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Protractor for angularJS

Protractor for angularJS

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Protractor for angularJS

  1. 1. @ksnadestiny Protractor for AngularJS
  2. 2. Protractor vs Selenium Selenium Protractor Waits/sleeps Lots. (Floats on finding elements) No (Uses ng features like smart wait/sleeps for angular services) Identifying locators Common attributes like id, names etc Angular directives(binding, repeater..etc) Dependency on selenium Server Yes Not required in case of chrome driver Test Non – AngularJS page AngularJS and Non- angularJS page Detailed results No(Third party - TestNG) Yes (Jasmine Reports) Language Java, Python.. Etc Java Script
  3. 3. Execution & Reports Executing Protractor Tests • webdriver-manager with test specification • node package manager (npm) • grunt npm modules for report generation • jasmine-reporters • protractor-html-screenshot-reporter 3
  4. 4. High Level Architecture 4 Jasmine Mocha Cucumber Protractor Webdriver-js Chrome Driver Selenium Driver AngularJS App Chrome Driver Browser NodeJS JSON Wire Protocol Frameworks IE Driver Firefox Driver Ref:
  5. 5. CI & Protractor 5 Github plugin, xvfb plugin, Sauce OnDemand Plugin Sauce Support , Git, Xvfb installation Create free-style project Configure Xvfb , Git & Sauce lab Execute shell (Script to Configure Environment ) Initiate buildXML & HTML Report Install Plugin Configure System Create Project Consolidated Report Test Initiated Configure Project
  6. 6. Opensource Momentum 6 • #18 open/283 closed pull requests, # 128 open/732 closed Issues, #20k per week Code frequency, support mechanism/forums etc]
  7. 7. • Twitter @bluemeric • Web: • Contact: Thanks

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Protractor for angularJS


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