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Domino Theory of Donor Relationships & Increasing LTV 130%


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Your financial goals don't just happen. They are driven by what you do as an organization to drive donor behavior.

Our view, which we proven, is that there is a somewhat messy piece in the middle - the attitudes of those donors - that you are actually influencing with your marketing, communications, fundraising and operations.
Understanding how to measure that messy part in the middle is what we do.

We call it Donor Commitment and it is proven predictor of future behaviors, far better than competing models of attitudinal loyalty. In fact, for every donor you convert (through your marketing, communications and fundraising) from a Low Commitment to High Commitment donor results in a 3 year increase in giving of 130%.

As importantly, we also know how your organization can impact it.

Watch this short video to understand the high level concept and contact us to learn more.

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