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Brand Project-3


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Published in: Business, Design
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Brand Project-3

  1. 1. an online grocery store
  2. 2. Kwik-Foods.comName selected to assure customers, how easy itwill be to order food quickly.Concern: Don’t want to be associated with streetkwik marts.Name is protected in sector of online grocerybuying.This is a descriptive, but also suggestive.
  3. 3. LogoLaws of color and shape are supported in mylogo- there is a circular symbol of the text andcolorful parts that grab the attention of thecustomer.This is emblem that reflects its unique brand byusing a bag of groceries and text to convey themessage of the company.The main competitors logo is using a word markthat works with limited color. The one color thatis being used is a lime green that really pops outtoward the eye.
  4. 4. Logo’s ContinuedThis logo would be effective because no otheronline grocery store uses food as there logo. Thisaids in the online food buying experience. A logo that I admire is Louis Vuitton. Thisbrand uses several different logos based on theitems.Lastly is a mock of what my logo wouldbe.There would be text on the bag displayingkwik-foods initials.
  5. 5. Corporate CultureThis company will provide diverse quality foodswithin a click of a button.There will be commitment and consistency withour products and services.There will also be great customer service byemployees who value and care about accuracy.We, vow that we will offer the best prices, bestdiscounts, and services in online grocery buyinghistory.
  6. 6. Corporate Culture ContinuedWe believe that passion and respect to our customers andemployees is a must and we will always go above andbeyond the call of duty.Along with this we will offer: paid time off, health anddental benefits to part-time and full-time employees.These objectives will be carried out with great leadershipand strong enforcement of the values each day.Respect will help us develop a strong culture, whenpeople are respected they respect their environment andthe individuals in it.
  7. 7. Mission/MantraDelivering Quality Foods QuicklyThe mantra will be communicated throughemployee handbooks, our offices, and to ourcustomers in “the about us” section.How it will be communicated is by utilizing itevery day and placing it in are marketingmaterials, receipts, bill of sale, etc.
  8. 8. Mission/Mantra ContinuedIt is directed towards both the customers andemployees by, placing it on the website and ouroffices.The mantra is concise and unique by using ashort phrase that people can remember.This mantra is straight forward and to the point.Which provides a focus, direction, and meaning.The main competitors is long and drawn out,not concise and to the point.
  9. 9. TaglineU click it We ship it.This is an effective tagline because it is simple anddirect.This tagline does speak to our online food shoppersand shows how easy online food shopping is.This is considered a specific tagline, that reinforcesthe brand message.This tagline is unique and short which is veryimportant with an effective tagline. The competitoruses a tagline for their grocery store,but not online.