Jacob lawrence great migration


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Jacob lawrence great migration

  1. 1. THE GREAT MIGRATION Jacob LawrencePresentation from people.ucls.uchicago.edu/~jdrogos/.../lawrenceslide%20copy.ppt
  2. 2. What are the reasonsAfrican Americans left the South?
  3. 3. How did African Americanstravel to the North?Under what circumstanceswere they traveling?
  4. 4. What did AfricanAmericans hope to findin the North?What realities did theyface upon arrival?
  5. 5. Source: http://www.whitney.org/jacoblawrence/art/migration_series.html
  6. 6. Lawrence on his art I dont think in terms of history about that series. I think in terms of contemporary life. It was such a part of me that I didnt think of something outside. It was like I was doing a portrait of something. If it was a portrait, it was a portrait of myself, a portrait of my family, a portrait of my peers. Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000)Source: http://www.whitney.org/jacoblawrence/art/migration_series.html