Bhagat puran singh


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Bhagat puran singh

  1. 1. Bhagat Puran Singh Kirat Sraa
  2. 2. Who was Bhagat Puran Singh? Bhagat Puran singh was born at Ludhiana on June 4 1904, at the house of Chaudhari Chibu Mal and Mehtab Kaur. He was hindu and as a hindu kid he was named Ramji Das. He later became sikh in 1923 and dedicated his life to serving the sick, physically and mentally ill.
  3. 3. He often helped those who had been abandoned by their families and society. It is said that whenever he saw a dead body whether it was of an animal or a human he would prepare a grave by hand and hold a ceremony for respect. Bhagat ji was also a writer, publisher and an environmentalist.
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  5. 5. What were some events in his life? Bhagat puran singh became a sikh in 1923. From here on he decided to give up his life to taking care of the ill. During the violence of 1947, because of the partition between Pakistan and India, he established a care institute in Amritsar, Punjab to fulfil the needs of the sick and disabled providing them many things like food, housing, and medical care.
  6. 6. Today this institute cares for more than a 1000 patients. His love of caring for the disabled started when he was doing seva at the gurdwara and a man fell off the roof of the gurdwara and was badly injured, this was when he took care of the man and realized he was most happiest serving the ill and disabled. He was later found wandering around without a permanent shelter. He died at August 5th,1998 at the age of 88. An interesting fact: He only had 3 paise when he
  7. 7. Bhagat Puran Singh was no ordinary human but definitely one of the most loved and admired men in the world. Many people describe him as the bearded Mother Teresa of Punjab. Bhagat Ji had nothing except his single-minded dedication to serve the poor and the needy. And yet he was able to help thousands of mentally and physically handicapped and the dying. His name has been written in letters of gold in the history of the world.
  8. 8. Quotes "Freedom is not an achievement but an opportunity." "Dignity in death is a birthright of each living thing." "The thoughts of great men are the common heritage of humanity and let our country men receive inspiration and guidance from these thoughts."
  9. 9. References http://www.sikh-history. com/sikhhist/personalities/sewadars/puransing h.html