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Doc draft 3


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Doc draft 3

  1. 1. Documentary Draft 3 Planning
  2. 2. Actor - PresenterBEFORE: AFTER:
  3. 3. Costume There are no logo’s or opinion suggestion And wears a leatherthrough clothing as the jacket as it is casualpresenter is not to clash yet sophisticated with anyone in the audience. She wear light blue She wears a black jeans – which is top so that it is not more youthful distracting when she speaks She wear Doc Martins as they are popular amongst the audience
  4. 4. Connotation of Presenter • Seem like one of the audience • To be casual in dress and gesture – but speak formally so that her purpose to inform is apparent • To relate to target audience (16- 24), to speak and inform to secondary audience (30s)
  5. 5. Props Computer Camera We used a computer so that the We used the prop of a presenter could seem more camera to make it moreinteractive with the audience- by obvious to the audiencebeing on the viral videos she talks she is making a viral about – she can do this video herself
  6. 6. LocationHammersmith Park We are filming at Hammersmith part because it’s a social area and very quiet so we will not have too much background noise. _______________ We then filmed at Convent Library so the presenter could interact with the videos on YouTube