Assignment 8 draft 3


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Assignment 8 draft 3

  1. 1. Assignment 8 –A2 Individual Coursework Presentation Draft 3 Kaya Sumbland
  2. 2. What I’ve learnt from Draft 2… I have learn that although I had a lot of research – that I should look into whycertain situations happen. For example – why ‘the girl who became 3 boys’ did this. Enabling greater understanding within my topic. Video on the blog… I should look within social groups and minority groups needs for socialising online and why the feel like they need to do this. However, for the research I did, it would have to be put into toomany episodes. Therefore, it was decide it would be better to look within one of my subtopics within internet socialising – being Online Dating, which I will look within all aspects within it.
  3. 3. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Historical Context Online Dating started from the launch of in 1995 when the internet started to become familiar with mass peopleOnline Dating was seen as a Taboo in society as… •• It wasn’t the norm •• You seen unconfident •• People will think you can’t get anyone •• You’ll be seen as lame and socially restricted • • However, in recent years, it has become more accepted and normal way of meeting a partner because many people are now joining – whereby 80% of people claim to know someone that has found love online.
  4. 4. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Why is online a channel to meet? There are countless reasons for people to date onlineThe main reasons to start up an account online are that…• People are lonely• It’s a ‘safety net’ to meet someone• People are too busy to physically socialise• Fed up with the meeting market• Some think its an easy way to ‘get sex’• Want a variety of choice• Low confidence in getting a man or woman• They want a specific partner with the same interests, ethnicity, culture etc.• People are part of a minority group
  5. 5. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Social groups In further analysis of social group, minority groups prominently find great comfort in having the access to date onlineThese commonly are…
  6. 6. Research on ‘Online Dating’Socialgroups For Example…
  7. 7. Research on ‘Online Dating’How relationshipschange over timeRelationships are complex. Depending on the social contextrelationships have vastly changed.Starting from the 1900s women were owned by their husbands.They had no rights – e.g to vote. They would not liveindependently.Where as now from being an object before, women are not theirown human choosing who they marry and sharing the sameequality.Dating websites enforce this equality where the women have thesame rights in rejecting and approaching anyone that appeals tothem. Relationships have only got better
  8. 8. Research on ‘Online Dating’ How it has formed over time The main reason Online Dating websites have overcome their ‘taboo’ status is that it is becoming more and more common to seek online help. Due to 1 in 5 relationships starting online, 48 million more people used a dating website in 2012! Further the number of sites is alsoincreasing being over 1400 sites across the internet –Leaving plenty to choose from for the 57% increase to the use of online dating sites Not only in the UK but across the globe!
  9. 9. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Globalisation Explosion of online dating agencies has a globalisation effect. Globalisation is essentially a economic feature – rather than a social one. Multiple businesses today are either inspiring to go global, and some of them already have. Technological upsurge that has enabled fast information processing, distribution and sharing. As such online dating agencies grabs this unblocked advantage because this is just what makes their operations successful and this its clear that globalisation is in fact an obvious effect to online dating.These people who want to date online are adapting a new wellmoulded character of assertiveness first because they areexhausted of the conservative nature of their real society andsecondly because they know that dating through online dating is apure risk taking event. This therefore means that one must beready to embrace whatever the outcome of our step withoutbreaking down if by any chance we are stubbed on our very backsby the perceived online dates in this online dating agencies.
  10. 10. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Role of social mediaSocial media allows people to…• Connect more rapidly, easily and conveniently. This consist on TV, the internet and radio.•• Overestimate intimacy•• Making individuals more susceptible to a sort of media shaping our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours from those in networking•• Compare themselves with others around them However this happens not only within social media but specifically online dating agencies – which possibly put people off using the sites.
  11. 11. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Role of social media An example of this was ‘The girl who became 3 boys’Where she posed as various different boys creating fake accounts, enabling her to go into relationships with her real friends. Doing this she sexually abused her friends and mentally scarred them. Significantly ruining their lives. It shows how easy it is to pretend to be someone else.This type of awareness them leads people to think it can happen to any website online – emphasisings peoples worry of online dating. However, in analysis of this case – it could be interpreted that the girl felt she could not open up to society on her sexuality of being a lesbian, or that she was ashamed or shy. Therefore she would find comfort in pretending to be someone else online to be able to express her feelings for her friends. Though this does not consult that she sexually abused them.
