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How to reduce F2F attrition in the first 90 days

Spending a lot of money trying to fix F2F attrition without much improvement?

If, like others, your answer is a resigned “yes” don’t despair. Join other fundraisers to learn a simple process to identify who will leave and why in the first 90 days and how to save them.

Co- hosted by DonorVoice, the Agitator and SOFII this session will be chocked full of ‘how-to’, tactical specifics and case data leaving you clamoring to put this in place yesterday. You’ll see:

• How to measure quality of the street fundraising experience (from the donor’s perspective)
• How to do this within your existing F2F process
• How to measure the loyalty of donors
• Data showing this loyalty measure (Commitment Score™) is a near perfect predictor of 30 day retention
• Data showing the Commitment Score™, combined with the quality of experience measure, are better predictors of 90 retention than the specific campaign message.
• How to redefine a quality street fundraiser and training to go with it
• How to aggregate donor comments to find global process fixes

Everyone knows the face to face model is horribly broken. But it wasn’t always this way. Ken Burnett will provide an inspirational retrospective on the enormous early success of F2F. He'll point to what is possible, in our immediate future, if we just re-imagine the world by changing our mindset.

You’ll also hear from Agitator editor, Roger Craver, providing color commentary and peppering us with questions to make sure you get maximum value from your session.

And if that isn’t enough, DonorVoice’s Dr. Kiki Koutmeridou, the sector’s only Behavioral Science Strategist, will host a lightening round of free, use them now at virtually no cost, techniques to nudge behaviors. As a teaser, we’ll tell you what slogan should be on your fundraising teams’ t-shirt to raise more money.

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