Tagxedo: Turning your portrait into text


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Tagxedo: Turning your portrait into text

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Tagxedo: Turning your portrait into text

  1. 1. Turning Your Portrait into Text Full LP at http://tinyurl.com/aaatextportrait Big Step 1: Manipulating Your Photo into a Black and White Contrast Portrait **Sometimes, I do this step for students. It depends on the ability and efficacy of the group. ** 1. Go to “My Computer” 2. Click open the folder “Handouts” 3. Find your picture 4. Right click on your picture 5. Roll down to “open with” 6. Select “Microsoft Office 2010” 7. At the top bar go to “picture” 8. Scroll to “Color” 9. In the box that appears on the right, turn the saturation down to -100% 10. You should have a black and white photo 11. At the top bar go to “picture” 12. Scroll to “Brightness/Contrast” 13. In the box that appears on the right, play to make your picture have contrast (less gray) 14. Go to “File” 15. Go to “Save As” 16. Save ON YOUR DRIVE as something you will remember Big Step 2: Manipulating Your Contrast Portrait into Text 1. Go to www.tagxedo.com 2. Click on “Create” 3. Click on triangle next to “Shape” 4. Click on “Add Image” 5. Go to your drive, find the picture you just save from big step 1 6. Click “open” 7. Play with “Threshold” and “Blur” until you like the image 8. Click “Accept” 9. Click on “Load” 10. In the “Enter Text” field: type in all 55 word from your “55 Words About Me and My World Worksheet” 11. Click on “Submit” 12. Wait –it takes a second for your words to upload 13. Click on the “X” to get rid of the “Words” pop up 14. Under the “Respins” area: click around and play and customize your image until you are satisfied 15. Click on “Save” 16. Click on “4 MP JPG” 17. In the box that appears: choose your drive and make up a filename that you will remember 18. Click “Save” Big Step 3: Assembling All Your Work into a Finished Draft 1. Open Microsoft Office Publisher 2. Choose “Blank 8.5” x 11” 3. Click on “Insert” 4. Scroll to “Picture” 5. Choose your picture from Big Step 2 6. Center your picture, and leave a small bit of space at the bottom (you will put your name here) 7. Click on “Insert” 8. Choose “Text Box” 9. Create a text box at the bottom of your page and type in your name 10. Save and upload to our Edmodo!