Images of social justice


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We examine these images when introducing an art unit on social justice.

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Images of social justice

  1. 1. Images of social justice
  2. 2. To-Do 1. On your paper (in complete sentences): 1. Choose a topic (a problem with the world) 2. What makes your topic a problem? 3. How can the problem be fixed? 4. What will your poster focus on to fix the problem? 5. Describe, in words, what you plan to draw to illustrate how the problem can be fixed. 2. Draw a sketch of your poster (on the back of paper) 1. NO WORDS 2. No word bubbles 3. No peace signs (too easy) 3. Color your sketch with colored pencil
  3. 3. Powerful images with no words 1. Finish your sketch 1. Only 1 scene 2. No words 3. No peace symbols 2. Get large sheet of black paper from the front 3. Re-draw sketch on black paper with pencil 1. Draw big 2. Oil pastels don’t show details well 4. Begin to neatly apply oil pastel (I will give you black oil pastel on the last day or upon request).