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Happy Horizons Trust Annual Report 2017-2018


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Annual Report of Happy Horizons Trust. A non profit working in Education to improve the quality of education in schools across Bihar. We work by empowering the youth and training teachers by working toward whole school transformations.

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Happy Horizons Trust Annual Report 2017-2018

  1. 1. ANNUAL REPORT 2017-18
  2. 2. 2 Happy Horizons Trust
  3. 3. 3Annual Report 2017-18 To all the Champions...
  4. 4. 4 Happy Horizons Trust CONTACT US © HAPPY HORIZONS TRUST Registered under the India Trust Act, 1882 Regn No. : BK IV BNG-BMH 739 2012-2013 REGISTERED OFFICE #305 Vasavi Pearl Apts, Celebrity Classic Layout, Doddathoguru Village, Electronic City, Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560100 DELHI OFFICE G154, 1st Floor, Kalkaji, Delhi, India 110019 BIHAR OFFICE Sharma Chowk, Simri Bakhtiarpur, Saharsa 852127, Bihar, India CONTACT KSHITIZ ANAND Mobile : +91 95352 06828 DEEPTANSHU PANDEY Mobile: +91 83740 12411 Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin:
  5. 5. VISION “One day all schools will offer quality education that focuses on the overall development of the child.” MISSION “To create a systemic impact through local changemakers working closely with all stakeholders to strengthen the primary school education.”
  6. 6. 6 Happy Horizons Trust BASELINE SURVEY If development programs are to lead to desired outcomes, their impact on the ground should be regularly assessed.
  7. 7. 7Annual Report 2017-18 While working in the education system people talk about the development of the society, it is very important for an organization which works with school going stu- dents to know the present state of their learnings in terms of knowledge and skills. In order to measure the impact created through our program's intervention, so far we have used the ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) survey tools for do- ing the baseline survey. A baseline survey is one of the most important part of the Measurement and Evaluation process. A Baseline Survey gathers key information early in a project so that later judgments can be made about the quality and development results achieved of the project. Information on the reading level status is collected for the primary school children. The students are tested on their basic Hindi and English reading and basic Maths. Apart from the ASER matrix, we have designed our own matrix known as the Over- all Development Matrix to test the overall development of the children. This financial year we have started working with 29 schools across 10 Blocks of Saharsa district of Bihar namely. We conducted the baseline survey in all our part- ner schools with our new champions. The results of the survey were eye-opening. We have been hearing about the lower reading levels of the children across the country, it is really sad to witness similar data points in rural Bihar when we conducted the surveys ourselves. Here are some insights from the survey and the data points collected from the classrooms. • 92% of Class 1 students cannot identify the double-digit number. • Only 6% of Class 2 students can read an English word. Now looking at the data points above, the question arises, who is to be blamed for this? We actually cannot blame anyone in particular but the system as a whole. We as development practitioners are trying to bridge the gap between the govern- ment scheme's and at the grass root level. In order to make our interventions im- pactful, we need to know the ground realities which we obtained from this survey. We hope to achieve better results after the implementation of our program when we do our endline survey.
  8. 8. 8 Happy Horizons Trust BASELINE SURVEY Baseline Survey being conducted amongst Grade 1 students. Baseline Survey being conducted amongst Grade 3 students.
  9. 9. 9Annual Report 2017-18 Grade 2 Students being prompted to read a paragraph in Hindi. Students ability to write a paragraph being assessed during the Baseline Survey.
  10. 10. 10 Happy Horizons Trust CONTENTS OUR BELIEFS 30 MAKING OF CHAMPIONS 12 TARGETS OF THE YEAR 34 CONTACT US 4 BASELINE SURVEY 6 Creating Systemic Impact 33 Digital & Internet Literacy Project 50 Soochak 44 Conferences 72 Project Jagriti 38 Staff Retreat 56 Career Awareness Seminar 53 Champions 14 Selection of new Champions 16 CONTENTS 10 Education for Development 32 Open Parent Championship Meeting 52 Learning Through Videos 48 Project Jigyasa 42 Institute : Champions Training Program 60 HAPPY HORIZONS TEAM 22 Core Team 26 Founders message 24 WORKING MODEL OF HHT 28 Operations and Coordination 27 HHT TIMELINE 20 PROJECT UPDATES 36 TEAM TRAINING & SKILL BUILDING 54
  11. 11. 11Annual Report 2017-18 MAJOR EVENTS THIS YEAR 78 FINANCES & AUDITS 110 JOIN US 132 WELL-WISHERS 106 LESSONS FROM THE YEAR 118 APPENDIX 122 MEDIA MENTIONS 92 Chai Par Charcha Meet 2018 88 Note From Our Well-wishers 109 Oral Hygiene Awareness Campaign 84 5th Annual Day 80 Audit Report 112 The Journey Ahead 120 Appendix I 124 SUPPORTERS & PARTNERS 98 Workshop at World Book Fair 2018 86 Annual Day 2017 90 HHT 5th Anniversary 82 Income Tax Return 116 Social Media Collaterals 121 Appendix II 128 MONITORING AND EVALUATION TOOLS 74
  12. 12. 12 Happy Horizons Trust
  13. 13. 13Annual Report 2017-18 MAKING OF CHAMPIONS
  14. 14. 14 Happy Horizons Trust CHAMPIONS 21st century education system of India suffers from 2 major problems in education segment, first being low quality edu- cation to the students in primary schools, and the other be- ing the huge population of unguided youths. The problem here arises that how might we create a strong local system by which the youth can contribute back to the society and also improve the quality of education at primary levels. Our answers to this problem is bringing a change to guide and train the youth so that they become the key participants in the development of the local ecosystem. We worked at strengthening the local ecosystem, by creating local change makers within the society. CHAMPIONS are those local change makers It is our vision that over the years we can put back into the system more empowered and trained youth who have a genuine interest in teaching and discharge their duty with utmost dignity and think for the larger benefit of the society. At the trust we take this as a responsibility to be able to create more local employment. Our work is unique for it looks at strengthening the lo- cal ecosystem, by creating local change makers within the society. These empowered youths become role models and serve as inspiration for the others. For the youth who go through our programs or are associated with our trust, we provide mentoring towards higher education, entrepreneur- ship and various other career options. In short term, this results in a positive impact on the indi- vidual and within the family, and in the longer run it helps empowering the entire society. "I wanted to be a tal- ented girl who takes decisions for herself. I am from minority where girls get very less facilities to do things on their own. We were not allowed to go out from home to anywhere else easily. But, these issues are gone now after join- ing this organization. One of the purpose of HHT is to uplift women and help them in con- fidence building. We are having our annual day in which its com- pulsory for all cham- pions to participate in its cultural programs. This is a wonderful opportunity for us as most of us did not sing or dance before this upcoming event anywhere. Apart from this, I enjoy conducting the sessions of read- ing, writing, storytell- ing, art and craft etc for the children of our partner schools." Neda Afreen Champion
  15. 15. 15Annual Report 2017-18 With our programs like RUKMANI DEVI SCHOLARSHIP and YLDP, CHAMPIONS are aided to grow on personal and professional levels, i.e confidence build up, skill building, make them strive for academic excellence. And how they are further working to change the age old education system in India. Monthly Champions Meeting are held at our Bihar Office, where we discuss about the challenges faced by champions at root levels. "Initially when i used to go to schools to con- duct sessions, i would be a bit afraid and hesitant while talking to children, i was un- able to understand the children, Whereas now when i go conduct the sessions, i am able to do great storytelling sessions. And when i am about to leave the children there ask me to stay there only, it’s such a sweet feeling." Neha Kumari Champion 02 01 31 11 No. Of Champions In 2012 No. Of Blocks In 2012 No. Of Champions In 2018 No. Of Blocks In 2018
  16. 16. 16 Happy Horizons Trust SELECTION OF NEW CHAMPIONS We at Happy Horizons Trust believe that youths especially girls have a great potential to be able to make a difference. All these youths need a platform, support, mentoring and guidance. Through our Youth Leadership Development Pro- gram (YLDP), we aim to empower 30 Youths. These 30 Youths will be recruited from 10 blocks of Saharsa region of Bihar, namely: • Kahara, • Mahishi, • Nauhatta, • Satar Kataiya, • Patarghat, • Salkhua, • Sonbarsa, • Saur Bazar, • Banma Iathari, • Simri Bakhtiyarpur. We have a 6 step Selection Process for YLDP program which is divided into 3 different phases. • Phase 1- Writing and Reading • Phase 2- PublicSpeaking(Extempore)andGroupDiscussion • Phase 3- Personal Interview and Parent's Interview It takes an immense energy and dedication to visit the dif- ferent blocks everyday to carry on the processes at a ground level. It was a great learning experience for the team to know about the mindsets of the parents towards their children and the society. Many of them were very curious to know more about the work at Happy Horizons Trust and support us. Here are a few pictures from the field visit during the entire selection process.
