Parts of speech jeopardy


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Parts of speech jeopardy

  1. 1. Parts of Speech Jeopardy…
  2. 2. Today’s Categories… Modify this! (Adverbs) (identify what the adverb is modifying) Verbalicious (Identify the verb) And the subject is… (identify the subject of the sentence) Modify that! (Adjectives) (identify what the adverb is modifying) What am I? (name that part of speech) Name it all! (label each part of speech)
  3. 3. Modify This! Verbalicious! And the Modify That! What am I? Name it (adverbs) subject (adjectives) is… all! $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500
  4. 4. Modify This! - $100This swimmer jumped out of the poolquickly.What is the manner in which he “jumped”? Back to Board
  5. 5. Modify This! - $200Usually, I lock the door before leaving thehouse.What is the frequency with which you“lock”? Back to Board
  6. 6. Modify This! - $300Tomorrow, I will leave for my parents’ house.What is the time when you “will leave”? Back to Board
  7. 7. Modify This!- $400I want candy now!What is the time when you “want”? Back to Board
  8. 8. Modify This! - $500I didn’t sleep well last night.What is manner in which you “did [not]sleep”? Back to Board
  9. 9. Verbalicious- $100Donna ran all the way home.What is “ran”? Back to Board
  10. 10. Verbalicious $200Identify the verb in the followingsentence:I am tall.What is “am”? [“Tall” is an adjective. Youcan’t say “I tall”; “He talls”. Back to Board
  11. 11. Verbalicious-$300Daniel cooked and cleaned all day.What are “cooked” and “cleaned”? Back to Board
  12. 12. Verbalicious- $400He didn’t really want to live with hisfather.What are “did” and “want” [“not”; “really” and“live” are not parts of the verb phrase] Back to Board
  13. 13. Verbalicious- $500Al wanted to go to the movies but studiedfor his English 0980 exam instead.What are “wanted” and “studied”?[Remember to look for more than one verb.Also “to go” is in its infinitive form—if it hasa “to” in front of it, it is not active. Back to Board
  14. 14. The subject is… $100Identify the subject in the followingsentence:The gallery is opening to the public today.What is “gallery”? Back to Board
  15. 15. The subject is…$200Those gorgeous sandals are too small for me! What is “sandals”? [“Gorgeous” tells us which sandals; It can’t be “me”—it comes after the preposition “for”; also, “Me” can do the verb “be”.] Back to Board
  16. 16. The subject is…$300 DAILY DOUBLE!!!
  17. 17. The subject is… $400Identify the subject in the followingsentence:There are four hundred horses in thatrace!What is “horses”? [“four hundred” tells howmany horses; “race” is the object of thepreposition “in”]. Back to Board
  18. 18. The subject is… $500There are thirty lemons in this lemonade.What is “lemons”? [Thirty tells how many;lemonade is the object of the preposition“in”] Back to Board
  19. 19. Modify That!- $100The monster was scary.What is “monster” [scary]? Back to Board
  20. 20. Modify That!- $200The coarse sandpaper did a great job.What are “sandpaper” and “job”[coarse/great]? Back to Board
  21. 21. Modify That! - $300The old man was cranky.What is “man”? [old/cranky] Back to Board
  22. 22. Modify That! - $400He stood outside to watch the baseballgame.What is “game” [baseball]? Back to Board
  23. 23. Modify That! - $500The beautiful woman was dressed in pinksatin slippers and looked gorgeous.What are “woman” [beautiful/gorgeous],“satin” [pink], and “slippers” [satin]? Back to Board
  24. 24. What am I? - $100The flight attendant was calm.What is an adjective modifying “flightattendant”? Back to Board
  25. 25. What am I? - $200I strolled behind the house to get a betterlook.What is a verb? Back to Board
  26. 26. What am I?- $300Someone knocked at the door at midnight.What is a pronoun? Back to Board
  27. 27. Who am I? - $400Tomorrow will be the first time I see mymother.What is an adverb? Back to Board
  28. 28. Who am I? - $500I really felt weak after running.What is a noun? Back to Board
  29. 29. Name it all! $100Four children ran.What is an adjective [four], a noun[children], and a verb [ran]? Back to Board
  30. 30. Name it all! $200Wilbur and Thomas are fun.What are a noun [wilbur], a conjunction[and], a noun [Thomas], a verb [are], andan adjective [fun]? Back to Board
  31. 31. Name it all! $300Skating is an excellent sport.What are a noun [skating], a verb [is], anadjective [excellent] and a noun [sport]? Back to Board
  32. 32. Name it all! $400The voting booth was empty.What are an adjective [the], a adjective[voting], a noun [booth], a verb [was], andan adjective [empty]? Back to Board
  33. 33. Name it all! $500The sweet librarian covered her bloodshoteyes and wept.What are an adjective [the, sweet], a noun[librarian], a verb [covered], a pronoun[her], an adjective [bloodshot], a noun[eyes], a conjunction [and], and a verb[wept]. Back to Board
  34. 34. Daily Double Specify Your Wager!
  35. 35. The subject is… ---Identify the subject in the following sentence:What are they doing here?What is “they”? Back to Board