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HowTo Startup Weekend?

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How to prepare for Startup Weekend?


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HowTo Startup Weekend?

  2. 2. OUR MISSION is to inspire change in the lives of entrepreneurs - like you! 800+ CITIES 200K+ ALUMNI 10k+ VOLUNTEERS
  3. 3. Meet a cofounder & build a team Learn a new skill Have met a Cofounder Validate an idea At the weekend, you will:
  4. 4. FRIDAY
  5. 5. Vote Braindump Form Teams Pitch GO!
  6. 6. Q: Can I pitch something I’ve already started on? A: No, but well researched and vetted ideas are always welcome. FAQ Q: Do I have to present an idea? A: No, you can be just a member of team. Q: Can I pitch two ideas? A: No, pick your favorite. Q: Can I pitch in Polish? A: No, whole Startup Weekend is in English. Q: Can I come with a team? A: Yes, but you can not have anything prepared.
  7. 7. Q: Who is voting? A: Everyone is voting. FAQ Q: How do we vote? A: Special coupons from the organizers. Q: What if my idea isn’t selected? A: Join another team, remember, it’s not about the idea. Q: Can I still work on my idea if it’s not selected? A: Yes, ONLY IF you have more than two other people on the team. And you will not be allowed to present during Sunday Final presentation if front of the judges. Q: Can I use any pitch props, slides, etc when pitching? A: Props are ok, but slides are not. Remember it’s short!
  8. 8. Pitch Process 321 Get in line to pitch 60sec pitch on stage Tell organizer name of your idea SUPER IMPORTANT!
  9. 9. Anatomy of a Pitch Hi, I’m [name]! The problem solving is [problem]. My solution is [solution]. To do this, we’ll need [team]. Let’s rock this weekend! Your name 1 The problem you’re solving and who it’s for 2 Who do need on your team 4 Your solution, it’s name, and why it’s unique 3
  10. 10. Building the Team 65% of all startup failure is due to team issues Have diverse skill sets and perspectives No one is CEO! Everyone wears as many hats
  11. 11. SATURDAY
  12. 12. THIS DAY IS SIMPLE Meet mentors Talk with mentors WORK 1 2 3
  13. 13. SUNDAY
  14. 14. D-DAY Talk with mentors Prepare PITCH (with slides) PRACTICE pitch 1 2 3
  15. 15. How Pitching Works 1 Teams pitch 3 min Q&A 3 min Team on-deck, plugin laptop during Q&A 2 3 Have Fun!
  16. 16. Judging Criteria Validaton Execution & Design Business Model
  17. 17. Judging Criteria •Did your team get out and talk to customers? Are you actually solving a problem? •What’s your clear value proposition to that customer? •Have you identified a specific target market? Validation Execution & Design Business Model
  18. 18. Judging Criteria •Did you work well as a team? •Do you have a prototype (paper is ok)? •Do you have an MVP to present (can you demo)? •Design Matters! Validation Execution & Design Business Model
  19. 19. Judging Criteria •Does your solution solve a core need? •Why is it unique? •How will you differentiate yourself from your competition (did you identify competition)? Validation Execution & Design Business Model
  20. 20. Take on yourself! BUY a ticket
  21. 21. WE YOU!

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