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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

  1. 1. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act PRESENTED BY- CHRIS, SHAWN, CORA
  2. 2. Description of Affordable Care Act  Affordable Care act was presented by President Obama March 21, 2010.  It was upheld by the Supreme Court on June 28, 2012.  The Affordable Care Act was signed into law March 23, 2010.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is shortly known as “Obamacare”.
  3. 3. Pros of Obamacare  Helps create state based health insurance, provide subsidized coverage, more affordable, increase number of younger adults under the age of 26 who are dependently covered  Ensure access to health insurance and protect  Prohibit insurance companies from dropping people from coverage  Expand Medicaid coverage to more low income Americans  Reduce the prescription drug coverage gap
  4. 4. Cons of Obamacare  New and higher taxes  The law will allow the government more control over how doctors practice medicine  Many physicians are considering leaving because of this  Pharmaceutical companies an extra 84.4 billion dollars over the next 10 years to pay for closing the quote “donut hole” in Medicaid  This could raise drug costs, and make prescriptions more limited  It will increase the long term federal deficit by 6.2 trillion dollars
  5. 5. Description Continued…  Because of Obamacare, it’s required that all people have health insurance or exemption  If you do not do this, you will face a monthly fine  In 2015,if you don’t have health coverage you will pay 2% of your yearly household income or $325 per person in your home and $162.50 for people in your home under the age of 18  The maximum penalty per family is $975 per year  Exemptions will apply to undocumented immigrants, people incarcerated  If health care costs more than 8% of your households income, then you may be exempt
  6. 6. This chart shows how many people enrolled for Obamacare. It specifies the different age groups and percentage of people who did enroll. The enrollment chart was posted in 1/13/14.
  7. 7. Sources of Information    And-Cons.htm