  17. 17. 17Annual Report 2017-18 Phase 1: Vinay and Vatsala at one of the schools telling about HHT & YLDP. Phase 3: Vinay and Vatsala at one of Champions residence for parents interview.
  18. 18. 18 Happy Horizons Trust CHAMPIONS Neha Kumari Simri Bakhtiyarpur Juhi Kumari Mahisi Sapna Kumari Kahara Mausam Kumari Sonbarsa Raj Priyanka kumari Karaha Poonam Patharghat Anchal rani Nauhatta Juli Kumari Ghelaadh, Mathani Prtibha Kumari Sattar Kataiya Kahara Roshani Kumari Nauhatta Radha Kumari Mahisi Neha Kumari Paharpur Komal Kumari Simri Bakhtiyarpur Ankita kumari Kahara Sneha Bharrti Sonbarsa raj Farhana Parween Simri Bakhtiyarpur
  19. 19. 19Annual Report 2017-18 Rajlakshmi Mahisi Reshami Fatma Simri Bakhtiyarpur Varsha Kumari Kahara Lusi Kumari Salkhua Fiza Perween Simri Bakhtiyarpur Roshani Kumari Salkhua Sabnam Kumari Sour Bazar Jyoti Kumari Banmaitahri Neda Afreen Simri Bakhtiyarpur Pallavi Kumari Mahisi Kajal Kumari Patraghat Ladali Kumari Gailadh Puja Kumari Sattar Kataiya Neha Kumari Gailadh Jyoti Kumari Simri Bakhtiyarpur
  20. 20. 20 Happy Horizons Trust TIMELINE 2012 -18HHT 2012 2013 2014 2015 • HHT Started with Deepika and Gudia as our 1st Champions. • Started Open Parents Meeting. • Started Health Awareness Education camp. • StartedDigital Literacy & Internet Awareness Course. • Book Design Workshop (Project Jigyasa) held for the first time. • Learning through Videos Proejct in collaboration with Children Film Society. • Started operations in Paharpur (Different panchayat). • Registered as a Trust. • First Career Awareness Seminar held.
  21. 21. 21Annual Report 2017-18 2016 2017 20192018 • Expanded to MATHAI (different district). • Expanded LTV project to 6 Districts (Reaching out to 25000 students). • Participated in Social Entrepreneur & Enterprise (IIT Kanpur). • Received 80G & 12A certifcates. • Received (Pratham Books') Library in a classroom grant. • Wipro Seeding Fellowship secured. • Selected for WEE fellowship (IIT Delhi). • Collaboration with Teach for India through TFIx Fellowship. • Permission to work across Saharsa district. • Started Soochak (Teachers Training Program). • Poster Making Workshop at World Book Fair. • Collaboration with Kelly School of Business (Indiana University). • First Staff Retreat (Rishikesh). • First Champions Excursion (Agra). • Started Regular Volunteer Meet ups at Delhi & Bangalore. • Typography Workshop at World Book Fair. • Conducted Baseline Survey. • Launched Institute (Resident training program). • Team of 30+ Champions. • Completed 5 yrs of HHT. * 2018 Data till 30 April only.
  22. 22. 22 Happy Horizons Trust
  23. 23. 23Annual Report 2017-18 HAPPY HORIZONS TEAM
  24. 24. 24 Happy Horizons Trust FOUNDER’S MESSAGE Vatsala, Co-founder of Happy Horizons Trust receiving the DST Grant Award by the Director of IIT Delhi for her work. Kshitiz Anand, CEO and Founder of Happy Horizons Trust receiving the Young Entrepreneur Award by Shri Sushil Kumar Modi Ji.
  25. 25. 25Annual Report 2017-18 The more we work in Education, the more we realise the complexity of the problem. It is overwhelming at times, and there is always a desire to do a lot more. It has been a year of immense learning for all of us at the Happy Horizons Trust. We have been through a wonderful ride, and are fortunate to have a great team. The year was special because we got through lot of mentoring and guidance through an incubation program. Selection to the Teach For India’s TFIx incubation program was a good validation of the work we had been doing. Getting to collaborate with one of best non-profits in India working in the domain of education is hugely inspiring to all of us. TFIx’s interventions has helped us get a lot of clarity on our program design, budgeting, defining organization values and key strategies. We were thrilled, when we were selected to the Wipro Seeding Fellowship program, and be a part of the Wipro Applying Thought in Schools (WATIS) program. Through their support we are able to engage better with the teachers and drive our Teacher Training and Leadership Development Program, Soochak in Bihar. Last year we reach out to around 200 teachers. It allowed us to get a deeper understanding of the challenges in education from the teacher’s perspective. Our collaboration with Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business had students from one of the top 20 Business school in US work as consultants with HHT. They helped us with defining the marketing and the financial strategies. Our collaboration with the Saharsa District Magistrate office and the District Edu- cation Office, gave us a lot more confidence. It also provides an opportunity for us to lead education reform efforts in these areas. Our reaching out to every block in Saharsa district gave us a much better understanding of the socio-economic-cul- tural-political landscape of the region. The year end came with a couple of awards. We were recognized by the Gov- ernment of Bihar, at the Young Entrepreneurs Summit organised by the Bi- har Entrepreneurs Association at Patna. We are in immense gratitude to Shri Sushil Modi ji, Deputy CM of Bihar for the award bestowed upon us. We also won the Special Jury Award by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, through the WEE (Women Entrepreneurs and Em- powerment) program hosted at IIT Delhi. We are now a 45 persons strong team and scale comes with own set of challenges. We will remain humble, learn from our mistakes and execute our vision with an immense amount of passion and gratitude. In the journey, we will celebrate our successes and stand by each other in tough times. Vatsala & Kshitiz
  26. 26. 26 Happy Horizons Trust CORE TEAM MEMBERS Vatsala President & Head of Operations Rakesh Ranjan CSR Relations & Project Management Kshitiz Anand Managing Trustee & Strategy Manish Pathak Strategy & Finance Ruchi Anand Education, Training & Partnerships Deeptanshu Pandey Marketing & Communication OUR TEAM
  27. 27. 27Annual Report 2017-18 OPERATIONS & COORDINATION Vinay Kumar Manager Bihar Operations Sonu Kumar Manager Bihar Operations Chandni Modi Champions Operations Bihar Sweety Project coordinator Aakriti Project coordinator Ritu Raj Volunteer Puja Raj Volunteer coordinator Nidhi Kumari Volunteer
  28. 28. FELLOWSHIP STRUCTURE WITH DETAILS 1. SELECTION Select high school girls by assessing: • Reading Ability • Writing skills • Extempore Public Speaking • Group Discussion • Personal Interview • Parent’s Interview 4. TRAINING • Regular trainings from experts • Mentoring from senior cham- pions • Personality building • Outstation tour for exposure • Training about working in development space 5. ASSESSMENT Assessing student and champion outcomes • Student are assessed on their progress towards overall development • Champions are assessed every six months using Development & Leadership Matrix 6. GRADUATION • Rewarded certificate of com- pletion • Assistance with further studies • Career guidance • Connect with schools for employment opportunities 3. ACTIVITIES IN PRIMARY SCHOOL Mapped onto these age appropriate development parameters • Language • Cognitive • Motor skills • Personal, Social, Emotional • Creative 2. COMMITMENT • Sign up for 3 year fellowship • Training • Career Guidance post Fellowship • Given a monthly scholarship of Rs 1500 (Year1), Rs 2000 (Year2), Rs 2500 (Year3).
