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Hartman rhino


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Hartman rhino

  1. 1. KM
  2. 2.  Rhinos are very heavy. They have thick hooves. There are 5 species. All rhinos have three toes. Despite there small and heavy hooves rhinosare very fast.
  3. 3. Rhinos are endangered because there is illegalhunting and people are killing them for therehorns.
  4. 4. Rhinos are vertebrates.The class is a mammal.Rhinos groups are called a pack.
  5. 5.  Rhinos live in the grass lands Rhinos are close to the Rainforest Rhinos live in dark caves
  6. 6.  Rhinos mostly live in Africa
  7. 7.  The rhino is related to horses and goats
  8. 8.  Sun Plants bugs Rhinos lions
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