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A presentation I had

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. HTML 5 geolocation Kristoffer Snabb
  2. 2. Scope of the working group• Retrieve a users location only once• Retrieve several data points over time• Retrieve a sequence of locations at irregular intervals (e.g. each time a photo is taken)
  3. 3. Geolocation API• Simple interface to get user location with the help of three functions – getCurrentPosition – watchPosition – clearWatch
  4. 4. The interface• navigator.geolocation.<function name>• successCallback, errorCallback• PositionOptions – enableHighAccuracy – False, True – Timeout – maximumAge – requireCoords – True, False – requestAddress – False, True
  5. 5. The output• Coords – latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, altitudeAcc uracy, heading, speed, verticalSpeed• Address – country, region, county, city, street, streetNumber, premises, postalCode• timestamp
  6. 6. What makes it complex?
  7. 7. Triangulation/forward link examples• GPS – Accuracy about 10m – Does not work indoors• Wi-Fi – Accuracy about 20m – Works indoors• Cell tower – Accuracy depends on cell coverage
  8. 8. Geo IP example• Mobile phone ip address is ephemeral?• Latency and traceroute information
  9. 9. Social network example• likelihood of friendship with a person is decreasing with distance• Your friend shared location with GPS• Your friends profile has an address Good enough for marketing, goodcomputational performance and increasedlocation probability when used with geo IP
  10. 10. Search query analysis exampleWWW 2008 / Refereed Track: Search - Query Analysis April 21-25, 2008 · Beijing, China F i gur e 8: Spher es of i nfl uence of basebal l t eam s.
  11. 11. References• Spatial variation in search engine queries, www2008, L. Backstrom, J. Kleinberg, R. Kumar, J. Novak• Find me if you can: improving geographical prediction with social and spatial proximity, www2010, L. Backstrom, E. Sun, C. Marlow,• Uses of W3C’s geolocation API, CINTI 2010, B. Pejic, A. Pejic, Z. Covic• The locative Web, locweb2008, E. Wilde, M. Kofahl