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Accenture team development


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Accenture team development

  1. 1. Team Development Practices Submitted By – Group V2
  2. 2.  Accenture is a multinational management consulting and technology services company. It is the worlds largest consulting firm measured by revenues. The company has more than 244,000 employees across 120 countries Hence ,for a company operating with such a large workforce, Team Building Activities are of prime importance.
  3. 3. A team is a group whose members influence oneanother toward the accomplishment of anorganizational objective(s)
  4. 4. Synergistic Inspiring Stretch Skills Vision GoalsMutual Trust Burning Great TeamAnd Support Desire TO Leader Win
  5. 5.  Team Building games Team Outings Performance Awards Spot Awards Rewards & Recognition Performer of the Month Best Team Best Delivery Unit
  6. 6. Team building activities in Accenture are called Campus 2 Corporate. It is a 2 day soft skill training program with an intention to familiarize the new joiners with the corporate environment. It imbibes a sense of teamwork within the new joiners and gives them a snapshot of the upcoming corporate life.
  7. 7.  C2C begins with the members of the team introducing themselves to their fellow members and sharing one unique thing about them The first major team building activity is a project to build a structure with a limited supply of stationery items like chart paper, glue, pins, sketch pens, straws etc. This structure project is a quintessential icebreaking activity
  8. 8. Paper structures made by the team A Team of new joiners after completing the activity
  9. 9.  Happy Hours: These are monthly events which are undertaken in projects, when the entire team comes together to have cultural activities and games. Monthly Birthday celebrations: All the members of a team having their birthday in that month have a cake cutting ceremony. Team dinners/ Outings: The entire team goes out for lunch/ dinner with their senior leads and enjoy a good meal together.
  10. 10.  Accenture also motivates its team members by giving them financial awards when the team outperforms in a part of a project. The above motive is achieved by giving the employees Celebrating Performance (C.P) points, which have an equivalence to a monetary value. The CP points can be reimbursed by an employee by accessing the online catalogue and redeeming the gift of their choice.
  11. 11. Foster Improve Increase Enhance Problemproductivity Motivation Creativity Solving