Holographic data storage


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Holographic data storage

  1. 1. HOLOGRAPHIC DATAHOLOGRAPHIC DATA STORAGESTORAGE Presented ByPresented By Adithya H JoshiAdithya H Joshi Manoj Vasishta S SManoj Vasishta S S 4pm11cs0034pm11cs003 4pm11cs0514pm11cs051 CSE,PESITMCSE,PESITM CSE,PESITMCSE,PESITM -The Emerging Technology
  2. 2. OverviewOverview • IntroductionIntroduction • Co-linear HolographyCo-linear Holography • Holographic Versatile DiskHolographic Versatile Disk • HVD System: Writing DataHVD System: Writing Data • HVD System: Reading DataHVD System: Reading Data • AdvantagesAdvantages • Major ChallengesMajor Challenges • ObjectivesObjectives • ReferencesReferences
  3. 3. Introduction:Introduction: • Technology used to produce 3-D images.Technology used to produce 3-D images. • Dennis Gabor.Dennis Gabor. • Provides a larger storage capacity in smallerProvides a larger storage capacity in smaller space.space. • Data represented as matrix: 0’s - Light squareData represented as matrix: 0’s - Light square 1’s - Dark square1’s - Dark square • Data storage device - HVDData storage device - HVD • Technology used - Co-linear HolographyTechnology used - Co-linear Holography
  4. 4. Co-linear Holography:Co-linear Holography: • Single laser beam is split into two:Single laser beam is split into two: 1.Reference beam1.Reference beam 2.Data beam2.Data beam • Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) - processesSpatial Light Modulator (SLM) - processes light and dark squares and sends laser beamlight and dark squares and sends laser beam to storage medium.to storage medium.
  5. 5. Holographic Versatile Disk:Holographic Versatile Disk: • Optical disk - Only surface layerOptical disk - Only surface layer HVD - Most of the layers.HVD - Most of the layers. • 2 lasers - green or blue laser, red laser.2 lasers - green or blue laser, red laser. • A dichroic mirror layer separates RecordingA dichroic mirror layer separates Recording layer and address layer.layer and address layer.
  6. 6. Writing Data on to HVD:Writing Data on to HVD: • Encoding of information into binary-data – SLM.Encoding of information into binary-data – SLM. • 1’s - translucent1’s - translucent 0’s – opaque0’s – opaque • Information beam passesInformation beam passes through SLM.through SLM. • Portion of beam throughPortion of beam through translucent area interferencingtranslucent area interferencing with reference beam formswith reference beam forms holographic data.holographic data. Page of data
  7. 7. Reading data from HVD:Reading data from HVD: • Retrieving light pattern from hologram.Retrieving light pattern from hologram. • To read data, Laser angle = Reference beam angle.To read data, Laser angle = Reference beam angle. • Diffracts the laser beam according to theDiffracts the laser beam according to the interference pattern stored.interference pattern stored. • Diffracted beam - ReconstructionDiffracted beam - Reconstruction beambeam • Reconstruction beam - RecreatesReconstruction beam - Recreates page of data in the 1page of data in the 1stst place asplace as stored earlier.stored earlier.
  8. 8. Advantages:Advantages: 1. Increased storage capacity:1. Increased storage capacity: • Digital media – increased demands.Digital media – increased demands. • 200 DVDs = 1 HVD of size 1 TB.200 DVDs = 1 HVD of size 1 TB. • Future capacity 6 TB (present 3.9 TB).Future capacity 6 TB (present 3.9 TB). • Storage density: HVD - 390 bit/sq. micronStorage density: HVD - 390 bit/sq. micron DVD – 5 bit/sq. micronDVD – 5 bit/sq. micron • All the books in U.S library of congress canAll the books in U.S library of congress can be stored in 6 HVD’s.be stored in 6 HVD’s. • The pictures of every landmass on Earth can be stored on two HVD’s.
  9. 9. 2. Increased read/write speed:2. Increased read/write speed: • Data transfer rate billion bits/second.Data transfer rate billion bits/second. 3. Longer storage life:3. Longer storage life: • HVD -HVD - 5050 yearsyears • DVD - 2 to 5 yearsDVD - 2 to 5 years
  10. 10. Major challenges:Major challenges: • Costlier (nearly $16000)Costlier (nearly $16000) • Integration of SLM is difficult.Integration of SLM is difficult. • As now not compatible with CD/DVD’s.As now not compatible with CD/DVD’s. • Lack of suitable recording medium.Lack of suitable recording medium.
  11. 11. Objectives:Objectives: • Develop awareness of current applications ofDevelop awareness of current applications of holography in computer data storage.holography in computer data storage. • Present holography as a new and powerfulPresent holography as a new and powerful solution model to ever increasing multimediasolution model to ever increasing multimedia storage requirements.storage requirements. • Review key concepts and terminology.Review key concepts and terminology. • Generate dynamic perspective of this new andGenerate dynamic perspective of this new and emerging technology.emerging technology. • Stimulate interest in exploring and applying thisStimulate interest in exploring and applying this new technology using multimedia presentationsnew technology using multimedia presentations and the internet.and the internet.
  12. 12. References:References: [1]A Detailed Text Book Of Engineering Physics by[1]A Detailed Text Book Of Engineering Physics by Basavaraj BBasavaraj B [2]http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What[2]http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What are_the_advantages_and_disadvantages_Of_Dataare_the_advantages_and_disadvantages_Of_Data Storage_Device#slide=2Storage_Device#slide=2 [3][3]http://electronics.howstuffworks. comhttp://electronics.howstuffworks. com [4]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holo[4]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holo graphic_data_storagegraphic_data_storage [5]http://www.opticsinfobase.org/ao/ abstract.cfm?[5]http://www.opticsinfobase.org/ao/ abstract.cfm? uri=ao-44-13-2575uri=ao-44-13-2575 [6]http://www.projectsourcecode.in/ Thread-[6]http://www.projectsourcecode.in/ Thread- Holographic-Memory-Seminar-Report-Abstract-Holographic-Memory-Seminar-Report-Abstract- 322322