Digital art text portrait directions


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Digital art text portrait directions

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Digital art text portrait directions

  1. 1. Digital Art Text Portrait Directions Click-by-click follow-along video: 1. Go to and find an image of your character a. After searching click on “search tools” b. Choose “size” and pick “large” c. Click on a large portrait you like, click on “view image” d. Right-click and save the image to your drive 2. Go to a. Scroll to the butterfly “Pixlr Editor” b. Click on “launch web app” c. Choose “open image from computer” d. Choose “quote poster template” e. The template should open for you 3. Go to “layer” and choose “open image as layer” a. Find the portrait of your character you just saved b. Click open c. The portrait should open in pixlr d. Choose “Edit” and “free transform” e. Stretch the portrait so that only most of the face is showing 4. Save (you need to do this after almost every major step to protect your work) a. Go to “file” and choose “save” b. In the name field type your name and character name c. In the “format” drop-down menu choose “pxd file” (this means you can edit it again) d. Click “ok” and save to your folder 5. Double click on “Layer 1” and rename it “portrait” 6. Double click on “Layer 0” and rename it “black” a. Turn off “portrait” layer by clicking on the check mark b. Highlight “black layer” (it should be blue) c. Select the paint bucket tool d. Make sure the color selected is black e. Click on the “black” layer and the layer should turn black 7. Go to “adjustment” and choose “hue & saturation” a. Set hue and saturation to -180 b. Click “ok” c. Your portrait should be black and white 8. Choose the “magic lasso” tool a. Draw around the background in a loop b. Marching ants should appear c. Choose “Edit” and “cut” or “ctrl + x”
  2. 2. d. The background should disappear 9. Choose the “eraser” tool a. Choose a fuzzy eraser b. Go around the edges of your portrait to ensure the lines aren’t too harsh 10. Make a new layer by clicking on the new layer button (next to garbage can in layers window) a. Name the new layer “text part 1” b. Select the square marquee tool c. Draw a large rectangle around the side of the face that is the lightest d. Make sure the color black is selected e. Select paintbrush tool; make the paintbrush big f. Paint the selection black g. Click on “edit” and then “deselect all” to remove marching ants 11. Click on the text tool a. Select white for the font text color b. In the text box, type in your phrase IN ALL CAPS c. Make sure the text is right-aligned or left-aligned to suit your portrait d. Choose a font without serifs (sans serifs) e. Choose to make the font bold f. You may want to play with your font a bit g. When done, click “ok” 12. Make sure the new font layer is highlighted blue (hint, the layer is the first word of your phrase) a. Go to “layer” and choose “rasterize layer” b. Go to “Edit” and then “free transform” c. Stretch the font to fit inside the black rectangle 13. Make sure the new font layer is on top of the “text part 1” layer 14. Go to “layer” and select “merge down” (the text is now on the layer with the black rectangle) 15. Select the magic wand tool a. Change the tolerance to 90 or 100 b. Click on every white letter c. Go to “edit” and choose “cut” d. Now the white letters are gone and you can see the text 16. Select the “dodge” tool (this lightens selected areas) a. Make sure you have highlighted the “portrait” layer b. Change the exposure to a number higher than 80 c. Click on areas where it is harder to read the text (the readability should improve) 17. YOU ARE FINISHED 18. Save to turn in a. Go to “file” and choose “save” b. In the drop-down menu choose “png”
  3. 3. c. Make sure you save your file as your name and name of character d. Save file to folder approved by teacher or via Google Classroom 19. Need to reopen because you had to stop and need to start again? a. Go to b. Scroll to the butterfly “Pixlr Editor” c. Click on “launch web app” d. Choose “open image from computer” e. Choose the “your name character name.pxd” file f. Your work should appear; continue working