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Poe's Life


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A PP about Poe's life

Published in: Education
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Poe's Life

  1. 1. EDGAR ALLAN POEThe Life of a Horror Story Master by K. Spees
  2. 2. BIRTH Edgar Poe was born on the 19th of January, 1890 in Boston, Massachusetts’s. His parents were David and Eliza Poe and both worked as actors. Eliza Poe and David PoePoe’s home in Boston, MA.
  3. 3. CHILDHOOD By the time Poe was 2 years old, his mother had passed away. Since his father was always away for work, Poe was take in by John and Frances Allan. When Poe is 6 years old, he and Allans move to England.John and Frances Allan
  4. 4. TEENAGE YEARS At the age of 15, Poe and the Allans have returned to America and lived in Virginia. During this time, Poe is also secretly engaged to Sarah Elmira Royster. The engagement was kept secret due to the fact that Royster’s parents didn’t approve of Poe being an orphan, and was later broken off. Then, when Poe was 16 years old, he attend the University of Virginia and excelled in the studies of ancient and modern languages. Sadly, during hisSarah Elmira Royster college years, Poe also created quite a large gambling dept. University of Virginia in 1826
  5. 5. TEENAGE YEARS In 1827, Poe get in a confrontation with his step father and leaves for Boston. Once inBoston harbor in 1827 Boston, Poe enrolls in the US Army under the name Edgar A. Perry.US Army soldier in 1827
  6. 6. ADULTHOOD From 1836- 1843, Poe marries Virginia Clemm (who is 13 at the time) andwrites many of his now well known stories. The stories include (in the order of which they were written): 1) Fall of the House of Usher 2) Murders in the Rue Morgue 3) The Pit and the Pendulum 4) The Masque of the Red Death 5) The Mystery of Marie Roget 6) The Tell-Tale Heart 7) The Gold Bug 8) The Black Cat
  7. 7. POE’S DEATHAt the age of 40, Poe is in Richmond to gives lectures and visit friends. WhenPoe leaves for New York on September 27, he disappears. Poe doesn’t return to New York and no one knows where he could be. Finally, on October 3 rd, Poe is found delirious on a bench in Baltimore. Four days later, on October 7th, Poe is pronounced dead. No one truly know what caused his death
  8. 8. WRITING TIME! Get on a computer and type your idea of how Poewound up in Baltimore and what caused his death. Makesure to save your work to your USB drive for your POE- Folio!!