  29. 29. OVERALL DEVELOPMENT OF CHILD LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT • Self expression, • Articulation, • Building Vocabulary, • Through Story Telling, • Picture Talks, • Conversations PERSONAL, SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Understanding self, • Interaction with others, • Learning together, • Social Awareness, • Developing independence, • Respecting differences MOTOR DEVELOPMENT • Developing motor skills through hands on activities such as • Painting • Crafts, • Coloring, • Making puppets, • Outdoor games, etc. COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT • Reasoning, • Memorizing • Problem solving, • Thinking through Puzzles, • Games, • Concept Based Activities CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT • Expressing Ideas • Through questioning, • Imagining, • Critical Thinking, • Predicting, • Inferencing, • And creating
  30. 30. 30 Happy Horizons Trust
  31. 31. 31Annual Report 2017-18 OUR BELIEFS
  32. 32. 32 Happy Horizons Trust OUR BELIEFS EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT The low quality of graduates today is a result of a weak Primary school education. It is difficult to think of building on a weak foundation, for then it is just trying to play catch- up and damage control. A lot of efforts need to be put into improving the quality of education in the primary schools. At the same time, we have an immensely energetic youth waiting to get guidance and mentoring to drive change in society. Our theory of change proposes to guide the youth with a Youth Leadership Development Program. A key part of their responsibility is to strengthen the primary school education system, through carefully designed intervention programs that emphasize on activity based learning, story- telling, participatory learning, arts and crafts activity. These are critical inputs to the child’s learning that is often missing in the schools today. So, we have two clearly identified problems. One is the low quality of education in primary schools and other is the unguided youth. The theory of change started with this very simple question. “How might we create a strong local sys- tem by which the youth can contribute back to the society and improve the quality of education?” We cannot further compromise on the quality of education in schools. Till a few years ago, the problem was the enrollment. But now that it has been solved, the biggest problem facing us social en- trepreneurs working in education is that of quality. Better educated people would mean better employment and bet- ter upbringing of the families. Our work is unique for it looks at strengthening the local ecosystem, by creating local change makers within the society. These empowered youths become role models and serve as inspiration for the others. For the youth who go through our programs or are associated with our trust, we provide mentoring towards higher education, entrepreneurship and various other career options. In the short term, this re- sults in a positive impact within the family and in the long term within the society.
  33. 33. 33Annual Report 2017-18 CREATING SYSTEMIC IMPACT Our mission is to use Design, Technology and Creativity to improve the quality of education in schools in India and bring about a systemic change! Our larger vision is towards whole school transformations. But in order to do that, we need to break that down into mul- tiple smaller projects, that work in harmony. We have identi- fied the different components of the system and the role they play. We spent considerable time in understanding the problem space from the perspective of the different stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, government, development or- ganizations) and how we can engage them to bring out the systemic change. We are currently working on strengthening the primary school education through a Youth Leadership Development Program in the form of a 3 year fellowship. In the long run, post fellowship the empowered youths are later inculcated back into the system as trained teachers and entrepreneurs. It is important to work on multiple smaller projects to think of the systemic change. The challenge with working with wick- ed problems is that there is no one problem. The Kosi region of Bihar is flood-prone every year. Once a hotbed for Polio in India, it’s a place for other health challenges like malnutrition and high infant mortality. It has amongst the lowest literacy rates and is home to extremely backward class communi- ties, where early child marriage is a normal thing and women become grandmothers by 40. Almost every household has someone living outside the state in search of livelihood, for not much opportunities for local employment exists. Add to this that the state has had a history of bad law and order due to polity that is driven by caste based politics. When you put these together, you get a social fabric that is immensely complicated to work with. This complex social fabric offers immense challenges to work towards creating any substantial impact.
  34. 34. TARGETS OF THE YEAR 2017-18
  35. 35. Recruit 30 Champions in the Saharsa district of Bihar. Establish agreements with at least 30 partner schools in the district of Saharsa, Bihar. Design and implement the institute to the detail keeping in mind all the stakeholders. Have a proactive plan in place for the post fellowship engagement of the Champions.
  36. 36. 36 Happy Horizons Trust
  37. 37. 37Annual Report 2017-18 PROJECT UPDATES
  38. 38. 38 Happy Horizons Trust PROJECT JAGRITI AIM OF THE PROJECT: • To enhance the quality of education in primary schools through interventions in the existing education system. • To motivate children to attend schools regularly. • To complete education to a basic level and not drop off at an early age. • To impart education outside the books. • To use alternative learning methods and creative learning. • To emphasize on increasing student reading levels, writing abilities, active motor-skills and increased self- confidence. • The use the power of storytelling to inspire and motivate. The word Jagriti (Hindi) means Awakening. The project earlier called the Pick Me, Click Me, Educate Me Project, aims to do just this. It allows the students to understand the different aspects of education, resulting in increased moti- vation amongst them. Started in the year 2012 this project is an endeavor to improve the quality of education and life in Rural Bihar. The emphasis of this project is towards using activity based learning’s (like book reading sessions, Story-telling, and confidence building games, learning with art and craft) and social engagement with the children, towards improved motivation towards education. The goal is to visit schools across different parts of Bihar & impart education outside the books, related to life skills, creative skills, basic health and career counseling. The sessions in the schools are conducted by the Champions, who are selected under the Youth Leadership Development Program. 11Blocks 2Districts 31Champions 8Schools OUR REACH
  39. 39. 39Annual Report 2017-18 YOUTH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM A story narration in progress during one of the Jagriti Session. School children being motivated to recite a poem in class by a Champion.
  40. 40. 40 Happy Horizons Trust SNAPSHOTS OF THE JAGRITI SESSION Students are motivated to recite new words, poems e.t.c during the sessions. Story narration, poem reading are our prime activity during the sessions.
  41. 41. 41Annual Report 2017-18 Students are encouraged to speak up, ask more questions during the sessions. With each smiling face and a positive result, we are motivated to work harder then before .
