work family conflict


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work family conflict

  1. 1. Work Family Conflict Prepared by : K.Sooriya 2010/BAD/002 REFERENCE : Handbook of Work Stress by Julian Barling, E. Kevin Kelloway, Michael Robert Frone 2005
  2. 2. Outline Definition of work family conflict Direction of work family conflict Types of work family conflict Factors affecting work family conflict Outcomes of work family conflict Techniques to reduce work family conflict Conclusion
  3. 3. Work Family Conflict work-family conflict is an inter-role conflict in which the role demands of one sphere (work or family) are incompatible with the role demands of another sphere (work or family).
  4. 4. Directions of work family conflict WORK TO FAMILY CONFLICT FAMILY TO WORK CONFLICT
  5. 5. Types of work family conflict Time based conflict 1.W/F time based conflict 2.F/W time based conflict Strain based conflict 3.W/F strain based conflict 4. F/W strain based conflict Behavior based conflict 5.W/F behavior based conflict 6.F/W behavior based conflict
  6. 6. Factors affecting work family conflict WORK RELATED FACTORS Work demands OR over load interpersonal conflict at work Unsupportive supervisors and co-workers Inflexible work schedules Low job security Long job related travels Work role ambiguity Poor working conditions Discrimination and harassment Competition
  7. 7. Factors affecting work family conflict con…….. FAMILY RELATED FACTORS Unsupportive family members Conflict among family members Multiple family responsibilities Lack of job sharing Higher cost of living Number of dependents Child and elder care issues Lack of proper time management Loss of family member Parents separate Cultural issues Physical condition of family
  8. 8. Outcomes of work family conflict Deceased job satisfaction Absenteeism high turnover Changing jobs Inadequate performance and commitment Complaints low morale Lower productivity level Damages and errors
  9. 9. Outcomes of work family conflict con…. Lower life satisfaction Lower communication Affecting Kids study Burnout and unhappiness Increased health risks Psychological distress Low problem solving rumination and detachment
  10. 10. Techniques to reduce Work family conflict Techniques to reduce work to family conflict Proper time management Promotion opportunities Healthy work environment Counseling Benefits and welfare services Family friendly benefits Flexible work schedule Providing entertainment facilities Increasing supervisor support(formal or informal) Training and education Health care benefits
  11. 11. Techniques to reduce Work family conflict Techniques to reduce family to work conflict Job sharing Going trip open communication Proper budget Meditation and yoga
  12. 12. Conclusion Work family conflict is an interrole conflict Conceptually conflict between work and family is bi-directional It is associated with negative outcomes We can reduce these outcomes by implementing proper techniques
  13. 13. THANK YOU