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2018 toledo slideshow


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Final summary slideshow for 2018 Midwest Urban Design Charrette, held in Toledo, OH in October 2018. Graduate students from Kent State, Lawrence Tech, and the University at Buffalo presented urban design & landscape ideas for the Swan Creek corridor of the Junction neighborhood. The charrette was graciously hosted by the Toledo Design Center.

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2018 toledo slideshow

  1. 1. Kent State University Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative Lawrence Tech University College of Architecture & Design University at Buffalo School of Architecture & Planning Oct. 5-7, 2018 Midwest Urban Design Charrette
  2. 2. Toledo Charrette Oct. 5-7, 2018 SUPPORTED BY: Mastriana Endowment
  3. 3. What is a Charrette? Charrette [shuh-ret]: The word charrette may refer to any accelerated collaborative session in which a group of designers drafts a solution to a design problem. Such charrettes serve as a way of quickly generating a design solution while integrating the aptitudes and interests of a diverse group of people.
  4. 4. Toledo Charrette Building on the Junction Neighborhood Master Planning process, the primary goal of the charrette is to come up with a unique and sustainable plan for the Swan Creek area of Junction. The Toledo Design Center is looking for multiple design solutions that can address challenges of stormwater management, recreation, access, and development along Swan Creek. Additionally, design teams should examine how any Swan Creek improvements can connect to the larger Junction neighborhood and to Toledo as a whole.
  5. 5. Charrette Site
  6. 6. Charrette Process
  7. 7. Charrette Process
  8. 8. Charrette Process
  9. 9. • Recreation • Access to Water • Infill Housing • Streetscape Connections • Public Art Opportunities • Healthy Places Final Charrette Themes:
  10. 10. Recreation
  11. 11. Metroparks & Swan Creek Recreation
  12. 12. New Green Spaces Existing Green Spaces Swan Creek Recreation Corridor Recreation
  13. 13. Swan Creek Recreation Corridor Recreation
  14. 14. Kayak Launch - Rental - Apparel shops Bike Path - Rental & repair shops - Shoe shops - amenities Gardens & Markets - Restaurants Swan Creek Recreation Corridor: Potential Amenities Recreation
  15. 15. Potential Long-Term Green Space Consolidation Recreation
  16. 16. Sterling Field Redevelopment Recreation
  17. 17. Libbey Park: Current Recreation
  18. 18. Libbey Park: Proposed Recreation
  19. 19. Libbey Park: Winter Use Recreation
  20. 20. Libbey Park: All-Season Use Recreation
  21. 21. Access to Water
  22. 22. Access to Water Flood Mitigation Allow Inundation in Low Areas Create Creekside Levees & Terracing
  23. 23. Access to Water Flood Mitigation Integrate Public Access & Art into Flood Control Infrastructure
  24. 24. Access to Water Swan Creek: Current
  25. 25. Access to Water Swan Creek: Proposed
  26. 26. Access to Water Sterling Field: Current
  27. 27. Access to Water Sterling Field: Proposed
  28. 28. Access to Water City Park: Current
  29. 29. Access to Water City Park: Proposed
  30. 30. Creekside Fitness Circuits Existing Access to Water Sterling Field: Creekside Access Proposed
  31. 31. Creekside Fitness Circuits Pedestrian Footpath Bridging Connections lead to Residential Dynamic Creekside Access to Water Swan Creek: Creekside Access
  32. 32. Access to Water Sterling Field Pedestrian Bridge from Ewing St
  33. 33. Streetscape Connections
  34. 34. Streetscape Connections Neighborhood-Wide Connectivity
  35. 35. Stormwater Infiltration Streetscape Connections Hawley St: Streetscape Redesign Solar Street Lights Bike Racks
  36. 36. Hawley St Railway Underpass: Proposed Streetscape Connections
  37. 37. Public Art Opportunities
  38. 38. Hawley St Railway Underpass Public Art Opportunities
  39. 39. Hawley St Railway Underpass Public Art Opportunities
  40. 40. Vacant House Reclamation Public Art Opportunities
  41. 41. Infill Housing
  42. 42. Areas of Concentration for Infill Housing Infill Housing
  43. 43. Single Family Single Family with In-law suite One-bedroom Cooperative Housing Proposed Infill Housing Types Infill Housing
  44. 44. Existing Housing Retrofit: Rear Alley Accessibility Infill Housing
  45. 45. Healthy Places
  46. 46. Precedent: Intergeneration Play Healthy Places
  47. 47. Precedent: Intergeneration Play Healthy Places
  48. 48. Neighborhood-Wide Intergenerational Playscapes Healthy Places