  42. 42. 42 Happy Horizons Trust PROJECT JIGYASA PROJECT FOCUS & ACTIVITIES AIM OF THE PROJECT • To make learning a fun process. To motivate children to attend schools regularly. • To help children learn through activities inspired by the rich history of crafts in India. • To enhance the imagination capacities amongst the children. • To help children feel confident of presenting a self- created, written and illustrated book to an audience. • The re-emphasize power of storytelling. The word Jigyasa (Hindi) means the curiosity to know things. Since last year we expanded the outreach of this project to also focus on enhancing the student’s motor skills. The students have low motor skills due to stunted growth and malnutrition during their first 5 years of upbringing. As a result, there is a possibility of enhancing the creative side of the person as well. Art and Craft activities are an integral part of this workshops. Project Jigyasa started in year 2015 with an aim to intro- duce storytelling, character building, and book designing as a learning mechanism among students. The workshop encourages the children to think creatively, use sketches/ illustrations to convey the story, improve their self-confi- dence and public speaking and encourage working in teams and participate in group discussions. The project allows us to bring smiles to children, and have a long lasting impression on the children, for something that they will cherish forever. Drawing and illustrations Story Conceptualization Teamwork Presentation Skills
  43. 43. 43Annual Report 2017-18 SKILL BUILDING FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL CHILDREN Students made a greeting card during Jigyasa session. School children made illustration of a story narrated in class.
  44. 44. 44 Happy Horizons Trust SOOCHAK AIM OF THE PROJECT: • To enhance the quality of education in primary schools through interventions in the existing education system. • To motivate children to attend schools regularly. • To complete education to a basic level and not drop off at an early age. • To impart education outside the books. • To use alternative learning methods and creative learning. • To emphasize on increasing student reading levels, writ- ing abilities, active motor-skills and increased self-con- fidence. • The use the power of storytelling to inspire and motivate. To educate is to lead young minds. We need educators who believes in the potential of each child. India has a shortage of around 1.4 million teachers. Around 6000 schools in India do not have a teacher at all! One of the drawbacks we have observed is the low quality of teaching that exists across schools. The problems could be related to multiple things. From lack of interest to overburden of administrative work to disinterested students. However, it is the imperative of the teacher to ensure that learning happens in the best pos- sible manner. Our Teacher Training & Leadership Development program is aimed at enhancing the capacity of the teachers in the schools. The program is delivered through a series of train- ing and workshop working closely with the school manage- ment across different schools (both rural and urban) in In- dia. The program gives a better understanding of the social, economic and cultural aspects of education by means of holistic development of teachers while imparting education. The modules are designed to provide a 360 degree training to the teachers in schools to enhance their teaching skills and make them better at leadership. 2Schools 90Teachers 2Workshop In R.V.S.S. 4Workshop In T.P.S OUR REACH
  45. 45. 45Annual Report 2017-18 TEACHERS TRAINING LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Soochak session at R.V.S.S lectured by Kshitiz in progress. Teachers taking a closer look at different ideas shared by others.
  46. 46. 46 Happy Horizons Trust SNAPSHOTS OF SOOCHAK SESSION Interacting with the teachers during the sessions is also part of the program. With the help of new technologies, teachers are encouraged to do well in class.
  47. 47. 47Annual Report 2017-18 A presentation being given at Tagore Public School by Kshitiz & Vatsala. A group photo with all the members at the end of Soochak session at R.V.S.S
  48. 48. 48 Happy Horizons Trust LEARNING THROUGH VIDEOS AIM OF THE PROJECT: • To enhance the quality of education in primary schools through interventions in the existing education system. • To motivate children to attend schools regularly. • To complete education to a basic level and not drop off at an early age. • To impart education outside the books. • To use alternative learning methods and creative learning. • To emphasize on increasing student reading levels, writ- ing abilities, active motor-skills and increased self-con- fidence. • To use the power of storytelling to inspire and motivate. As proponents of alternative learning, we strongly believe in the power of learning through videos and other media. We Started in 2015 and screened our first movie on 2015 May 22, The projections are done using a laptop and a pro- jector. The project had an outreach of over 26000 students till date. As a part of the project, 106 screenings of different films happened Across 6 different districts in Bihar • Saharsa, • Supaul, • Madhepura, • Purnea, • Katihar, • Khagaria 13Schools 106Screenings 5179Students OUR REACH
  49. 49. 49Annual Report 2017-18 MINI FILM FESTIVAL ACROSS BIHAR Overhead projectors are used to showcase the movies to school chidren. School children keenly watching the movie during the LTV session.
  50. 50. 50 Happy Horizons Trust AIM OF THE PROJECT: • To leverage digital tools & technology for better learning opportunities and experiences. • To ensure that the youth are able to use the power of Internet for education, utilities, knowledge about jobs, employment, and commerce amongst other things. • The Aim also stretches to support local business to think about Enterprise led development. A program to empower the youth with the understanding of technology and its usages. We seek to create a program that enables children and youth to understand technology, its powers and avenues for accessing information, materi- als for education and ability to do tasks online, and a larger goal of empowering them to bring positive change in the society. The program is run at a nominal fees to cover the cost for the running of the center. COURSE OUTLINE: Basic Fundamentals of Computers History of Computers & Types of Network Windows Operating System Basics of Word, Excel, Powerpoint Introduction to Internet and Browsers Understanding Search Engines (Google) Netiquettes, Surfing with an understanding of Security Emails: From id to message creation & usage Accessing Social sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Communication Tools: Chatting, Video Conferencing (Skype) Utilities: Ticket Booking, Payment of bills Government sites and RTI Online Shopping/form submission for examinations Money Transfer, Net Banking Use of Internet through Mobile, Internet on Tablet device Introduction to Online Education and MOOCs Google Drive DIGITAL LITERACY & INTERNET AWARENESS 35Students OUR REACH
  51. 51. 51Annual Report 2017-18 COMPUTER & INTERNET AWARENESS PROGRAM The newly build computer center under Digital literacy & Internet Awareness program in function. Students posing with the participation certificate after completing the course.
  52. 52. 52 Happy Horizons Trust OPEN PARENT CHAMPIONS MEETINGS Open Parents Champions Meetings make us aware of the opinion of all the stakeholders involved, it also helps us understand the parents in a better way. Parents being addresed by Rajshri Didi during one of the Open Parent Champions Meeting.
  53. 53. 53Annual Report 2017-18 CAREER AWARENESS SEMINAR Career Awareness Seminar in progress at one of the school in Simri Bakhtiyarpur district. Kshitiz with young students during one of the such seminars.
  54. 54. 54 Happy Horizons Trust v
  55. 55. 55Annual Report 2017-18 TEAM TRAINING AND SKILL-BUILDING
  56. 56. 56 Happy Horizons Trust STAFF RETREAT 6th - 9th January We wanted to start the year on a note of positivity and set the expectations for the year(s) ahead. Positivity and being in the right frame of mind is such an under valued trait in organi- zations. Especially in the development sector where there are more moments of frustration, a positive frame of mind can be immensely helpful. The event was planned in a way to have considerable learn- ings from the team and also have moments to relax after a hectic last year. The days were planned with sessions on deep introspections and a lot of sharing. The goal was to create a safe space, where everyone could share comfortably and question each other. The meet was planned over 4 days in Delhi and an out- station trip to Rishikesh. Rishikesh | HHT Team reflecting back on the year that went by.