  12. 12. Research on ‘Online Dating’Sociological theoryThis is a video I found making humour of the worry in fake accounts on the online dating sites. Having video’s such as this on the internet will slowly recreate the taboo of the online dating world for the future. The video follows a man dating online – then shows a picture of a different guy so the women thinks he good looking. However he doesnt realise the woman he is planning to meet is an ugly fat man on the other side of the computer only ‘to be continued’
  13. 13. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Psychology The Role of PerceptionPerception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensoryinformation.This is what we process from our 5 senses…• Touch• Sight• Hearing• Taste• Smell•When online there is a major decline of these senses, we can’t pick certain thingsup from verbal communication. The only thing someone can rely and relate to is avideo or avatar and typed out words.Using video the person can only use their sense of hearing – however the majorityof online dating communication is through screen words.That way you cannot pick up pheromones… you cant communication via eyes,gestures, voice, unknown to their touch
  14. 14. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Psychology What’s Missing?Most of our perceptual equipment can be utilised in our onlinerelationships. Therefore, we miss out on huge chunks ofinformation about other people that you wouldn’t normally –nevertheless this can happen in real life relationships. relationshipsVarious studies have explored how much communication isverbal as opposed to non verbal. The percentage splits havebeen different, but what is not disputed is a very importantaspect of communication and the development of relationships. The big disadvantage of online relationships is that there is no body language to read. One study shows that 93% of communication is through non verbal means and only 7% down to verbal communication So online, were stuck with having to try and do all of our communicating with 7% of the tools we would normally use.
  15. 15. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Psychology Perception and Reality Online relationships and how ‘real’ they are, we need to ask ourselves how much we can trust thevery limited perceptual information we have to goon. Who’s in front of the screen and who’s behind it? Does anyone really know or has our perceptual equipment given us false information? The big question is who are you on the internet? Are you really ‘you’? Many people never show every aspect in their personality – not showing themselves to be who they really are. How can you ever tell the difference? You can’t
  16. 16. Research on ‘Online Dating’ SociologyByrme and Lenton (2001) - a Canadian study indicated that over 1 millionpeople tried an online dating site;Parks and Floyd’s (1996) study on online newsgroups found that over 60%has established a personal relationship with their internet group and about 8%formed intimate relationshipsPeris et al (2002) found that online relationships formed via Chat rooms werehealthy and complemented face-face relationships.However, there is still a dearth of empirical sociological research on online datingand intimacy (Barraket and Henry-Waring 2004).Suffice it to say that the emerging field of research on intimate onlinerelationships has resulted in what Wildermuth (2001) observes as a lack of acoherent core upon which to build theory.
  17. 17. Research on ‘Online Dating’ SociologyWe seek to explore how online dating blurs the boundaries between the publicand private and the virtual and the real (Moody 2001).By focusing on notions of embodiment and disembodiment (Haraway 1991,Herring 1993, 1994, Kramarae 1998 and Turkle 1995), place and space(Massey 1995; Soja 1996, 1997; Stanley 2001 and van de Vall 2002)scholars have tended to separate cyberspace from the ‘real’ world and in sodoing, have created a schism that has made it difficult to connect real life andcyberspace.
  18. 18. Research on ‘Online Dating’Sociology Stefana Broadbent How the Internet enables intimacy Sociologist Stefana explores her own research showing that communication technology is capable of enabling deeper relationships, relationships bringing love across obstacles like distance and workplace rules. She did her research on a range of couples whether it be married, family or friends. There are different expectations now For example In workplace… • 50% of those with email, send private emails at work • 75% have private convo’s • While 100% Text
  19. 19. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Fusion of cultureOnline dating helps bring together different cultures that otherwise would not come together in certain area’sFor example within a closed community such as Southall where most people are Islamic, if they seek for a partner through dating websites, they would possibly find love with someone from a Chinese culture – consequently bringing two cultures together. This would then bring great positives upon their society, with experience and knowledge.
  20. 20. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Effects upon society Due to the fusion of culture, it has a positive effect of society.Within a closed society there are not many opportunities – being closed off from people and things different from you.Online dating will help society in ways off…• Bringing in new traditions•• Opening up a closed society•• Gains social capital•• Being more knowledgeable
  21. 21. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Type of websites Dating websites has made it easier and more efficient for people to find love over the internet. Being able to click boxes and find your perfect match people are depending more on these online sites than in real life.Rather than being a niche activity 7.8 million singles logged on to an Online Dating site – and a reason may be that there is many types to seek from.Emotional ConnectionsCultureAgeFetishCasual SexSexuality
  22. 22. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Roles and expectationsYou can’t please everyone. There are always going to be turn off and on’s.Here are a few statistics of what peoples expectations are… 12% of women are turned off by baldness 19% of women want a man to earn more than them 21% of men don’t like love handles14% of women and 17% of men don’t like it when someone dose not have a profile picture81% of women want a man with a sense of humour – while men only 68%
  23. 23. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Digital lives Many people get fed up not finding love, therefore realising the opportunities of the internet, and making a different identity to help this.These people might see the perks in doing this, but eventually these people can forgetreality and isolate themselves from the real world – becoming so obsessed not to leave their homes for days. Much like hyper reality or living in a fantasy world.This is one of the main causes for concern for many people across the world – that the person their talking to is a fake identity.For example: Catfish A woman created 15 identities over Facebook, though the programme focused on the directors relationship with a woman. But all that she said was a lie and who she was, was a lie because she was bored with her own life.
