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Winsor rhino


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Published in: Technology
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Winsor rhino

  1. 1. JP
  2. 2. Interesting Facts A baby rhino weights 20 times a human baby. The black rhino lives in Africa. Most rhinos like to live alone. Ranging from 3 to 15 kilometer. The white rhino is the biggest.
  3. 3. Why my animal is endangeredPeople killed them for their horns
  4. 4. Lets classify our animalMy animal is a vertebrate.My animal is a mammal.My animal is in a crash or a herd
  5. 5. Where in the world does myanimal liveThe rhino lives in Africa it is in a woodland it lives in acave
  6. 6. Food chainGrass and leaves
  7. 7. RelativesTapirs are related to rhinos
  8. 8. Art work