  57. 57. 57Annual Report 2017-18 DAY 1 Empathy, Gratitude and Introspection When working in the development space, it is absolutely es- sential that one is empathetic about the work. The cause with which one is working becomes the driving force for everyone in the team. Day 1 started with a Reflection session on the past year that went by and our learnings from it. The team was asked to represent their feeling of the past year experience in 3 words/ phrases. The session was followed up by a Shoutout session, where each team member was asked to share moments from the past year that they would like to highlight. This was also to portray an immense sense of gratitude for the other people we are working with. This was followed by a session analysis of the Self Assessment form that the team members were asked to fill out before coming to the retreat. The session was led by Deeptanshu, and it allowed the team to discuss on reporting, followups in detail. To get a better understanding of what is possible, we invited few class 7 and class 9 students from a Teach for India classroom studying in a government school in Kalkaji. DAY 2 Teamwork , Effectiveness By the end of day one the team was in a safe space where sharing was happening. Day 2 of the retreat was dedicated to teamwork and effectiveness. After a seven hour ride with a couple of pit-stops in between, the team reached Rishikesh and headed up north to the road towards Neelkanth. The plac- es where we stayed were triple sharing cottages with attached bathroom facilities. While they were not of the luxurious cate- gory, it was still comfortable enough to make all of us happy! There the team was engaged in team building activities and playing some sports. The environment was truly conducive to provide ample opportunities to reflect. A session on planning and understanding urgent and import- ant matrix was a good way to drive across the point on Effec- tiveness. It was aimed to get the team to believe in the power of setting goals, formulating a good plan to reach to the goal, learning to say no to things and being void of distractions.
  58. 58. 58 Happy Horizons Trust DAY 3 Connect with Nature & Trust The morning sessions required each member to connect with nature better, reflect on the days that had just gone by and the company we had. Watching the flow of the clear waters, reminded us to keep moving in tough times and not stagnate. The simple exercise on trust building required all people to close their eyes and follow the person in front and keep in mind the person behind you. The walk was led by our CEO Kshitiz Anand. The team visited the Purkal Stree Shakti organisation in Purkal village in Dehradun. The organization set up around 20 years ago by G K Swamy and Chinni Swamy in a village Purkal near Dehradun has been instrumental in empowering the local women and families. Sandeep from Purkal Stree Skakti was able to help us out in getting a better understanding of how the organization has built the relations over the years. The day ended with a travel back to Delhi. DAY 4 Vision and Sense of Possibility Gratitude and Introspection The final day of the retreat was meant to make everyone be- lieve further in the vision of the Happy Horizons Trust for the coming year and years beyond. The team visited the office of Leading Dots Consulting, where Rakesh Ranjan, an advisor to Happy Horizons Trust is the CEO and Founder. The visit to this was to understand how to build an organiza- tion and set a larger vision. The retreat ended with a closed reflection on the past 4 days, a show of support to each other by acknowledging the areas of development and offering our strengths to each other. STAFF RETREAT You can read more about the event by scanning the QR code.
  59. 59. 59Annual Report 2017-18 Rishikesh | Day 3: Trust building exercise led by our CEO Kshitiz. Dehradun | Day 3: The team on day 3 at Purkal Stree Shakti organisation.
  60. 60. 60 Happy Horizons Trust INSTITUTE : CHAMPIONS TRAINING PROGRAM RESIDENTIAL TRAINING PROGRAM Day 1 - 16th April 2018 The first day of the institute started with an opening circle which was mainly to introduce each other and know more about others. The champions, team members and the train- ers introduced each other. Each day of the institute was divided into 3 slots: • In the first slot, the facilitator explained the champions about the education ecosystem, challenges in an edu- cation system, importance of the work Happy Horizons Trust has been doing and the impact we have created in the society. • The second slot after lunch started with “Understanding different Stakeholders and the importance to engage with them”. They were also told about the Child Psychology, Hygiene, Sanitation and Behavior. • The third slot was taken by Puja Raj and explained about Etiquettes, Grooming, Verbal Communication, Body Lan- guage, Good Touch, Bad Touch and Girl Safety. The society in which we live never talks about such issues, parents believe that the children will automatically learn with the experiences but talking about these issues helps a child to be safe and aware about his/her body. The day ended with a closing circle, chai pe charcha, activ- ity based fun games and a movie, Hichki. Here are the pictures of the first day at Institute.
  61. 61. 61Annual Report 2017-18 Registration and enrollment during the Institute Training Program. HHT Team along with Champions and parents, before opening of the Institute.
  62. 62. 62 Happy Horizons Trust INSTITUTE : CHAMPIONS TRAINING PROGRAM Day 2 - 17th April 2018 The second day of the institute started with a quick revision of the training champions had experienced the previous day. The second day was all about the sense of possibility. We started with the colour yellow and what does the colour stand for. Thereafter, we all did a “Yellow Hat Activity” in small groups wherein the champions were asked to make a hat/cap from a yellow chart paper. Each team came up with some great ideas to make a cap. With a catwalk they displayed their cap. It was a pure joy to see these fellows live this experience. After they got some idea about the sense of possibility, they were given a bigger challenge. They were divided into 3 groups and were given a scenario that they need to collect some amount which will be donated to the children who cannot afford to buy stationery materials. The groups along with the coordinators were sent to the Railway Station, Super Market and Matsyagandha in Saharsa. What surprised us was that in the span of an hour, they collected around Rs. 4500. We were mind blown by their energy and enthusiasm. Post the activity the three groups shared their experiences. The amount that they collected was used to purchase sta- tionery materials such books, pencil, eraser, sharpener, pen, copy and crayons. These materials were then distributed among the students of the government school nearby on tha last day of the institute. Here are the pictures of the second day at Institute.
  63. 63. 63Annual Report 2017-18 Day 2: Champions posing after the Yellow Hat group activity. Day 2: Champions collecting money during one of the activity.
  64. 64. 64 Happy Horizons Trust SNAPSHOTS FROM DAY 2 AT INSTITUTE Vatsala along with Champions doing a ramp walk during Yellow Hat activity. Champions posing with various type of Hats they made during the activity.
  65. 65. 65Annual Report 2017-18 Champions with Aakriti, our Champions Coordinator. Champions along with Kshitiz at the Institute.
  66. 66. 66 Happy Horizons Trust INSTITUTE : CHAMPIONS TRAINING PROGRAM Day 3 - 18th April 2018 The first two days of the institute were more about Cham- pions development, whereas the third and fourth days were planned for the Children’s development. The day started with a quick recap of what we learnt in the past days of training. The training started with the senior champions demon- strating to the new champions the HHT way of engaging classes. Experiences from classrooms were shared by the senior champions and were taken positively by the newly joining champions present in the session. The senior champions conducted a storytelling and role play session in the primary section which helped the new champion to understand the way to engage the students better. The champions were also explained about the Pho- nics progression and were given some inputs on how to manage the classroom and the children by our facilitator Ruchi Anand. Post lunch the champions were asked to create their own story and plan out the ways to demonstrate the story in the form of role play. The champions formed a group of 5-6 members and as a team they started working to form their own story. Each group then demonstrated the story with role plays to en- gage students better. These exercises were aimed at help- ing the champions in learning classroom handling in a bet- ter way. The training session ended with a closing circle in which we reflected back the days of training and the learning we have done. Here are the pictures of the third day at Institute.
  67. 67. 67Annual Report 2017-18 Day 3: Our facilitator Ruchi Anand, giving inputs on how to manage the classroom and children. Day 3: Champions making their own stories and depicting it to other champions and children.
