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Hartman lion


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Published in: Technology
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Hartman lion

  1. 1. INTERESTING FACTSMating between lions and tigers is not likely to happen in the wild.However lions have a large member of the cat family after the tiger.Lions can call home with their roar.Lions are the biggest cat in Africa.Elephants are lions biggest enemy..
  2. 2. WHY LIONS ARE ENDANGEREDPeople are hunting them for their bones. .
  3. 3. CLASSIFYING MY ANIMALLions are vertebrates.Lions are a mammal.A group of lions are a pack.
  4. 4. WHERE DOES YOUR ANIMAL LIVELions live in Africa.Lions live in the big savanna.Lions live in the hot desert.Lions live in a large den.
  5. 5. FAMILY MATTERSThe Lion is related to aCat , Tiger and, Jaguar.
  6. 6. FOOD CHAIN.• Sun• Grass• Water buffalo• Lion
  7. 7. ART WORK