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Television Campaign Ad


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Handout for students for Television Campaign Ad assignment.

Published in: Education
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Television Campaign Ad

  1. 1. Television Campaign Ad: Due: Tuesday, December 11   You are to produce a campaign ad for your candidate in lines with the campaign ad types we have discussed. 1. In your party, discuss production ideas and choose what to do. Choose your role wisely - groups must cooperate. The group is responsible for completing the project, discuss what part each member might be best at and divide up the responsibilities. 2. Write out a script for the ad. Include any stage directions (movements, actions, etc.) that you foresee. Ads must be school appropriate and be one of the 8 types of ads studied in class. Campaign ads on TV tend to be a bit negative; be as positive as possible with a minimum of negativity. Ads should highlight one or two issues or the candidates stand on one or two issues. Be creative. 3. Practice your ad numerous times before taping. Remember the 5 second rule, an image or scene should not last more than 5 seconds. You can use the iPad to capture your video and produce an iMovie (make best use of PAWS time, before and after school time). Use your multimedia skills to add to and edit your ad. 4. Requirements • 1 – 2 minutes • completed storyboard • school appropriate • 1 of the 8 types of ads • 1 or 2 issues • Introduction or title page • credits at the end • Music 5. Peer Assessment will be completed by each student on their work and their partners work. Rubric Meets Requirements 60 points: Makes Good Use of Class Time 20 points: Teamwork 20 points: Total /100