  68. 68. 68 Happy Horizons Trust INSTITUTE : CHAMPIONS TRAINING PROGRAM Day 4 - 19th April 2018 As the routine was set for us we had a quick recap of the previous day, things we have experienced and learned. The fourth day was also the last day of the Institute where the champions and the team members had mixed feelings and emotions. Some were happy to go home and relax, whereas many of them were sad as for them they had never got such an exposure and opportunity to learn from outside world with other fellows and mentors. Do you remember the money champions had collected during the Yellow Hat Activity? On the last day the team members bought some stationeries such as pencils, eras- ers, books, pens, crayons etc. for the students. These statio- neries were distributed to the children of class 1 to 8 of that school. The students were so excited and happy to see the stationeries which they can use for their studies. The session began with the inputs on classroom culture, challenges in the classroom by our facilitator Ruchi Anand, followed by Digital Literacy, Monitoring and Reporting by our team members Sonu Kumar and Deeptanshu Pandey. We made sure to complete our sessions an hour before the parents arrive to pick up their daughters. We planned the last hour for the closing circle to reflect back on the things we learned, the activities we did and for the cake cutting ceremony. The team members shared their experiences of the journey of completing the first Institute of Happy Horizons Trust. A journey which has given us friends, mentors and a family from which we had learned a lot and got to experience new things. The champions shared their thoughts on the feedback wall. The tears on the champion faces spoke a lot as they were about to say goodbye to their new friends. We the team at Happy Horizons Trust will make sure that this is not the end but just the beginning.
  69. 69. 69Annual Report 2017-18 Day 4: Smiling faces of children with the stationaries we bought and distributed amongst them. Day 4: The entire team after end of 4 days of training at the Institute.
  70. 70. 70 Happy Horizons Trust SNAPSHOTS FROM DAY 4 AT INSTITUTE
  71. 71. 71Annual Report 2017-18
  72. 72. 72 Happy Horizons Trust CONFERENCES Our Founder - Kshitiz Anand at Bihar Entrepreneurship Association giving a talk. CSR Summit conducted by SPO India on 25th May 2017 at Hotel Shangri La’s Eros, New Delhi. The main theme of the event was "Marching towards Sustainable Economy through CSR.
  73. 73. 73Annual Report 2017-18 Vatsala along with WEE entrepreneurs & Dr. Ramgopal Rao, Director IIT Delhi. World Book Fair 2018 Poster making workshop - Kshitiz narrating story of formation of the earth, the evolution of mankind and the effect it brought on the environmental change.
  75. 75. One of the most important things of working in the development sectors is to build robust tools that help with the Monitoring and Evaluation of the work. At the program level, the purpose of monitoring and evalua- tion is to track implementation and outputs systematically, and measure the effectiveness of programs. It helps determine exactly when a program is on track and when changes may be needed. Monitoring is the regular observation and recording of activi- ties taking place in a project or program. Especially in our case when the team is split across two locations, it becomes all the more critical to have a good monitoring system. Over the past year we have build a good system of monitoring to objectively evaluate the work done on the field by the team members and the champions. Monitoring as a process allows us to routinely gather information on all aspects of the project. To monitor is to check on how project activities are progress- ing. It is observation, systematic and purposeful observation. We also need to constantly Evaluate the efforts being put in by the team members. This allows us to get into a iterative feedback loop that we use to constantly improve the program design. It also allows us to give specific feedback to the individual members, and identify the areas of development. These are helpful in the better growth of the organization.
  76. 76. 78 Happy Horizons Trust
  77. 77. 79Annual Report 2017-18 MAJOR EVENTS THIS YEAR
  78. 78. 80 Happy Horizons Trust 5TH ANNUAL DAY 15th April 2018 We are so glad to announce that we celebrated our 5th year Annual Day on 15th April 2018 at Kala Bhawan, Saharsa with our 32 Champions and the team members. This annual day celebration was completely led by champi- ons wherein they took the initiative to prepare and perform. The champions performed dance and songs on different themes on the stage. They talked about education, modern science, women empowerment, gender inequality, save the girl child. All of these performances were directed by our champion’s coordinator, Aakriti and our co-founder, Vatsala. Kshitiz talked about the work we are doing and the goals for the next coming years. He also showed our newly launched video “Champions of Hope” to the audience. Our new cham- pions were welcomed by our Chief Guest, Shri Pranav Kumar Ji, Accountant at DEO office. Students from Tagore Public School also performed a beau- tiful dance to create an awareness about the importance of a girl child. Many different stakeholders such as parents and teachers also shared their viewpoints about the need for an initiative like Youth Leadership Development Program for the better- ment of the society especially the school going children and the young girls. We felicitated the champions with a fellow kit to ignite their new beginning. The chief guest and the media per- sons were also felicitated with a small memento. Check out Champions of hope video by scanning the QR Code.
  79. 79. 81Annual Report 2017-18 HHT Team posed together for a group photo at the end of Annual Day Celebration. Champions performing at stage during the 5th annual day celebration.
  80. 80. 82 Happy Horizons Trust 5TH ANNIVERSARY AT BIHAR OFFICE 30th March 2018 We always believe in the joy of giving and celebrating with our society. So at the accomplishment of 5 years of our work we celebrated 5th anniversary with our champions and employees at Bihar Office. It is a proud feeling for us when we see the smiling faces on our champions faces, with more confidence and leadership skills. We also extend this opportunity to say thank you to every- one who has supported us in this journey. We believe with your support we will bring a systemic im- pact on the society that focuses on overall development of a child and a community filled with empowered youth. Here are some of the photos of celebration from Bihar office. Kshitiz showing the 5 year journey of the Trust to the champions.
  81. 81. 83Annual Report 2017-18 Cake cutting ceremony at our Bihar office during the celebration. Vatsala sharing some light moments along with champions during the celebration.
  82. 82. 84 Happy Horizons Trust ORAL HYGEINE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN 30th March 2018 We organized a dental awareness campaign at our Bihar office. The chief dentists who were involved in the campaign were Dr. Prachi Anand and Dr.Dewanshu Kumar. The entire campaign was organized by our Champions and our Manager, Sonu Kumar. The main objective of the campaign was to spread awareness about oral hygiene and the importance of regular dental check-up. We also explained the importance of dental and health check-up followed by the ways to prevent the problems related to dental health for both children and adults. By organizing this campaign, our champions got an exposure to organize an event at a larger scale and also interact with the different stakeholders of the society. Here are some of the photos from the event. We organized a dental awareness campaign at our Bihar office.
  83. 83. 85Annual Report 2017-18 Dr. Prachi Anand giving presentation regarding Oral Hygiene and Dental Awareness. Oral Hygiene Awareness camp witnessed a healthy no. of participation.
  84. 84. 86 Happy Horizons Trust WORKSHOP AT WORLD BOOK FAIR 2018 14th January 2018 We always believe in the power of storytelling and activity based learning of a child. We got an opportunity to organize a workshop on 14th Jan- uary at New Delhi World Book Fair 2018 held at Pragati Maidan. As the theme of the event was ‘Environment and Climate Change’, this time we brought “Storytelling and Poster Making Workshop using recyclable materials”. We were amazed to see the energy and excitement of the par- ticipants. Our CEO Kshitiz Anand narrated a story on the formation of the earth, the evolution of mankind and the effect it brought on the environmental change. The story was followed by the poster making workshop wherein the students were asked to make a poster in differ- ent groups using the materials they were provided. Each group conceptualized the story to bring their thoughts on Saving the earth and they ended up creating awareness posters in just 20 minutes. We would like to thank National Book Trust, India for giving us the opportunity to be a part of World Book Fair and or- ganize a workshop. We would also like to thank the participants and the team from Project Sunshine (NGO) for being an active audience. A special thanks to our volunteers who believed and helped us in the workshop to make it a success. Here are some of the photos from the workshop.