  24. 24. Research on ‘Online Dating’ The business behind Online dating is not only about making love connections – its also about making big money! The stigma of meeting a match online falls by the wayside, the industrys growth is accelerating.Online dating revenues are growing 10% to 15% year, on track to hit one point nine billion dollars within three years, according to Piper Jaffray. The pullback in consumer spending hasnt slowed down the industry at all. and generated $343 million in revenue this year, reporting 1.4 million active subscribers, about 15% of the market. eHarmony doesnt disclose its user numbers, but Piper Jaffrays Gene Munster estimates that its revenues were about $250 million with about 13 % market share.
  25. 25. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Pro’s and This video found on YouTube is a man from Con’s Con’s explains why he thinks online dating barley works… He thinks… • Women/Men get contacted by so many people that its very hard to compete • • If you approach someone in real life – its just you and her/him therefore you don’t have to compete with hundreds and you get all their attention• It drops your level of confidence trying to send so many different interesting messages, making a cool profile to which nothing comes back weighs a man/woman down. Also people who are looking for a certain look, and you don’t match that look, it puts you down.•• It is very expensive to pay for when your receiving barley any results, consequently making you frustrated. Having a conversation in real life flows much better and you get better results from it.
  26. 26. Research on ‘Online Dating’ Pro’s and Con’s Con’s Dr. Amanda Mathers, a former professor of phycology at UCLA, said that it wasn’t so much the act of online dating, it was being so vulnerable about wanting to find someone. “Generally when people are looking for a love interest,they do it on their own time and don’t announce it to the world. When you’re involved with online dating, you’reputting it out there that you want to find your match, that you don’t want to be alone. It’s intimidating.”
  27. 27. Research on ‘Online Dating’Pro’s and Con’s
  28. 28. Developing Potential Topic What is the purpose of the Documentary?• It is to make people feel more comfortable about online dating that really want to use it but feel embarrassed.•• However more prominently I want to show that people are becoming too dependant on the internet for Dating when they should try more to get a relationship in real life as its ultimately better
  29. 29. Developing Potential Topic What would people learn about this topic?• The pros and cons within online dating•• Why people seek relationships online•• Why people should date in reality•• Sociological and psychological reasons•• Effects on society
  30. 30. Developing Potential Topic What style of Documentary is it?It would be a informative documentaryI want it to be informative because I will want to tell my audiencefacts and figures regarding this topic. Also I will inform theaudience on real stories of people who have date online.I will do this by presenting many statistics and having expertinterviews
  31. 31. Developing Potential Topic What would each episode be about? Title - Find my DateEpisode 1 - Globalisation Effects on society, global, business behind it, how its formed over time ChoEpisode 2 - Why people seek online help epi sen s od Why, digital lives, minority groups eEpisode 3 - The effect of Online Dating Real stories, fusion of culture, role of social networking, expectationsEpisode 4 - Are we actually too dependant on the internet for . Dating? Psychology, sociology, pro’s and con’s
  32. 32. AudienceAge – 25 - 50Ethnicity – BritishGender – Female and MaleInterests – SocialisingSocial class – Middle and WorkingAudience – Mass
  33. 33. Target and Secondary Audience Target AudienceMy target audience would females aged between 28 and 33.Also I think it would be working class people because stereotypically they tend to spendmore time on the internet.Further they would have interesting in socialising, staying at home for comfort andprobably be rejected a lot or are part of a minority group. Also being a mass audience. Secondary AudienceMy secondary audience would females and males aged between 40 and 50.Also I think it would be middle class people because they tend to be more busy and haveless time to find love in real lifeFurther they would have interesting in socialising, work, going out.Also being a mass audience. Connect PurposeThey want to watch this documentary because it may be relevant for many of them, alsobecause many people they know may use online.Further for people who want to start, this may give them courage to further pursue tryingto find love in reality or give them comfort to do it online.
  34. 34. Inspiration The Batman Shootings – BBC Three I was inspired by the use of the presenter in this documentary, as she didn’t interfere with theInterviews of witnesses, but just helped get an understanding and guide the documentary for the audience.
