of the Competence foresight in local government services project