  85. 85. 87Annual Report 2017-18 One of the effective Poster made by the students in just 20 minutes. Students along with HHT team posing for a group photo after the Poster Making workshop.
  86. 86. 88 Happy Horizons Trust CHAI PAR CHARCHA MEET 2018 6TH JANUARY 2018 CHAI PAR CHARCHA As we work in education, one thing that we wanted every person in the organization to be completely aligned with is the notion of the child at the center of everything we do. We organized a ‘Chai par Charcha’ session with a few invit- ed guests, to get a better understanding of what excellent education would look like. The team from HHT shared their experiences of working in tough socio-economical-cultur- al-political environments such as Bihar. To get a better understanding of what is possible, we invit- ed few class 7 and class 9 and students from a Teach for India classroom studying in a government school in Kalkaji. The event had a couple of Teach for India fellows, few peo- ple from the corporates, a few designers and students. The girls from the government school demonstrated im- mense leadership in confidently presenting themselves in the event. We were amazed by their confidence, and also hopeful of the future possibilities if the students are given the right opportunities to learn and grow. The girls led an origami session for the attendees where they taught others to make a butterfly from a piece of paper. Invited guests spoke about the challenges in the education sector and applauded the efforts being put in by organiza- tions who are working to improve the conditions. The session ended with a beautiful note by one of the students, just like a butterfly the students should be given freedom and they can fly to do amazing things. You can read more about the event by scanning the QR code.
  87. 87. 89Annual Report 2017-18 At the end of the session everyone made paper butterflies. Deeptanshu addressing the gathering during the Chai par Charcha session.
  88. 88. 90 Happy Horizons Trust ANNUAL DAY 2017 Diya ceremony marking the beginning of event. School children performing on stage during the event.
  89. 89. 91Annual Report 2017-18 Champions performing on stage during the event. Group photo after the conclusion of Annual Day 2017.
  90. 90. 92 Happy Horizons Trust
  91. 91. 93Annual Report 2017-18 MEDIA MENTIONS
  92. 92. 94 Happy Horizons Trust THE LOGICAL INDIAN 22 August YOURSTORY 10 October MEDIA MENTIONS
  93. 93. 95Annual Report 2017-18 PATNA BEATS 03 August NEWSD. 13 July
  94. 94. 96 Happy Horizons Trust MEDIA MENTIONS THE BETTER INDIA 30 JUNE THINK SOCIAL NOW 12 September THINK SOCIAL NOW 12 September
  95. 95. 97Annual Report 2017-18 THINK SOCIAL NOW 12 September FIRSTPOST 03 JUlY FIRSTPOST 03 July
  96. 96. 98 Happy Horizons Trust
  97. 97. 99Annual Report 2017-18 SUPPORTERS & PARTNERS
  98. 98. 100 Happy Horizons Trust SUPPORTERS & PARTNERS Wipro Foundation Happy Horizons Trust is supported through the Wipro Applying Thought in Schools (WATIS) program for its Teacher Training and Leadership Development Program. The founders Kshitiz and Vatsala are Wipro Seeding Fellows. Women Entrepreneurship & Empowerment The WEE Foundation supports Women Entrepreneurs through capacity building and grants. The program is run in coordination with IIT Delhi. Our Co-Founder Vatsala was selected to this program. Bihar Entrepreneurship Association The Bihar Entrepreneurs Association provides help with accessing network within Bihar, to engage with various stakeholders and work collectively to enhance the quality of education schools. QOS Technology We are thankful to QOS for providing financial support to Happy Horizons Trust to support the Youth Leadership Development and Skill Building Program. Ramkrishna Tapovan, Mangalore We are thankful to Ramkrishna Tapovan, for providing financial support to Empower Rural Girls in Bihar, through the Youth Leadership Development Program.
  99. 99. 101Annual Report 2017-18 Teach for India Happy Horizons Trust was selected to be a part of the inaugural cohort of Teach for India's education incubation program TFIx to launch a fellowship in rural Bihar. TFI provided knowledge support towards organization build- ing and launching a powerful fellowship. Magnus Plywood We are thankful to Magnus Plywood, in Khanna, Punjab, for providing financial support for the operational expenses of Happy Horizons Trust and the empowerment of girls in Rural Bihar. Pratham Books Happy Horizons Trust was a recipient of the Library in a Classroom Grant that provides books of different reading levels to schools. We also leverage the Donate-a-Book platform to crowd-fund books for the different schools. Department of Science & Technology Happy Horizons Trust was the recipient of the Special Jury Award and grant from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, for promoting techno- logical awareness and usage amongst youth and stu- dents in rural Bihar. U V Patel Foundation We are thankful to U V Patel Foundation, Pune, for provid- ing financial support to Empower Rural Girls in Bihar, through the Youth Leadership Development Program and improve the quality of education in primary schools.
  100. 100. 102 Happy Horizons Trust SUPPORTERS & PARTNERS Teach For India X Happy Horizons Trust was selected to the inaugural batch of the TFIx incubation program launched by Teach For India to support education entrepreneurs and launch a fellowship in their region of work. The vision we all worked with is that One day all children will get a good education. During the course of the incubation, the team was constantly coached by the team from Teach for India. The program comprised of learning circles every quarter, apart from the webinars. These learning circles and webinars were immensely helpful for us, for it allowed us to build the base for a better organization working in the devel- opment sector. Visits by the Teach for India staff to our offices in Delhi and Bihar allowed the whole team to be aligned with the larger vision. A big take away from the whole incubation was the building of the organization culture. At the end of the incubation period, we launched the fellowship for 30 new champions, covering all the 10 blocks of the Saharsa district. Wipro Seeding Fellowship The founders of Happy Horizons Trust were selected to the 3rd cohort of the Wipro Seeding Program fellowship, run by the Wipro Foundation, Bangalore. The program puts us in touch with many other education entrepreneurs who are working in different parts of the country, addressing different issues in education. The program also provides mentoring and a basic stipend to the fellows to continue to address the issues in educa- tion. Through the Wipro Seeding Program, Happy Horizons Trust seeks specific inputs on building its Teacher Training and Leadership Development Program.
  101. 101. 103Annual Report 2017-18 Kshitiz along with other TFIx Fellowship First Cohort Kshitiz & Vatsala part of third Cohort of Wipro Seeding Fellowship.
  102. 102. 104 Happy Horizons Trust SUPPORTERS & PARTNERS Partnership with Indiana University We at Happy Horizons Trust recently hosted the students from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University as consultants in Delhi as a part of the Globase India Program. There were two teams working with us that are Marketing and Finance. The Marketing team helped us out with different strategies to increase our presence by building a strong foundation. The Finance team helped us with the ways for sustainable bud- geting and revenue generation strategies. They worked on the project for three months (Jan - March) and finally, they presented their work on 9th March at Globase India office in Delhi. We are fortunate to have so many more people believe in our vision for education in India. WEE foundation Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment (WEE) is a first of its kind social national initiative by IIT Delhi to strengthen women Eco system. WEE has been founded under the vision of IIT Delhi Director: Prof V. Ramgopal Rao and is supported by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. WEE intends to focus and ignite a fire amongst women from a college going student to a middle aged housewife to embrace entrepreneurship as a viable, fulfilling career op- tion. Our Co-Founder Vatsala was amongst the 30 entrepreneurs selected for this program, She got the chance to enhance her sales, marketing & networking skills on behalf of Happy Horizons Trust. A grant of 1 Lakh INR was awarded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to Vatsala, it will be invested in various projects undertaken by HHT.
