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Floss Art: Making Flossing Fun!


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Learn how to increase the frequency of this healthy habit in a fun, new way.

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Floss Art: Making Flossing Fun!

  1. 1. making flossing fun Floss Art Encourage yourself to floss twice a day (or more) by changing the dispensing experience into something playful© Kelly Schmutte
  2. 2. Floss ArtWant to turn a boring chore intosomething fun? Follow the steps on thefollowing pages to learn how to getstarted. BORING! FUN!!
  3. 3. Floss ArtStep 1.Get some removable adhesive dot labels,and color them in however you want. This iswhere you get to be creative and have fun!(If you don’t have time to color your ownstickers, you can just use sticky dots or existingstickers).Tip: Think ofobjects oranimals thathave “tails,”like a mouse orballoon, andmake stickerslike that.
  4. 4. Floss ArtStep 2.Cut several (10+) lengths of your favoritefloss.Step 3.Mount your floss pieces to your bathroommirror in any way you want. Again, becreative and have fun. Try makinggeometric patterns, or bouquets ofballoons. Play around with anchoring thefloss at both ends, or leaving it dangling.
  5. 5. Floss ArtA few things I learned:• It’s totally fun to “pluck” pieces of floss off of the mirror!• Investing in the preparation (by coloring the dots myself) made me take ownership of this new habit, and increased my excitement• Not only did I floss twice a day (after brushing), but did other “opportunistic” flossing, as well (ex: I was dashing off to class, and realized I had something in my teeth that I wanted to get).• My roommate has been away the past week, but I think she would have been encouraged to join in, too.happy flossing!