Design for Social Impact - An Introduction


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A presentation I made at the Regalix Design meet event.

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  • Need for Products and services at the bottom of the pyramid
  • photo-ethnography. three schools of different profiles. spent considerable amount of time there understanding the problem space closely and different stakeholders.
  • I conducted some Contextual Inquiries with the different stake holders and the teachers in their classrooms, in offices, and in schools was one such group.
  • with the different stakeholders namely the teachers, the parents, the potential users of the likely design solution and lastly the children.
  • Design for Social Impact - An Introduction

    1. 1. Kshitiz Anand Design Presentations and Talks| 2009-2010 Design for Social Impact (Exploring newer areas of Design application)
    2. 2. About Me Co-founder Deskala Founder Happy Horizon Studios Freelance User Experience Consultant Freelance Photographer Social Entrepreneur Pick Me, Click Me, Educate Me! MS, Indiana University, May 2009 HCI Design Motorola Corporation, Chicago, 2008 Mobile Interaction Design Infosys Technologies Limited, 2005-2007 Interaction Design Usability Visual Design BDes, IIT Guwahati, May 2005 Communication Design
    3. 3. Introduction The Need The Evidences DFSI in the context for India Digital Design Innovation: The challenges and way ahead
    4. 4. What is Design for Social Impact?
    5. 5. Design Social Impact Of Products Services System On Individuals Groups of people The society Which is Immediate Over a period of time Context being Work Places Social Issues Environmental Issues Economic Issues Of Products Interfaces Services Systems Online / Offline By Understanding People Human needs Experience Through Design Research Social Innovations
    6. 6. The Need: Why is DFSI important?
    7. 7. Expanding Reach of design industry into Social Sector
    8. 8. Evidences: How is DFSI progressing?
    9. 9. Leading Design Firms Creating Impact through Design
    10. 10. Support from Various Foundations Worldwide
    11. 11. Organizations Supporting Social Entrepreneurship
    12. 12. Focus in the academia on the social sector
    13. 13. In India Design Matters like Never Before!
    14. 14. The ever expanding reach of technology
    15. 15. Almost 70% of India’s population is Rural!
    16. 16. Potential at the Bottom of the Pyramid
    17. 17. Where do designers fit in?
    18. 18. In particular … Where does Interaction Design, HCI, User Experience Design fit in? How can we ensure more creative professionals fit into this larger context?
    19. 19. Digital Design Innovation- a Potential Technology Expanse Emerging Markets and needs The power of Web and online media
    20. 20. The Challenges: Why is DFSI difficult?
    21. 21. How do you take care of issues like illiteracy?
    22. 22. Focusing on one issue. How do you identify your core?
    23. 23. How do you take care of the Cultural Signifiers?
    24. 24. Who are the stakeholders?
    25. 25. Understanding different point of views
    26. 26. Conducting research on field
    27. 27. Example
    28. 28. Balancing the information with the visuals
    29. 29. A theoretical (design) base for the project
    30. 30. A Picture is worth a thousand words
    31. 31. Using appropriate information visualization tools
    32. 32. Maintaining Transparency
    33. 33.
    34. 34. What we do at Deskala?
    35. 35. Conduct Design Thinking Workshops and Seminars at academic institutions and corporate houses
    36. 36. Partnered with organizations to evangelize Design for Social Impact
    37. 37. Conduct on field Design Research Activities
    38. 38. Live on identifying and creating social innovations
    39. 39.| Thank You Questions?