  103. 103. 105Annual Report 2017-18 Kelley School of Business, Indiana University students presenting their reports at IU Gateway office. Our co-founder Vatsala recieveing WEE foundation award at IIT Delhi.
  104. 104. 106 Happy Horizons Trust
  105. 105. 107Annual Report 2017-18 WELL - WISHERS
  106. 106. 108 Happy Horizons Trust THANK YOU WELL - WISHERS!
  107. 107. 109Annual Report 2017-18 NOTE FROM OUR WELL - WISHERS Ashok Sharma, CTO, (QOS Technology) We are extremely happy to be associated with Happy Horizon Trust. They are doing some- thing which is very close to our moto of utilizing unorthodox ways of teaching through which we can enhance the learning capabilites of young minds of India. Happy Horizon is doing some really ground breaking stuffs for the most needy students in rural India. Vatsala & Kshitiz are heroes in a true sense and we wish them all the success. We encour- age other individuals or organisations to get associated with Happy Horizon Trust & sup- port them in whatever why one can. The level of transparency this trust has maintained is truly a benchmark for others to follow. Ajit Chouhan Creating a meaningful education system remains one of the biggest challenges & an op- portunity at the same time to transform the social fabric in developing regions of the world. I’ve no doubt that ideals of human dignity, self-development, pride and courage need strong educational foundation. It has been a pleasure being part of the Happy Horizon team as they strive to bring an impact in the space of rural education in Bihar. The mission and resilience the team has displayed over the years under leadership of Kshitiz Anand has helped in seeding the foun- dation of a transformative education system. It’s a journey of thousand miles and each destination that this team has scaled has created an impact in lives of its students & teachers. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams said Eleanor Roos- evelt. I’m committed to be part of the team as they scale and expand the ambitious dream to change the world in a small way… Best wishes to the HHT team! Rakesh Ranjan It has been now almost more than 3 years of my association with HHT, what started with just a conversation about the status of education in Bihar has now taken a shape of deep involvement in planning strategies for HHT’s activities and growth. Through the years, we have faced the hard hitting realities of working in social sector, wide ranges of problems from fund raising to creating awareness of our programs. I have been involved in endless discussions in planning and working out strategies, lucky to attend twice Annual meet at Simri our ground zero. The energy and the enthusiasm our champions show, is just so com- pelling for us to setup new new benchmarks everytime. It has been so enriching experience to work with the HHT team, Kshitiz and Vatsala are more like family members to me now. Though the times are challenging, but we are surely moving towards our goal step by step. Manish Pathak Girl empowerment through education is closest to my heart and I am living that dream through HHT. What is most satisfying after 5 years of my HHT association is when parents of these under privileged kids come and narrate their transformational stories. HHT is not just educating these young kids, but bringing a much needed societal change in rural India. I wish and exhort more helping hands to this HHTian movement.
  108. 108. 110 Happy Horizons Trust
  109. 109. 111Annual Report 2017-18 FINANCE & AUDITS
  110. 110. 112 Happy Horizons Trust AUDIT REPORT AY 2017-18
  111. 111. 113Annual Report 2017-18
  112. 112. 114 Happy Horizons Trust AUDIT REPORT AY 2017-18
  113. 113. 115Annual Report 2017-18
  114. 114. 116 Happy Horizons Trust INCOME TAX RETURN AY 2017-18 Happy horizons trust has the necessary 80G & 12 A certification.
  115. 115. 117Annual Report 2017-18
  116. 116. 118 Happy Horizons Trust
  117. 117. 119Annual Report 2017-18 LESSONS FROM THE YEAR
  118. 118. 120 Happy Horizons Trust The dream that we had envisioned over 6 years ago is now blossomed into an organization that is a family of 45 people. In the coming year we foresee that this will grow. We want to impact further lives through our work. The past year has been full of challenges, but immensely satisfying. Above anything else, there has been a lot of learning. With all these learning, we are at a very interesting point in the organization history. We have lying ahead of us an immense opportunity to empower more youth, and engage with all the different stakeholders. The support we have been receiving so far from the local bodies is nothing short of inspiring. It also brings immense responsibility. Our close collaborations with the DM office and the District Education office is going to be crucial in the days to come as we launch our programs at the district level. While there is always a pressure to scale, we do want to ensure that our interventions are valued and appreciated, for we put in a lot of hard work into it. At the end of the day, the only aspiration we have is that the students benefit from it. Over the coming years, we wish to find more people and organizations to collabo- rate with. We are always looking for knowledge and financial support to do things better. The year also got us immense publicity in terms of articles that was written about our work and the new education paradigm we are creating. We are hopeful that we can continue to write more and share all our learnings so that others can benefit from it as well. With every share, we developed new relations with people and they became our supporters. We hope to continue this in the days to come. The coming year 2018-19 promises to be more exciting for all of us. With more employees and a larger team to lead there will be more set of variables to think about. We are now a 45 persons strong team and scale comes with own set of challenges. When you work in the domain of education, there is always the question of doing something, whose impact is not immediate and it’s known only after many years. This hope of a brighter future with better quality of education for children is what drives us. We seek all your blessings and guidance in the journey ahead. THE JOURNEY AHEAD
  119. 119. 121Annual Report 2017-18 SOCIAL MEDIA COLLATERALS To catch more of these follow us on Instagram by scanning this QR code
  120. 120. 122 Happy Horizons Trust
  121. 121. 123Annual Report 2017-18 APPENDIX
  122. 122. 124 Happy Horizons Trust APPENDIX I CHAMPIONS ACTIVITY RECORD 2017-18
  123. 123. 125Annual Report 2017-18
  124. 124. 126 Happy Horizons Trust APPENDIX I CHAMPIONS ACTIVITY RECORD 2017-18
  125. 125. 127Annual Report 2017-18
  126. 126. 128 Happy Horizons Trust APPENDIX II Soochak - Teacher Training Program Champions Monthly Meet
  127. 127. 129Annual Report 2017-18 HHT team members with students from Indiana University. Jagriti Session.
  128. 128. 130 Happy Horizons Trust APPENDIX II Movie Screening - LTV Sessions Movie Screening - LTV Sessions
  129. 129. 131Annual Report 2017-18 Jagriti Session To all the happiness we spread...
  130. 130. 132 Happy Horizons Trust
  131. 131. 133Annual Report 2017-18 Volunteer: We welcome volunteers from around the world, who are hav- ing a strong connect with the cause that we support. You could be engaged on location or remotely and should have a strong desire to learn. join us in our endeavor to improve the quality of education in schools in India! Come join us! Donate: No endeavour is possible without the gracious contributions from individuals and organizations. We welcome individual donations as well as can work to be your CSR partner. Help us in our mission to bring quality education to the children in schools today! Do your bit ! JOIN US Advocate: Write about us and our efforts in publications and blogs and be a voice of the team which works with dedication and a sense of passion to make a change. Be a changemaker! Collaborate: We are looking forward to collaborate with both individuals and organisation and work towards a shared vision, where every child is motivated and we provide quality education. We are always looking to partner with like-minded individuals and organisations. Together we can!
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