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Testimonials final


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Published in: Education
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Testimonials final

  1. 1. Recommendation- by our Visitors
  2. 2. “I Should Compliment Management forProviding such a State of Art Facility andInfrastructure and Wish them toContinuous this Nobel Work”Dr. H. Maheshappa,Vice-chancellor,V.T.U, Belgaum.
  3. 3. “Great to be with your mind who have takenElectronics & Communication Engineeringon their carrier very unique effort to start astudent forum by First year students.All the best and wishing you all the successin your future endeavor”Dr. Nagaraj R,Prof & HOD of ECE Dept.,Vice-Principal,Oxford College of Engineering,Bangalore.
  4. 4. “Well Organised and Students are Veryactively participated in the discussion.Really I am very happy to have aSession like this.”Dr. Srinivas D.N,Prof & HOD ,Sambhram Institute of Technology,Bangalore.
  5. 5. “Excellent Programme Very WellOrganised. Active participation from theparticipants.”Sri. Anand T Byrappa,Manager, G.E research,Bangalore.
  6. 6. “I am delighted at the newinfrastructure and scholarlyexposition of the academicians of theInstitute.”Dr. C.P Ramesh,University Librarian,University of Mysore,Manasagangotri,Mysore.
  7. 7. “The Institution and the Library aresituated in pleasant atmosphere. TheWorkshop was really useful to theProfessionals. The arrangements madeby the Organisers really impressive. Iwish the organisers every success in itsacademic and research pursuity .”Dr. M Chandrashekara,Associate Professor,Dept. of Studies in Library &Information Science,University of Mysore, Mysore.
  8. 8. “Excellent physical and AcademicInfrastructure with Strong IntellectualLeadership in the Institute Impressedme.”Dr. Anand K Joshi,Former regional officer,AICTE.
  9. 9. “Visited and participated in the two dayWorkshop Conducted by the Collegeand found excellent facilities forstudents and faculty for intellectualdevelopment. Most striking experiencewas that of the supportive atmospherefrom top Management and verydedicated faculty, Librarian and others.It’s a nice experience indeed.”Sudheendra S,Readers Point,Bangalore - 10.
  10. 10. “This is my privilege to be a part of the twoday National Workshop and two wonder tosee that the management and college principalare encouraging the like professional in thelarge scale. I hand off to the managementand principals of both the colleges.”Dr. K.R Mulla,VTU,Belgaum.
  11. 11. “I am happy to participate in the beautifulWorkshop. College was beautiful andarrangement and hospitality was nice. Thesesfor writing me.”Dr. Mallikarjun Kumbar,Professor and Chairman,University of MysoreMysore.
  12. 12. “I am very happy to be here on the starting ofMatrix. It was a pleasure to be the speakerfor such good students in a pleasantatmosphere. Thank You.”Dr. Mukunda P.G,Professor,NMIT,Bangalore.
  13. 13. “Impressed by the New Campus and theenthusiasm of the students & faculty with theinitiatives being taken to expose the studentsto practical aspects their future seems bright.”Dr. M.R KALGAL,Sr. V.P,Ultra Tech Cement Ltd.,Bangalore.
  14. 14. “I Congratulate the young College on their proactiveefforts in providing quality education on all parts.Best regards and best wishes for a very brightfuture.”Dr. U. Chandrasekhar,Scientist ‘G’and Additional Director,GTRE,Bangalore.
  15. 15. “The College is doing very good work in themotivation of students towards the Extra-Curriculum & Co-Curriculum activities inthe form of guest lecture, club formationetc. Hats off key going.”Dr. T.C Manjunath,Principal,HKBKCE,Bangalore.
  16. 16. “K.S Group of Institutions are the upcominginstitutions in the present Society andModern era. I wish the institutions comingup like “Big Banyan Tree.”Dr. R. Muni Reddy,Director of Phy. Education,Bangalore University.
