Part 8


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Part 8

  1. 1. Double Page Magazine Spread
  2. 2. Layout Design Gappy line Title of article Title of the border feature topic around Beginning ‘blurb’ for the article on the next page Author of article Month and Shot from a catwalk Venuepage number features on the whole double page spread
  3. 3. Style of FontThe title is big,bold and white(recurrent in allGQ double page spreads) to immediately Font is whitecatch attention and formal – kept simple as the picture is the main feature in this Same font spread author is written smaller noengaging too much attention
  4. 4. Style of GraphicsThere is a gappy line across There is a bordering the light blue box double page under blub spread to look because there like sewing are so many pattern – colours in the enforcing the crowd so we symbolism of can see text – fashion also on the next page a lot of the clothes are blue to this is to match the clothes
  5. 5. Photo ManipulationThe crowd is quite dark and dull –mainly backto allow themodel to be seen first The floor isbrightened to make it look more appealing – and The model’s clothes have been contrasted so that they compliment stand out and look clean cut and high quality – also be the model the first thing looked at on the article by readers
  6. 6. Organisation of InformationTitle is across the middle a little more to the The article is bottom not to on the right take away from side but on athe model and to blue box so it fit above the does still photographers catch attention Author is just below the title to The venue is on the corner be read second to be seen just before turning the page – its not too important
  7. 7. Double Page Magazine Spread
  8. 8. Layout Design Title of the Title of article feature topic Beginning‘blurb’ for thearticle on the next page Main purpose of the article Author and Month and Animated pictureillustrator of page number that featured on the the article whole double page
  9. 9. Style of Font Font is big bold Conventional of GQ and different double page from the rest spreads being black – it also goes from small to big – Short really statement of emphasising purpose of the size of it article is small just to be read before In the same font turning the used by all GQ pagedouble page spread the words South Korea and Japan Author is in blueare bold to enforce illustrator is in Redthe countries this is to match the bright colours of the animation on – bring attention to their names
  10. 10. Style of Graphics The whole picture is a graphic to show the struggle ofSouth Korea – making the double page spreadpossibly more appealing The graphics are very colourful – emphasising the blue vs. the Red – which the red is to symbolise the danger of japan, and the humble South Korea
  11. 11. Photo Manipulation Font goesfrom small tobig to enforcethe impact of There are lots emphasise of lines and the struggle detail to shapes, highlig hting and outlining – Also animation is popular in these countries so its relating to their culture Colours are bold and eye catching
  12. 12. Organisation of Information Title is first and bold so it can be read first to understand the picture Blurb is second to be This is small read after the and on the title right corner so its to be read just before Author and turning theillustrators name page – to are very visible understandthus will be read the stock but are not too flotationprominent in the feature
  13. 13. Subheading and Phototext underneath – Dark colours to manipulation ofwell organised emphasise Victorian era frame and tabletinformation
  14. 14. InterestingFont is in the style of a and relevant Eye catching layoutscience investigation accompanying as images are in thereport – title then findings images centre
  15. 15. Eye catching birds eye view of Text is underneatha new home design – very and quite minimal soeffective the main focus can be on the images
  16. 16. Traditional side Interesting modernmarginalised article images of 3D technical elements to capture reader’s attention
  17. 17. Good colour coordination – Picture of an Sophisticatedthe dark colours compliment expert on the style ofeach other and connote second page writingseriousness
  18. 18. layout design The background is a photograph of the famous singer. Another, smaller photo which slightly overlaps the larger one and has a white frame to make it stand out.The title is bold and in white tomake it stand out to the reader.It overlaps the large image ofShakira
  19. 19. how is the layout effective and eye catching? • The layout is not very effective as it is quite common in magazines, therefore it does not stand out. • If it doesn’t stand out from the rest it will not catch the readers attention. • There are no interesting color schemes used and the large image of Shakira seems to fade in the backgroundThe text in a white box is very because of all the overlappingtypical and boring. images and text.
  20. 20. style of graphics/ photo manipulation• Some of the colours in the larger image appear to be enhanced and made brighter in order to make the image more bold and eye-catching.• The smaller photograph has been air-brushed and touched up.• The lighting has also been darkened to add a shadow around her, thus making her stand out more in the frame.
  21. 21. organisation of information • At first glance the first thing you see is the larger image of Shakira because of its size and its placed almost at the centre of the layout. • The next thing that’s most visible is the second photograph of the singer • Finally the reader is drawn to the bold white title which leads them to the text below.