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  • Final international marketing powerpoint chile

    1. 1. InternationalMarketing Plan
    2. 2. 1. Introduction 1. Competitive Analysis2. Overview of BaseCamp 2. Service Plan3. Overview of Chile 3. Distribution4. PESTLE Analysis 4. Advertising & Promotion5. Target Market Strategy6. Market Entry 5. SWOT Analysis 6. ConclusionTable of Contents
    3. 3. • Nestled into the corner of South America, Chile has successfully been one of the fastest growing economies since 1990. Ranking #7 in the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, and #1 in their region, Chile has consistently shown a commitment to the improvement of their economic standing.• The following PowerPoint presentation will discuss the opportunities available in Chile for BaseCamp International.Introduction
    4. 4. • BaseCamp is a network of International Centers.• Current locations include Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Nepal, Ghana, and Tanzania• The centres come equipped with classrooms, dorms, private rooms, lounge area and a kitchen. Complimentary meals as well as internet access is provided to all volunteers.• BaseCamp is a for-profit organization that builds alliances in international communities, providing non-for-profit organizations with eager volunteers and students looking to do internships• Staff helps match up people who want to volunteer, intern, work, study, or live abroad. Overview of BaseCamp
    5. 5. • BaseCamp provides opportunities that include: teaching English, disaster relief support, research, building homes, assistance in low income health clinics, social service work, daycare support, etc. • Provides ongoing support throughout the entire duration of the volunteer’s stay • Mission is to promote cross-cultural learning, global awareness, understanding between cultures, and platform for positive change • Length of programs may vary from: 1 to 2 months, 1 to 2 weeks, 3 to 4 weeks, 6 to 12 months, or even one full calendar year.BaseCamp Overview continued…
    6. 6. 2012 • Moved to Grenada, Nicaragua 2008 • Moved to Arusha, Tanzania 2005 • Moved to Accra, Ghana • Moved to San José, Costa Rica 2004 • Moved to Quito, Ecuador • Moved to Jinotepe, Carazo 2000 • Moved to Lima, Peru 1998 • Moved to Kingston, Ontario • Moved to Kathmandu, NepalTimeline of BaseCamp Expansion
    7. 7. Chile 78.3• Population of 17.2 million 2012 Economic• GDP (PPP): $257.9 billion Freedom Score• GNI per capita: $9,940.00• President: Sebastian Pinera• Democratic government• Strong property rights (ranked 2nd)• Has the most secure contractual agreements in Latin America (Ranked 21st on freedom from corruption)• Chile has the 5th highest usage of social networking sites worldwide. A study by ComScore indicates that Chileans spend about one third of their time on social networking.• Ranked 39 out of 183 in the index in Doing Business 2012. Regional average for Latin America & Caribbean is 95.• Has a need for volunteer workers to assist with children in poverty, natural disaster relief, education, and teaching English.• City of Lota sits at an unemployment rate of 20%• Dealing with issues of income inequalityOverview of Chile
    8. 8. Doing Business in ChileA Comparison with Countries Who Currently Have BaseCamp LocationsRankings are out of 183 Countries
    9. 9. PESTLE Analysis
    10. 10. Primary Target Market: • Young adults: emphasis on high school and post-secondary students Secondary Target Market: • Graduates and those wanting to experience another culture. Those who are on a break in between work or school and enjoy travel. • PRIZMne Segments • 16 Bohemian Mix • 22 Young Influentials • 44 New BeginningsTarget Market
    11. 11. Target Market Segments
    12. 12. Market Entry Strategy• Foreign Direct Investment with long term participation. Similar to how Cisco entered the South Korean market.• Alliances with numerous local NFP organizations prior to market entry.• The Linder Theory bests describes the Chilean market in comparison to Canada.Market Entry
    13. 13. Target Market Target Market Target MarketGAP travelers, youth, adults on Teens, students, solo travelers, English speaking North Americanscareer break groups, 50+, families 18 years of age +Service Offerings Service Offerings Service OfferingsTeaching, Childcare and Teaching, orphanage work, Volunteer trainingEnvironmental projects healthcare, environmental, sessions, children’sPricing women’s empowerment, workshops, operational or resource3 months construction, animals & wildlife development projectsexluding flights= $4121.33 Pricing Pricingwith flights = $5,979.32 Start at $945 for 1-12 weeks Free, but you are responsible for allfood & accommodation included Start at $5465 for 6months-1year expenses –Advertising Strategies Includes food, lodging, insurance food, shelter, insurance, travelSocial Media, newsletter, Advertising Strategies Advertising Strategiesbrochure. “A community beyond borders” Social Media – Extensive use of Social Media Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linke dInCompetitive Analysis
