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Why User Experience Matters


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Slide deck from my talk on Why User Experience Matters, delivered at Honeywell Bangalore, Orion Campus

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Why User Experience Matters

  1. Why User Experience matters @kshitiz, Talk at Honeywell, Bangalore 3rdSeptember 2013
  3. And this is what I do for a living: Evangelize about design, get more people to understand design & convince young students to take it up as a career option
  4. •  Presently –  Dean & Director - India Operations at L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique –  Founder of Happy Horizons Consulting –  Founder & Managing Trustee – Happy Horizons Trust •  Previous –  Design Head, Kuliza Technologies –  Founder & Director, Deskala Research and Design & Consulting •  Education –  MS in HCI Design , Indiana University Bloomington, USA –  BDes in Communication Design, IIT Guwahati, India •  Contact – –  Twitter: @kshitiz –  LinkedIn: –  Website:
  5. Happy Horizons •  Dean & Director of the school and all programs in India •  2 year masters program in Transcultural Design •  Teach Design for Social Impact and User Experience •  Mentor students on final projects •  Design the curriculum & faculty recruitment •  Student welfare and professional development •  Consulting practice •  Help large companies to startups with design •  Take design workshops at corporates •  Work mainly in user experience design, branding, design for social impact •  Working towards improving the quality of education in primary schools •  Career Awareness Seminars for high school students •  Digital Literacy program for youth Design | Research | Consulting" + a few other things like traveling, photography etc
  6. WHY USER EXPERIENCE MATTERS ? Today I talk about
  7. Design is such a natural human ability