A few of my programming projects


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These slides a few examples of some programs that I have written in Visual Basic.

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A few of my programming projects

  1. 1. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingConceptFirst starting in programming in the mid 80’s using Sigma III mainframe then ontoPrime Medusa mainframe using supersyntext computer language. I used twentycomputer operating manuals to help keep the system running.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760
  2. 2. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingDOS BeginningIn 1989 I started writing small batch routines for companies as part of my job as anArchitect / CAD Manager.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760
  3. 3. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingDOS BeginningI wrote a number of computer menu start-up Batch and .COM routines, whilemodifying and customizing existing program files to fit the companies needs.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760
  4. 4. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingSchematic ConceptOver the years I studied C++ programming. In 2008 I started looking at Visual Studioand began to study Visual Basic. This language seemed to work very smoothly withsome of the applications I started using at the city. ArcGIS by esri, used VB code towrite some of its’ scripts and menus.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760
  5. 5. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingSchematic Design ConceptIn 2010 I started developing small programs using Visual Studio. These were small .EXEprograms that were used as informational add-ons to DVD’s, study media and Q & Atesting.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760
  6. 6. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingVisual Studio Design ConceptToday using VS 2012 and associated other programs like Blend, I started developingsmall programs. These were small .EXE programs that were used as informationaladd-ons to DVD’s, study media and Q & A testing.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760
  7. 7. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingVisual Studio Design AppsI am currently working to develop Windows 8 apps for use within the Public WorksDepartment.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760
  8. 8. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingVisual Studio Design ExamplesBelow are a few examples of programs that I have created.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760
  9. 9. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingVisual Studio Design ExamplesVisual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760Below program Logs map changes as requests are made by the field crews. Theprogram uses a SQL database with search options.
  10. 10. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingVisual Studio Design ExamplesBelow is a simple image viewer createdto view special size maps.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760Below is a program that uses a databaseand image viewer to display data of citywide Pump Stations.
  11. 11. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingVisual Studio Design ExamplesContacts Utility form using the DataRepeater Tool.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760A simple Journal Utility that allows the userto track and save daily events.
  12. 12. Visual Studio Design & ProgrammingVisual Studio Design ExamplesI created Checking Account software tokeep track of different Utility Accounts.Visual Basic DESIGNK.ScottRobertsR.A.33ColonialAcres,Hampton,Va.23664757-753-9760