    14. 14. • In order to successfully participate within Chile, Basecamp International will use an integrated model. This will allow for direct contact with local consumers and alliance members through the use of an in country office.• As an embedded organization, Basecamp International will be better equipped to develop strong local community relationships with potential alliance organizations as well as the community at large. This will also improve the overall acceptance of Basecamp within Chile.• Glocalization will be a key aspect of the Chilean office in order to ensure uniformity of strategic and tactical elements.• Through the use of a polycentric pricing strategy, the Chilean office will set its own pricing for the services it provides to volunteers. E.g. accommodations, meals, language training, activities during your orientation week and cultural training.Service Plan
    15. 15. Channel Relationships• For Basecamp’s alliances to work, each member will be required to be open about their expectations and communicate changes perceived in each other’s behaviour that might be conflicting with alliance agreements. Distribution Strategy• As per the service plan, Basecamp International will be embedding into the Chilean market and as such will use an integrated distribution system in which to distribute volunteers between its allied organizations.• All volunteers are required to arrange for transportation to any of Basecamp International’s out of country offices. E.g. Travel arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the volunteers. Grey Market• In order to avoid the support of grey market alternatives, Basecamp International will ensure that all products necessary for the development of the local offices and continued volunteer support are purchased through legitimate channels.Distribution
    16. 16. Chilean Advertising • The current strategy of using social media to promote Basecamp International’s presence will prove largely beneficial if continued and specifically targeted towards Chilean cultures and values. As stated in the overview of Chile, social networking is an integral part of their culture today, and as such will be the primary medium for in-country advertising and promotions. Top used social media platforms in Chile are Facebook and Twitter and as such will be used as the primary tools in which to reach our target market. • Sending informational brochures to target potential affiliates to ensure full market coverage. • Target Market – N.F.P. organizations Canadian Advertising • Continued use of social media will be a key aspect of the Canadian advertising strategy. • Arranging information presentations with in Canadian schools will be used as a secondary aspect of this strategy in order to promote involvement and define the benefits of volunteering and international travel. • Target Market – Psychographic targeting of Students(high school, college and university), young adults, religious groups, humanitarians and environmentalists.Advertising & Promotion Strategy
    17. 17. Advertising Challenges in Chile• Ensuring that all translations are appropriate and are non-offensive.• Ensuring that all advertisements are socially acceptable.• Maintaining relevance within the market.• Detailed understanding of predispositions and attitudes, beliefs and behavior, rituals and conventions, and purchase and use patterns.• Costs of advertising in Chile are similar to that of Canada. Be prepared to spend to make an impact outside of social media.Advertising & PromotionStrategy Cont…
    18. 18. When strengths & Strengthsopportunities Free Trade Agreement Weaknessessubstantially exceed with Canada. Long wait for construction permits.threats & weaknesses Fixed tax rates Non-discrimination policy Minimal bankruptcy they do here, an relative to domestic investors No special taxinvestment has great Industry-specific exemptions on foreign investment.long term potential. incentives. Opportunities Threats Disaster relief. Natural disasters. Growth in the NFP market Environmental Start-up Chile - deterioration. Government initiative. Power DistanceSWOT Analysis
    19. 19. • Based upon the information above, it is apparent that there are sufficient opportunities within the Chilean market in which Basecamp can benefit both Chile and their volunteers.• Due to the strong economic conditions combined with governmental support with foreign investment within Chile, expansion into the country should prove to be a relatively smooth process for Basecamp.• With numerous not for profit organizations within Chile, Basecamp will be able to develop strong community relationships.Conclusions
    20. 20. ••••••• global-traction• abroad/index1.cfm?pagename=How%20It%20Works&category=90&page=412• abroad/index1.cfm?pagename=Facebook&category=12&page=16• df•••,,contentM DK:22255176~pagePK:1497618~piPK:217854~theSitePK:325273,00.html (mentions challenges)•