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Hollywood production

  1. 1. Hollywood Film Productionkks<br />
  2. 2. Hollywood Film Production<br />Hollywood makes approximately 120 films a year<br />High Production Values<br /> high budget affords: <br /><ul><li>Special effects
  3. 3. Actors
  4. 4. Great script
  5. 5. Exotic locations
  6. 6. New technology – camera work</li></li></ul><li>Blockbusters<br />A high-budget production <br />Aimed at mass markets<br />Relies on vital merchandising<br />“the modern-day blockbuster has become far more than just a movie. However strong the characters and storyline, none of the new breed of blockbusters gets the go-ahead unless it can justify itself in terms of its TV spin-offs, sequels, merchandising opportunities and DVD tie-in. It is no longer enough to get pre-programmed audiences crammed into the multiplex when they could be buying the toy, drinking the drink and wearing the T-shirt too.” <br />
  7. 7. Spiderman 2<br />Production Costs<br />
  8. 8. Before: the deals ($30M)<br />Script & development: $10m<br />The script budget on a film is typically 5% of the total budget. <br />Writer David Koeppnetted an eight-figure payday.<br />Plus:, a batch of four fresh writers, including Pulitzer prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon<br />. In addition, it is likely uncredited but well-paid script doctors were drafted in to rewrite certain scenes. <br />Licensing: $20m<br />Marvel owns the Spider-Man character. Since Sony bought the movie rights in 1999, there has been ongoing bickering and litigation between Marvel and Sony, pushing the licensing price up further. <br />Stan Lee, the co-creator of the Spider-Man comic character, acts as executive producer on Spider-Man 2. Marvel pay Lee an annual salary of $1m [£540,000], but Lee has threatened to sue for a share of profits from licensing. <br />
  9. 9. During: the shoot ($100M)<br />The big money is doled out to the stars, the director and the <br />producers are still paid a traditional weekly wage for the length of <br />the shoot. They are what's called "above-the-line" costs that the <br />studios are committed to paying before the cameras even start to roll. <br />Producers: $15m<br />Blockbusters spawn numerous producers : Spider-Man 2 has two producers, one co-producer and three executive producers. <br />Director: $10m<br />In the age of studio-led blockbuster movies, the director has less and less autonomy, and is often brought on board after the studio has already completed casting. If test audiences dislike a scene, the director is obliged to cut or reshoot. For their pains, directors can still command a hefty fee. <br />For the first Spider-Man movie, then Columbia Pictures chairwoman Amy Pascal surprised the community by hiring Evil Dead director Sam Raimi, who was not that well known to keep the costs down.<br />
  10. 10. Cast: $30m<br />Tobey Maguire landed the title role after first-choice Heath Ledger passed. His pay for Spider-Man, $4m [£2m] leapt to an upfront $17m [£9m] for the sequel, <br />Industry insiders estimate Kirstin Dunstwas paid $5-$6m for Spider-Man 2. <br />New baddie Alfred Molina would be paid in the region of $1m [$540,000]. <br />The rest of the cast will have picked up $3m [£1.6m]. <br />Actors, agents and managers go home happy with a tasty 10-15% of their clients' payday. <br />Below the line: $45m<br />"Below-the-line" costs are the physical production expenses of the shoot, including crew fees. The costs of hiring and operating state-of-the-art equipment, corralling and feeding armies of extras, occupying and vacating locations, and, above all, employing thousands of high-salaried crew members are enormous. <br />Principal photography on Spider-Man 2 began on April 12, 2003 in New York, where the production spent three weeks shooting at various locations.<br />
  11. 11. After: the edit ($70M)<br />Special effects: $65m<br />The lion's share of the post-production budget is now spent on special effects. Editing remains a sizeable chunk but, along with above-the-line costs, the effects budget on blockbusters is one of the big spends, and is growing fast. <br />Music: $5m<br />No more than 2% of the budget. <br />Three-time Oscar-nominated Danny Elfman composed the music for Spider-Man 2 for a fee nearing £2m. <br />Sony Music Soundtrax will put out the official soundtrack which includes tracks by Jet and Train. <br />The first Spider-Man album debuted at no 4 on the US albums chart, and sold more than 2m copies worldwide. <br />
  12. 12. The sell ($75M)<br />Prints & advertising: $75m <br />The print and advertising costs are not actually included in the production budget. Having already spent $200m on making the film, the studios will spend even more money on marketing it!<br />
  13. 13. Was it worth it?<br />Final Box Office figures:<br /> $821m [£446m] worldwide!<br />
  14. 14. Glossary:<br />High production values<br />Blockbuster <br />Above the line costs<br />Below the line costs<br />Media conglomerate<br />Subsidiary <br />
  15. 15. Your task:The Making of…..<br />Research the making (production) of a contemporary Hollywood Blockbuster.<br />1. What makes it have high production values?<br />2. Collecting info:<br />The film’s official site<br />Also search: +Guardian<br /> +Telegraph<br /> +cinematography<br /> +interview with director/ producer <br /> +production notes<br /> +makingof.com <br />3. You will be presenting your information using Prezi<br />