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Assignment 7 tv channel research


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Assignment 7 tv channel research

  1. 1. Assignment 7TV Channel Research Kaya Sumbland
  2. 2. This is my presentation on differentchannels to understand why channel 4, ITV 2, and channel 5 air theirdocumentaries, at what time, and who their target audience is.
  3. 3. Channel 4 Channel 4 is a British public-service TV broadcaster which was launched on November 2nd 1982. The station is operated and owned by Channel Four Television Corporation. It’s a very popular channel with teenage to a middle because of The station is operated and owned by Channel Four Television Corporation. is what they air – They audience widespread; from T4 to day timeThe station is operated and owned by Channel Four Television Corporation.or no deal. TV such as deal Channel 4 also owns, 4Seven, Film 4, E4, More4, 4Music, Heat, Kerrang!, Kiss, Magic, Smash Box, Channel 4 Studio The Box
  4. 4. Big Fat Gypsy The Simpsons Deal or no DealWedding - Crucifixion Documentaries Shipwrecked Countdown TV Show Examples…
  5. 5. Target Audience T4 ShipwreckedT4 takes over Channel 4 onSaturday mornings to cater to theyoung teenage audience.They use quirky presenters tointroduce fashion programmes andinterview with mainstream Gok’s Fashioncelebrities.
  6. 6. Target AudienceChannel 4’s audience wouldbe an adult to elderlyaudience as they presentshows that would beappealing to all those ages. CountdownThen later in the evening thedocumentaries they showwhich are mostly informativeand academic leave themwith a lot of interest from anyage over about 16. Giving Deal or no Dealthem a wide audience.
  7. 7. Time SlotsAM • Repeat of programmes Workers – busy people • Small time game shows Elderly people • Soaps TeenagersPM • Evening News 25 + • Documentaries Varies on topic, though tends to be 15+
  8. 8. Types of Documentaries Channel 4 are known for their medical and appearance related documentaries. Though they are also widely known for theirculture documentaries, which at the moment the gypsy culture is very popular
  9. 9. How does Channel 4 compare to other channels?In comparison to other channels, Channel four are quite a mainstream channel that apply to many peoples taste.Their programmes are widely enjoyed by many people, so therefore in comparison to other channels they’re very liked and are very popular to most ages. Furthermore their documentaries have their ownrepetitive topics, which is medical and appearance. Which other channels don’t usually do that – which could bebecause its channel 4’s specialty which is very educational
  10. 10. ITV 2 ITV 2 is a 24 hour entertainment channel owned by ITV launched on December 7th 1998 The term ITV2 was popularly used to refer to a future second UK commercial television network. The channel is knows for its American programming and spin- off shows ITV 2’s sister channels are ITV, ITV 3 and ITV 4ITV Studio
  11. 11. TV Show Examples… The only was is Documentaries: Take me out Essex One Direction Emmerdale Films X Factor
  12. 12. Target Audience ITV 2 is known for its mainstream programmes or ones that follow shows from ITV (e.g Xtra Factor, Get me out of here NOW). Therefore, because their programmes are gossipy and based on a lot of reality, their target audience will be youth and young adults.
  13. 13. Time SlotsAM American Programmes Mothers at home Soaps - Emmerdale 30 – 70 yrs More mainstream game show Adults (27 – 50 yrs)PM Reality TV Youth and young adults Movies 15/18 +
  14. 14. Kind of Documentaries ITV 2 don’t do many documentaries as they’re know for their reality – butwhen they do, they do ones based on celebrities and what they are doing at the moment.Their documentaries arent academic or persuasive – but just really following lives and what happening One Direction Creating a band - Wonderland
  15. 15. How Does ITV 2 compare to other channels? In comparison to other channels, ITV 2 based most of their programmes on gossip and celebrities. Their channel has their specific audience therefore has its ownspecific taste that will contrast to many other channels – which is why it is its own channel in the first place. It caters purely for the mainstream young teenagers and adults generally.Furthermore, their documentaries which they don’t do a lot have been on celebrities or the rising of a celebrity. In comparison to other channels, they don’t really do that because its not informative, educational or persuasive, but observational.
  16. 16. Channel 5 Channel 5 was the fifth and final national terrestrial network to launch in March 30th 1997 The station was branded as Five’ between 2002 and 2011 Channel 5 is a general entertainment channel, with international programmes Channel 5 also owns 5* and 5USAChannel 5 Studio
  17. 17. Ice road Animal rescue Little Princesstruckers squad Big Brother CSI: Miami 5 news TV Show Examples…
  18. 18. Target Audience In the mornings on channel 5, Milkshake takes over and only shows childrens programmes – therefore during this time the target audience is little kids, toddlers and babies for when they’re getting ready for school or just having their breakfast.
  19. 19. Target Audience On channel 5 you don’t usually find any mainstream programmes apart from big brother so their target audience would be quite small and people with different tastes. It would probably be for people who enjoy American programmes and people in their 30’s and 40’s
  20. 20. Time Slots Milkshake 0 – 7 yrsAM Debate programme Middle age + Elderly Midday News People having lunch, or with kids at school Foreign shows Middle age, maturePM Documentaries Varies – though mainly people in their 20’s Reality TV 16 – Young adults
  21. 21. Types of DocumentariesChannel 5 documentaries are usually ones that havent been done before, e.g channel 4 do a lot of medical. They do documentaries to inform the views of a certain story or situation – which become very popular because of its originality. They do a lot of real life stories and explaining the reality of things that happen.
  22. 22. How does Channel 5 compare to other channels In comparison to other channels, Channel five is very different. Channel 5 show programmes that wont necessarily cater to a wide audience as theirprogrammes are unique and liked by not many people – e.g ‘The kings war on witches’ Furthermore, their documentaries seem verysimplistic but interesting by the way they present andgive information. They take a story and just inform andeducate the audience without trying overly to impress a specific audience.
  23. 23. Which Channel would I choose to do my Documentary?For my topics would much prefer to show them on channel 5 as I feel they have the best, informative and interesting Documentaries as their not mainstream and predictable. They show controversial and weird documentaries that wouldwouldnt have seen before and done glam up their documentaries to fit a specific audience, they just show what it is, for how it is.