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informations about hawaii

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  • Got it from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_day_and_month_did_Hawaii_become_a_statem Happened when the queen of Hawaii was overthrown by these businessmen that later arrested her. She then later rested home where she stayed
  • http://www.marlerblog.com/hawaii-map.gif That’s where I got my picture Capitol is Honolulu on the island of Oahu made up of 7 main islands consisting Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, Niihau, and Kahoolawe
  • The flag is closely related to Great Britains flag because before Great Britain were wanting to restore and recognize the little country and then later it became a state when the people had over thrown the last Queen of Hawaii, Lili’okalani From knowledge
  • The sights here consist of Honolulu when the sun is down, very beautiful to go when it’s during the spring because it’s not as hot as it is when it’s during the summer at around 85 degress And the Canoe pagent at the Polynesian cultural center On the others are just random pictures of parks and islands
  • The USS Memorial was actually the first time where crews had lost their lives and us Americans have entered World War 2 The royal palace of Queen Liliuokalani was the last monarchy to live in the Kamehameha family
  • Random flowers (left to right) purple orchid on the island of Kauai, Singapore plumeria, white one is the ginger lily Hawaii has a lot of plant life because of it’s tropical weather and agriculture
  • Waikiki- known for popular beaches and crystal blue water on the island of Oahu Wailea- on the island of Maui, known for it’s luxerory holtels Hilo, on the big island of Hawaii, known for it’s lusous landscapes including the mountain of Kilauea
  • Tourisms is one of the most important industry that Hawaii relies on. Mainly because of it’s gorgous beaches, sunny weather, tropical, climate, and romantic getaways, this is the one place that almost everyone wants t go. Also depend on it’s pineapple’s processed or fresh. Have it’s big company such as Dole plantation. And is a leader in molasses, made for cookies aka crinkle cookies molasses cookies. Not to mention sugar cane.
  • Yes of course such as what you know Waikiki beach of Oahu and up north is North Shore where they hold annual surfing contest in the winters Beautiful holtels to stay in for a relaxing vacation And of course the famous Mt. Kilauea
  • http://www.polynesia.com/ PCC- located in Laie Hawaii, one of the most popular attractions on Oahu offer fire dance (to your right) and tahision dancing, hula dances, and shows every night. Laie Temple also has a vistor center with beautiful galleries of bibles translated in over 100 languages. Along with the wonderful water fountains http://www.sealifeparkhawaii.com/ Sealife park is the best place to have family fun with their friendly atmosphere, wonderful staff, and entertaining animals
  • http://uhathletics.hawaii.edu/ Undefeated winning their first appearance in the bowl championship series, Sport Cheerleading they have been the best in the west for 2 years straight Do pretty well in tennis too like a player earned the WAC honors and WAC coach of the year Has really good players in Volleyball, one of their athletes was added into the national volleyball team (sweet!)
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_Hawaii Nicole Scherzinger is the lead singer of the pussycat dolls. Elvis, king of rock n roll was buried in Hawaii and had lived there for many years Barack Obama was born here and is running for president of the United States
  • http://www.aloha-hawaii.com/hawaii/hawaii's+monarchy/ 1st one is fireknife aka firedance a dance from Samoa, an island off by Hawaii 2nd one is the royal court example, King Kamehameha the first and it’s history and Queen Liliokalani 3rd one is Tahitian dancing in the teaching, from Tahiti
  • hawaii

    1. 1. HawaiiBy: Malisa R
    2. 2. Statehood Statehood: August 21,Statehood: August 21,19591959QuickTime™ andTIFF (Uncompressed) dare needed to see this
    3. 3. Map of Hawaii
    4. 4. Hawaii’s map The state flagThe state flagresembles the historyresembles the historyof the small countryof the small countrybecoming a state andbecoming a state andtaken overtaken over
    5. 5. The beauty of Hawaii….
    6. 6. The sights The USS MemorialThe USS Memorial The royal palace ofThe royal palace ofQueen LiliuokalaniQueen Liliuokalani Mt. Kilauea, oneMt. Kilauea, oneof the most activeof the most activevolcano in the worldvolcano in the world
    7. 7. The animal/plant life The Hibiscus is theThe Hibiscus is thestate flower, comes instate flower, comes inred, yellow, and whitered, yellow, and white The state bird is theThe state bird is thenei neinei nei
    8. 8. Major cities? One city that everyoneOne city that everyoneknows is Waikikiknows is Waikiki Another city is WaileaAnother city is Wailea Last but not least, HiloLast but not least, Hilo
    9. 9. Businesses & Industries This state relies on it’sThis state relies on it’stourism andtourism andagriculture such asagriculture such aspineapples, raw sugar,pineapples, raw sugar,and molassesand molasses
    10. 10. Tourism? Yes, such as theYes, such as thebeaches of Waikikibeaches of Waikikibeachbeach And it’s wonderfulAnd it’s wonderfulholtels like this one toholtels like this one toyour rightyour right Also beautiful sightsAlso beautiful sights
    11. 11. Entertainment? Oh yeah, like theOh yeah, like thePolynesian culturalPolynesian culturalcentercenter The Laie HawaiiThe Laie Hawaiitemple, gorgeoustemple, gorgeous And Sealife park inAnd Sealife park inMakupuu beachMakupuu beach
    12. 12. Sport team! Oh yeah like the Hawaii WarriorsOh yeah like the Hawaii Warriorsfor Football, undefeated winners in Bowlfor Football, undefeated winners in BowlChampionship SeriesChampionship Series
    13. 13. Celebrities? There are a few likeThere are a few likehip hop RB singerhip hop RB singerNicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger King of rock n roll,King of rock n roll,singer Elvis Presleysinger Elvis Presley And US senatorAnd US senatorBarack ObamaBarack Obama
    14. 14. Interesting info…. Hawaii was actually a monarchy, meaning the islands wereHawaii was actually a monarchy, meaning the islands wereruled by chiefs and kings.ruled by chiefs and kings. Many of it’s traditions like the dances and music wereMany of it’s traditions like the dances and music wereinfluenced by their kings and queens like hula for instanceinfluenced by their kings and queens like hula for instanceQuickTime™ and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompressorare needed to see this picture.QuickTime™ and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompressorare needed to see this picture.
    15. 15. Conclusion?Nothing really but….Nothing really but….The End!The End!Teehee!Teehee!
    16. 16. References…. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_day_and_monthhttp://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_day_and_month_did_Hawaii_become_a_state_did_Hawaii_become_a_state http://www.http://www.polynesiapolynesia.com/.com/ http://http://uhathleticsuhathletics..hawaiihawaii..eduedu// http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_Hahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_Ha http://www.aloha-hawaii.com/hawaii/hawaiis+monarhttp://www.aloha-hawaii.com/hawaii/hawaiis+monar And a lot of prier knowledge!And a lot of prier knowledge!