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Andrew fisher


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Andrew fisher

  1. 1. Andrew FIsher
  2. 2. Andrew Fisher’s Time Line: 1862 – Andrew was born in a village called Crosshouse in Scotland.1867 - Started School. 1885 - Came to Gympie, Queensland with his brother to live. 1893 - Won a seat in the Labor Party. 1908 – Became the Prime Minister. 1915 –Resigned the job of politics. 1928 – Passed away on the 22 nd of October, at South Hill Park.
  3. 3. 1862 Andrew was born on the 29 th of August, 1862 at Crosshouse, a mining village in Scotland. He was the second son out of 7 of Robert Fisher and Jane Garvin’s children. Andrew’s father was a coal miner, and Andrew started working at the Crosshouse coalmines when he was only 10 years old. Ayrshire, Scotland
  4. 4. 1885 Andrew and his brother James came to Australia, and landed in Queensland, on the 17 th of August, 1885. Andrew found a job in Burrum, and 2 months later, he became a manager. He then left Burrum, and went to the goldfields at Gympie.
  5. 5. 1908 Andrew became the 5 th Prime minister of Australia on the 13 th of November, 1908, and was one of the first Labor members of Parliament. After being defeated on the 2 nd of June, 1909, he then became Prime minister for the second time on the 13 th of April, 1910. Later on, Joseph Cook replaced Andrew’s place of Prime minister, but Andrew again, for the 3 rd time became Prime minister on the 17 th of September 1914.
  6. 6. 1893 1893, Andrew won a seat in the Labor party, but then in 1896, Andrew lost the seat. Then fortunately again, he won it back again in 1899. Andrew became the deputy leader himself in August 1905, but then replaced by Christan Watson in October 1907.
  7. 7. 1915 Andrew continued being Prime Minister until the 27 th of October 1915, since Andrew resigned his job in politics due to being ill. The government that Andrew made, started the Commonwealth Bank. A month before he began his third term in office, the First World War had begun. Andrew had sent Australian soldiers to fight, and first made the first Australian Imperial Force.
  8. 8. 1928 In 1922, Andrew returned to London, where he had lived. Then on the 22 nd of October, 1928, Andrew passed away at South Hill park in London.
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