  35. 35. InspirationAccused: The 74 Stone Babysitter – Channel 4 I was inspired by the shots in thisdocumentary as it was quite simple and basic – which captures what they’re saying and doing e.g…Mid shot whiles he’s doing Screen shot of pictures for Expert sitting to the right things around his house the back story while talking
  36. 36. Channel and TimeFor my Documentary I would have it onchannel 4, because…- This channel is most suited to make a documentary to do with the internet-- Has a mass audience-- Has done many dating documentaries such as – the undatables, girl who became 3 boys, Catfish, Love virtually, The internet romance scam, and Jewish mum of the year-I will show it at 9pm because…-- There would be sexual references-- Many programmes targeted towards my audience are usually on at 8pm throughout other channels--
  37. 37. Conventions I will have the expert name and speciality written in the bottom left corner with the name bolder than the other. Also I will have my the expert sitting on the right side of the screen with a setting or objects relating to their profession in the background. I will develop by having it in a close up rather than mid
  38. 38. Conventions
  39. 39. Plan Establishing shot I am applying an establishing shot of many people at a computer at once.I would do this to show or emphasise the amount of people who are online seeking these relationships.Also each of them would be on various different sites and be various different kind of people to show the variety and the cater for everyones need.
  40. 40. PlanUse of presenter or voiceover The presenter would be interactive with the public, but notindividuals who are telling a story or an expert, as channel 4 presenters usually are just a voiceover
  41. 41. Plan Public Interviews I am applying public interviews by actually having actors pretending to be from the streets in a place with a presentablebackground but in all different places and different people to get a wide variety and to appeal to different people in my audience.These will mainly be people in their 20’s and 30’s however will be younger and older people too.
  42. 42. Plan Expert Interviews I will have the expert name and speciality written in the bottom left corner with the name bolder than the other.Also I will have my the expert sitting on the right side of the screen with a setting or objects relating to their profession in the background I will develop by having it in a close up rather than . mid
  43. 43. Plan Supporting footage/picture s I will use supporting images just to help inform myaudience – some people are visual learners. Also it helps to show images of graphs to illustrate statistics
  44. 44. PlanUse of Statistics,graph or diagramI am applying statistics by showing moving graphs or diagrams while the presenter is saying what they are. I want them to look appealing so they would be designed to match the topic and what kind of statistic it is
  45. 45. Structure Just introducing I will introduce The first subtopic It would lastly have the social context ‘Why people seek of the episode the presenter of online dating – online help’ to would be the expressing going through quickly skim over different types of something very where it began. who the minority websites to which interesting an Then quickly skim groups are the helps people pick exclusive to the over how it has different types of specific partners. audience ensuring formed over time websites out there This would include that they carry on from going global to cater clips from public to watch theand reflecting of its and experts documentary in the excessive use interviews related topics to follow within to this contemporary UK
  46. 46. Storyboard Begin with a mid shot of An establishing shot to show someone on the computer loads of people on the The presenter will in a long shot to looking for a partner in the 90’s computer looking for love introduce the documentaryShow supporting footage of online The presenter will say a Statistics relating will show dating with minority groups and rhetorical question, or some with words and some kind of the different websites information on the topics graph or pie chart Some supporting footage and Show an expert interview Interviews with the public images are shown over a voice saying facts on the subject asking opinions on the subject over of the presenter
  47. 47. Storyboard End with the presenter sayingsomething interesting to watch more
  48. 48. ScriptIntroduction - I’m Kaya Sumbland and I’ve noticed the growth in people using online dating websites to find love has increased and become a global dependency in finding love. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes think the internet is running so fast online dating has become a popular customary activity not only used by enjoyed by the niche. From the 90’s taboo once associated with Online dating has been compressed growing global across the world find 1 in 5 relationships for people in the UK today. So I’ve come to find a answer to the big question ‘Are Britons toodependant on the internet to find love?’ ‘are we too specific in our needs’ and ‘can a relationship survive over the internet?’ Can going online really ‘Find my date’?
  49. 49. Actors / PeoplePresenterThe presenter would wear a coat and scarf as it is winter time. Also wear somemakeup, not too little and not too much. The boy language will be open to make theaudience feel comfortable. There would be no props as they are just to talk to thecamera.Public InterviewsThere would be only about 5 public interviews so their would be a variety of agesbetween 19 – 50 also be people from different cultures, for example, white, black,tanned, Asian. Their body language would be a range from closed and open to make itseem like real peopleExpert InterviewsThe expert would wear makeup to seem professional. Also their hair would be donenicely or neatly to emphasise this.As it would be a close up shot of the face a costume would not be nessasary.
  50. 50. Location My location would be in a park, with a couple sitting in the background. The park would have some sort of romantic feature – for example a water fountain to sort of symbolise a place where a date would be held. Also being in an open area such as this it the available lighting would be flattering and better for the presenter.Not my picture Also there is always somewhere where it could be quiet to film in.
  51. 51. Music This is an acoustic beat from YouTube.It’s a consistent beat that is very pleasing for the ears. It has an upbeat feeling to it but not overly optimistic. Its made of guitars and technological beats.