  17. 17. “A Fabulous Education Institution. Has aVery good Programmes to produceIntellectual headers Engineers toSociety. Wish the K.S.School ofEngineering & Management.”Smt. Saraswati Anil Kumar,Deputy Engineer,Bharat Electronics Ltd.,Prime minister’s ShramVeerangana Award Winner.
  18. 18. “I am a Consultant practicing general Opthamology andmanaging patients coming with Headache complaints toour our hospital Shekar Nethralaya at J.P Nagar, 3rdPhase. Dr. Sridhara principal of KSSEM was verykind enough to give us an opportunity to do a EyeHealth Screening camp as well allow us to give a smalltalk on Eye Health for his staff. I am indeed veryhappy with the kind of affection and courtesy sir showedduring our stay in the institution. Live for others is themessage followed by him I Left. Best wishes for theinstitution to sir in future.”Dr. Vijay Kumar A.R,M.B.B.S ,M.S,D.O,Senior Consultant,Headache Cilinic,General Opthamology.
  19. 19. “A Well equiped & maintained Institutionwith good & well reputed young facilities.Request to start some more P.G & U.Gcourses in due time.”Dr. D.G Mallapur,Dept. of I&P Engg.,Basaveshwar Engg College,Bagalkot-587102.
  20. 20. “Keep up the Speaking thoughts. Neverlet them go away. Hope you people willinnovate some new product.”Mr. Prasanna Kumar Sistia,Consultant Engineer,ARIBA Technologies,Bangalore.
  21. 21. “Great to be point of the growing institutesfunction. Looking forward for moreassociations with the young leaders.”Mr. Gnanasekaram S,CEO, Best of Breed SoftwareSolutions(India) Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore.
  22. 22. “ಕನಾರಟಕದಲಲ ಶೈಕಣಕ ಕಾರ೦ತಗ ತಮಮ ಅಮುಲಯಸೇವಸಲಲಸರುವ ಕಮಮವಾರ ವದಾಯಸ೦ಸಥ್ ವದಾಯಥರಗಳಪರತಭಗ ಪೋರೇತಾಸಹ ನೇಡುತರುವುದುಅಭನ೦ದನಯ.”Sri. K.S.D.L Chandru,Theatre,TV and Cine Director,Bangalore.
  23. 23. “KSSEM is having very supportiveadministration towards cultural activities.Well Organised AAROHANA fest . It willbe pleasure that it KSSEM having wellfurnished Auditorium in future. Heartilythanks for giving wonderful opportunity toshare the stays “AAROHANA”.”Mr. VADIRAJ,CINE ACTOR,Bangalore.
  24. 24. “The Growth of the institution over the pastthree years is commendable. This is probablydue to the continuous encouragement of theManagement. Therefore, this has been madepossible by the initiatives taken by theprincipal & his dedicated team of young &energetic faculty. Wish you all the best.”Dr. S. Rajashekharaiah,Founder, Vice – Chancellor ofVishwesvaraya Technological University.
  25. 25. “It is wonderful to see an younginstitution conducting aNational Seminar. It is alsowonderful to see the Excellentinfrastructure. All the best.”Dr. C. Rao Kasarabada,Group Chairman,UTL, Bangalore.
  26. 26. “It is a grateful to be part of thissession and happy to listen manypapers presented by your students.The conference was wonderful anddone with in line to the current trendand Industries requirements. I wishbest of luck for future activities andInstitution growth.”Mr. PARAMESHWAR R,Senior Project Manager,UTL, Bangalore.
  27. 27. “It Good Experience I congratulate thestaff & students for such a wonderfulevent. Keep it up.”Mr. Prashanth Gaitonde,Engineer Sripeksha,Bangalore.
  28. 28. “We were implemented in the way thestaff of KSSEM Coordinated &helped us to conduct the Work Shop.We wish them very success.”Mr. S R RAO,CEO & Senior Consultant,Sripeksha Consultacy,Bangalore.
  29. 29. “I am highly impressed and appreciatedthe interest shown by the students n thesubjects of discussion and wish them allsuccess in their life.”Mr. K Gopal,Advisor to Lotus Enterprises,Bangalore.