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Choosing a prewriting method


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Choosing a prewriting method

  1. 1. Choosing Your Pre-writing MethodMs. SmithEnglish 111
  2. 2. Before watching thisslidecast● You should have: ○ watched the video on pre-writing methods in the Blackboard class shell● For additional information, use your textbook for help. Enokson: Writing Assignment: Pre-writing
  3. 3. To successfully pre-write:● Do know why its helpful to pre-write● Dont worry about spelling● Dont worry about grammar● Tip: Pre-writing is about getting the information down, not worrying about writing it perfectly.
  4. 4. To review:3 Types of pre-writing:● Brainstorming● Free-writing● Clustering Tim Lewis: Writing Santa
  5. 5. Brainstorming● Can also be called "listing"● Think about bullet-points SMWLDN Brainstorm
  6. 6. Free-writing● Need a timer● Writing without stopping for 3-5 minutes● Looks like one BIG paragraph PhotoSteve101: Metallic Ballpen Tips
  7. 7. Clustering● Visual Map● Circle in middle of page● Other circles branch off that main circle in clusters● Also called "mind mapping" Sami Keinanen: Writing Cards
  8. 8. How to choose the bestmethod for you● Think about: ○ how you learn ○ how you process information ○ how you take notes Rennett Stowe: Tapping a Pencil
  9. 9. Brainstorming checklist:1. Do you like writing lists?2. Do you take a shopping list to the grocery store? Jeanbaptisteparis. Aix Brainstorming.
  10. 10. Free-writing checklist:1. Do you write about your day?2. Do you write to figure things out?3. Do you like to write really quickly? Matthew Ragan: Feb. Challenge Day 20
  11. 11. Clustering checklist:1. Are you a "visual learner"?2. Do you like to "see" how something works to understand it?3. Do you like visuals and diagrams? Jonny Goldstein:. About Me Mind Map.
  12. 12. Good news!● Easy to try more than one● Try them out for size, and see which one fits you best! Elvert Barnes: Hands Pen Paper
  13. 13. To review:● Listmaker Brainstormer● Quick writer Free-writer● Visual learner Clusterer
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